nfac black militia leader
Back in 2016, Jay ran for president but felt his campaign was purposely sidelined. The demonstration comes amid growing racial tensions in the United States.

We follow the declaration of liberation, declaring every African American descendent of slavery a political prisoner here in the United States who were affected by the Portuguese slave trade and then after that the United States has a choice either carve us a piece of land out here, we will take Texas, and let us do our own thing or don’t stop us when we exit this body here and go somewhere where they will give us our own land to build our own nation.”. NFAC Black Militia Leader Speaks (Morning Mental) - YouTube All-black NFAC militia members march on Lafayette in armed rally, The NFAC leader, who calls himself Grandmaster Jay, gave a speech during the event in which he argued that US President Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan doesn’t apply to black people.

“I can’t remember a time in this country when it was great for us,” he said, and then led the crowd in chants of “black power.”, Hundreds of non-NFAC members gathered at the park to view and support the rally. He wants to take things global. The other option is more radical, which most media have refused to publish. There’s a misconception that we’re a terrorist group and want to kill white people. But Jay feels justified as he claims there have been 457 controversial killings since the 2014 police shooting of 18-year-old black man Michael Brown. “We don’t want to talk no more, we don’t want to negotiate, we don’t want to sing songs, we don’t bring signs to a gunfight. The only name or face that is known is mine.

BREAKING: North Carolina won’t update its total vote... WATCH: Rudy Giuliani Press Conference Announcing Lawsuits. NFAC Militia leader ‘Grand Master Jay’ says his group will ‘take Texas’ from the U.S. Hypothetically, I want to get an area of about  100 miles on each side, declare it a sovereign zone and build an infrastructure.”. The march ended peacefully, but one individual was detained after accidentally discharging his firearm. “We are also a coalition so some existing organizations want to be a part of us too, so we vet their members too. “Every other entity has their own, we’re the only people on the planet who don’t,” he said. That would be in Africa, as it's where we come from, where we have greater numbers, where resources are and I already have relationships with some of the rulers of those countries. Many of the protests have descended into riots. The riots that broke out after the latest resonant police killing of an unarmed black man, George Floyd, is apparently not what he has in mind. The militia was also reportedly motivated to hold a rally in the city after a Louisiana congressman allegedly threatened them in a Facebook message. “We are an eye for an eye organization,” he warns. There are 55 countries in Africa.”, If we have our own country, then if something happens in America, we can go to the UN and say ‘that’s a violation.’, Those with a single black parent could be included but would be investigated by the NFAC along with their “pattern of behaviour.”. NFAC told the media that the person involved was not part of their organization.

I would rather give my life for something noble like the liberation of my people, rather than to waste it staying alive being a weakling.”, “And what you’ll find is, I’m not alone.”. The organization was also spotted in a Georgia neighborhood where Ahmaud Arbery, an unarmed black man, was shot and killed by two white residents while he was out jogging.


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