species 8472 vs q
Game Of Thrones: 10 Things That Made No Sense About The Battle Of King’s Landing, The Haunting Of Bly Manor: 10 Subtle References To Hill House. In that game, the player must infiltrate a Borg cube infested with Species 8472 to locate a material called "isodesium". (Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 2, Issue 2, p. 28), Endeavoring to focus the design, Foundation Imaging brought Steve Burg into the process, he having worked as a concept artist on multiple movies and actually having been responsible for the gloose design. Species 8472 is one of the main races featured in the game Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force.

Did anyone on either side think of Chemical Warfare. 9/10, p. 74) The possibility that the aliens would make return appearances, after the "Scorpion" two-parter, was on the condition that they proved to be popular among viewers. Their bodies generated a bioelectric field that blocked sensors and impeded transporter locks. The Prophets are sufficiently alien from humanoid lifeforms that emotional concepts like love or grief and even the concept of linear time are incomprehensible to them.

However, the Caretaker’s arrival unintentionally wrought devastation on the Ocampa home world. (Cinefantastique, Vol. (Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 2, Issue 2, p. 32), Teska with the digital model of Species 8472, Once Steve Burg was finished externally crafting Species 8472, his drawings for the alien were handed over to John Teska, who was made responsible for building the model, turning Burg's designs into computer-generated reality. With Vulcan help and guidance, Humans rose to become a major player on the galactic stage and both species were founding members of the United Federation of Planets. (Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 2, Issue 2, pp. The one called the Caretaker was responsible for generating the displacement wave that brought the Starship Voyager thousands of lightyears across the galaxy to the Delta Quadrant. Making the alien internally consistent allowed Burg to connect the head to the torso – a task that, thanks to the creature's relatively humanoid form, was fairly easy to achieve. 30, No. That seemed to click with everybody." "Suddenly, we could do a totally non-anthropomorphic creature, that was nasty, vicious, and has a personality," he related.

Whether they evolved into this state or have essentially always existed, the Q watch over the universe with smug distain or amusement. By all counts the Borg should have conquered the galaxy by now. Even after their world was destroyed, the Xindi endured as an alliance of space-faring, intelligent species. Captain Janeway and the crew form a loose alliance of Delta Quadrant species called the "Delta Coalition". They have invaded thousands of worlds and forcibly assimilated billions of individuals. Their eyes had cruciform pupils and they lacked obvious mouths, nostrils, and ears. ("Braving the Unknown: Season Three", VOY Season 3 DVD special features), The process of designing Species 8472 began with the script of "Scorpion". Vulcans are extremely resilient mentally and physically. The Xindi-Insectoid and Xindi-Reptilian peoples became so distrustful of each other that they both contributed to the annihilation of their home world. (The Official Star Trek: Voyager Magazine issue 16, p. 37), Steve Burg was ultimately very satisfied with the design of Species 8472, including the input that John Teska had, and termed the final version of the aliens as "absolutely amazing." T. heir cultured revolved around a primal honor code of hunting other sentient species whom they regarded as prey. 30, No.

The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. They are solely concerned with their own perception of the welfare of Bajor. The multiplayer game Star Trek Online gives their proper name as Undine.

They are capable of conjuring objects and people in an instant and making them disappear just as quickly.

Burg worked with Ron Thornton, who passed all of Dan Curry's and Ron Moore's remarks on to him. Even the Romulans and the Cardassians are openly wary of the Breen: “Never turn your back on a Breen.”. In Star Trek: Alien Domain they are the primary antagonists. [1] They are noted for being a tripedal and telepathic species, and for their use of biotechnology. As explorers, their technology let them cross vast interstellar distances. Their goal was to infiltrate Earth and gather intelligence on Starfleet's military capabilities and plans. Species 8472 may well have figured out a way to do it, and who knows, maybe the Q orchestrated events so that Voyager would end up in the D quadrant so they could prevent this—to keep the game going longer and to ensure that back in the A quadrant, the humans end up with an important leg up in …

So, I didn't have any singular drawing of, 'This is the final creature.'" Others in the hundred infiltrated the Klingons, the Romulans, and the Cardassians in secret and destabilized them ahead of the Federation-Dominion War. One concept that Steve Burg submitted for the head was judged as being not alien-looking enough, with the producers concerned that it might be mistaken for a mask. With their superior biological technology, Species 8472 drove the Borg bac…

0. Species 8472 possessed an extraordinarily powerful immune system, capable of immediately destroying any foreign agent whether chemical, biological, or technological. When the crew of Voyager realizes that it has no choice but to go through Borg space to continue home in any kind of timely manner, Captain Kathryn Janeway hatches a plan to construct a weapon, based on a treatment that the Doctor had created, to kill Species 8472, and use it as a bargaining chip with the Borg, in exchange for safe passage through Borg space. (Cinefantastique, Vol. 6/7, p. 96) Shortly after the fourth season began its initial broadcast, Brannon Braga said of Species 8472, "People seem to love them, and we're definitely going to see those aliens again this season." Even 8472 seems to be primitive compared to these: The Douwd; The Nacene (aka Caretaker); The nameless race from TNG 1x01, Encounter at Farpoint; But there are probably more which I forgot.


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