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« Wow… Merci du fond du ❤ mr. Boulianne. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Si quelqu’un veut y faire quoi que ce soit, il doit obtenir l’autorisation du bureau du diocèse de Rome. L’occultisme y a été répandu jusqu’à ce qu’une série de procès ne le frappe à la fin du XIXe. The statue of Moloch was erected nine days prior to the opening of the Amazon Synod, which was plagued with controversy from the beginning after a ceremony in the Vatican Gardens involving the pagan goddess “Pachamama” was held in the presence of Pope Francis and top-ranking prelates. Il est le fondateur des Éditions Dédicaces LLC. Honeymoon In Vegas Watch Online 123, Guy Boulianne, auteur et éditeur. Il est le fondateur des Éditions Dédicaces LLC : Perché Torino viene definita la città di Satana? Entrez vos coordonnées ci-dessous ou cliquez sur une icône pour vous connecter: Vous commentez à l’aide de votre compte Regional Growth Nsw Development Corporation Address, Those who should be protecting them have proven repeatedly that they will not lift a finger to help. The Moloch statue now in Rome is the statue featured in the move Cabiria. Il est interdit aux parents hébreux de sacrifier leurs enfants à ce dieu. The Colosseum of Rome is owned by the Vatican, and specifically the Diocese of Rome, also called the Holy See. Megan Fox writes in PJ Media, "It started when the opening ceremony in the Vatican garden was full of earth worship and what appeared to be idol worship happening right in front of the pope with his blessing. As a side note, ancient pagan deities are being acknowledged in key locations throughout the world today. Street Fighter (1994 Cast),

Please consider a monthly donation to our organization or even a one-time gift to help us do more. I need your help to protect these newborns. See them at, Round-up of Posts for 10.16.20. Sunderkand Amritwani, Don't subscribe Vermont North Dakota moloch, Baal is the god of apostasy – of the turning away from God.”. Laissez-moi être la pâture des bêtes, par lesquelles il me sera possible de trouver Dieu. “We were so excited the day we decided to go to the Colosseum,” Alexandra Clark told the outlet. What Is Avv Technology, Otterbox Equinox Ipad 7th Gen Defender Case, Please help me tell Congress this has got to stop! The infant would be placed in the statue’s hands and, as it tried to squirm away from the burning metal, it would roll down into the fire and burn to death.

Help us end this evil of infanticide in America.

Every time you donate to Liberty Counsel Action, this helps us spread the message that Sandra Merritt brought to light. It is referenced many times throughout the Bible, from the book of Leviticus (the third book of the Bible) all the way up until after Jesus’ death and resurrection (10)(11). » Dans certains passages, il est clairement fait référence à une divinité à qui un sacrifice humain a été fait, en particulier dans la vallée de Hinnom, au sud-ouest de la colline de Jérusalem sur un site connu sous le nom de Topheth, c’est-à-dire “foyer” en syriaque (voir Lév. The press release about the giant Molech (sometimes spelled Moloch) idol says….

These neighbors believed that if a child was sacrificed to the statue of Moloch, that would guarantee wealth and prosperity to the parents. Elle et sa soeur Tiffany avaient hâte de visiter le site du martyre chrétien. Certains catholiques sont consternés par le fait que le dieu païen Moloch a été érigé à l’entrée du Colisée, l’un des nombreux amphithéâtres où des chrétiens ont été torturés et exécutés pour divertir les foules païennes. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Where The Truth Lies Full Movie Online, Cette fausse divinité est associée à Ammon dans 1 Rois 11:7 : « Et Salomon fit ce qui est mal aux yeux de l’Eternel, et il ne suivit point pleinement l’Eternel, comme David, son père. Une reconstitution d’une idole païenne qui demande le sacrifice d’enfants est actuellement postée à l’entrée du Colisée de Rome dans le cadre d’une exposition historique laïque. According to LifeSite, the statue of Moloch that's been placed at the Colosseum is modeled on one found in the 1914 Italian silent film Cabiria. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. As effective as LCA seeks to be, we need to be joined by a nation that is outraged by the realities of the cultural practices seeping into our nation. The Carthaginians "called the deity Baal and Cronus or Saturn, the Roman god who, according to myth, ate his own children lest they supplant him.". En voici un synopsis : Après une éruption volcanique, une fillette, Cabiria, est enlevée avec sa nourrice par des pirates carthaginois. - Mat. Illinois The following comes from the official press release for this “exhibition”… A reconstruction of the terrible deity Moloch, linked to Phoenician and Carthaginian religions and featured in the 1914 film Cabiria (directed by Giovanni Pastore and written by Gabriele D’Annunzio) will be stationed at the entrance to the Colosseum to welcome visitors to the exhibition. "We were so excited the day we decided to go to the Colosseum," Alexandra Clark told the outlet via email. “The idol Moloch with seven chambers or chapels”), from Johann Lund’s Die Alten Jüdischen Heiligthümer (1711, 1738). » Selon l’historien Eusèbe de Césarée, saint Ignace a bel et bien été tué par des animaux féroces dans une arène à Rome. One of the best ways to effect change is to contact the legislators who are sitting on the Born-Alive Act and refusing to pass it. “But the moment we got there the sight that greeted us was horrifying! In the film, the idol of Moloch, set up in a Carthaginian temple, has a giant bronze furnace in his chest, into which hundreds of children are thrown. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Changer ).

I find this appropriate as a reminder that the Colosseum is a tribute to ritual sacrifice of no purpose other than the appeasement of sin. Help Authorities Find Him. The Land Of Pain Monster, Cabiria, the heroine of the film, is threatened with this fiery fate. Il avait atteint le 33e degré du Rite écossais ancien et accepté. As we have seen, Moloch is depicted as a bull. The Great Pretender Anime Watch Online, Les années passent. The Vatican Places Giant Statue of Molech at Colosseum Entrance November 8, 2019 November 9, 2019 News Division The Roman Colosseum is a World Heritage Site and is listed among the New Seven Wonders of the World. Along with ritual prostitution, this deity required the death of babies to appease him. Stand up and get involved in changing the culture and the laws in America. A roaring fire was built in the god’s belly and outstretched arms slanting up from that belly. The creators of this film, School for Prophets, will be releasing Part 2 on November 24th (28). It follows a melodramatic main plot about an abducted little girl, Cabiria, and features an eruption of Mt. Cabiria, l’héroïne du film, est menacée par ce sort funeste. Marseille Map,

Click the button below to send an urgent fax to Congress. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. L’image de Moloch exposé au Colisée de Rome est inspirée d’une représentation du démon dévorant des enfants trouvé dans le film muet italien de 1914, Cabiria. Pope Commemorates Moloch Statue at Roman Colosseum, Symbolizing Child Sacrifice Still Exists. Also Molech is the biblical name of a Canaanite god associated with child sacrifice. And yet, Solomon and other kings continued to revere or fear this horrible god and his statues repeatedly were put on display in “the high places” (1 Kings 12:31), or places regularly visited by ancient day tourists.

The false god ‘Moloch’, was historically worshiped by both the Canaanites and the Phoenicians. Dragon Quest Xi S, Georgia responsiveVoice.speak("Without a doubt, it truly is an abomination that a gigantic statue of Molech is now standing right at the entrance of the Colosseum where so many Christians were brutally slaughtered by the Romans. We are committed to delivering quality independent Christian journalism you can trust. Ce dernier réalise une quête personnelle, historique, généalogique et symbolique qu'il partage avec ses lecteurs.


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