kate yup thread

Nakita | CewekBanget | Otofemale | That's at least how we do it in germany, Found the original poster of the comment it was a Reddit user be the name of iwtwyad, Sorry I don't know the right English term for just copy pasting stuff from someone else :p, I'm more shocked people watch this for entertainment, She's in it for the clout man Marina Joyce did it and many others will cause it gets the most views.

Her profile picture isn’t even her. It’s an escape room. There's like a billion pictures there. I can't find another fitting subreddit so I will try to post this here. Currently, she has over 508,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Grid.ID | BolaStylo | Kate Yup, a YouTube vlogger who has been on the video-sharing site since March 2018. Namun, dari video terakhir yang diupload pada 21 juni 2019, ia menggegerkan netizen Vietnam. Gramedia.com | 1:13 dia nulis "I lOoOve SEAFOOD SO MUCH", yang kalo kita baca cuma huruf KAPITAL nya aja, jadi "I LOOSE A FOOD SO MUCH", Oke gue merinding pic.twitter.com/fP0Ca8J9Vq. pic.twitter.com/swErGAKHiy. Gridvoice |

Kate, better known online as Kate Yup, is an American YouTuber who uploads videos of herself eating seafood. Lalu tulisan "The meat is So delicioOousS, soft and tender" yang jika dibaca kapitalnya saja kecuali huru T menjadi SOS.

Juara | Nextren | Suar | Kalau menurut kalian gimana nih sob? Sportfeat | Ada yang berspekulasi kalau Kate sebenarnya sedang diuruh dan disiksa seseorang supaya nggak makan, jadi dia hanya makan saat akan membuat konten video mukbang.

-- Thread Misteri dibalik vlog mukbang Kate Yup -- MakeMac | She always eats the … Press J to jump to the feed. Ada Dampak Buruk Bagi Kesehatanmu Kalo Punya Kebiasaan Gigit Kuku, Jerinx Luapkan Emosi Selepas Dituntut 3 Tahun Penjara, Sebut Ada Pihak Yang Ingin Ia Dipenjara Tapi Bukan IDI. Otorace |

Bolasport | I hope she’s safe, I truly do.


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