gulf fritillary migration map
However, this butterfly’s range can extend from the southern U.S. into parts of Mexico and Central America and sometimes as far as parts of South America. Caterpillars of all of these species feed on passion flower leaves. With Florida constituting a major component of the geographic range of this butterfly, the migration pattern of gulf fritillaries in Florida is well-documented. Eggs are usually found on the upper surfaces of the leaves of the host plant, but some can be found on the underside of leaves as well. Once the male has landed, the male assumes a position next to the female with their heads together and with their bodies aligned at a 45-degree angle. 250 pp.

The Alabama Butterfly Atlas (ABA) collects, interprets, and shares information about Alabama's butterfly populations for the purpose of education and conservation. Breeding Sibling Butterflies – Inbreeding, How to Safely Transport or Ship Butterflies. In spring they migrate northward and by the end of summer they may be seen as far north as North Dakota. During this time, the antennae of the female are placed between the opening and closing wings. Blanket Flower – Gaillardia x grandiflora, Braconid Wasps Are Parasitoids of Butterfly and Moth Caterpillars, Brazilian Bachelor’s Button – Centratherum intermedium, Brazilian Skipper Butterfly – Calpodes ethlius, Breaking Swallowtail Diapause in Chrysalises, Breeding Sibling Butterflies – Inbreeding, Butterfly Garden Plants for the Mid-Atlantic U.S. States.

Kimball CP.

In some cases, a species may be common throughout the county, in others it may be found in only a specific habitat.

The Passiflora host plants are frequently called passion vines; in some Texan counties where this butterfly's population is high, gulf fritillaries will feed on specific species such as Passiflora lutea and Passiflora affinis. 2000. Photograph by Jaret C. Daniels, University of Florida. [6], After the process of emerging from the chrysalis is completed, the butterfly dries its wings and eventually flies for the first time. 363 pp. [6], Eggs are small and spherically shaped; the female gulf fritillary lays the eggs individually one by one on or near the host plant.

168 pp.

The forewing cell contains three black-rimmed white spots. Typical host plants include several species of the genus Passiflora. After the male ceases wing movement, the male butterfly will move into a position that facilitates genital contact with the female.

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