hoi4 naval combat

Train the 50 XP for things like Depth Charges and Hull Armor upgrades. Seashell. The trade-off under this doctrine is that light cruisers and destroyers have mediocre anti-submarine warfare capabilities and weak escort efficiency bonuses, so vulnerable friendly shipping may require more effort to defend. Multiple strike force squads can move to the same conflict and engage it simultaneously.

Land-based radar and scout airplanes help also. There are no class-specific bonuses at all for battleships, battlecruisers or heavy cruisers, but if built they share the array of global bonuses under this doctrine. This one will focus on direct combat and the general idea. You need to have a high level of friendship, preferably even in the same faction, to gain enough favour to purchase licenses.

Only a handful of countries start with naval airplanes to produce at the outset so you’ll likely have to research the tech. An engagement rule of 'Never engage' would cause a strike force to remain in port indefinitely, while an engagement rule of 'Always engage' would allow a strike force to intercept and engage an enemy force regardless of its strength.

Navy experience will continually be gained while ships are performing this mission.

I feel it would behoove them to adopt this brilliant naval formula for the aircraft portion of the future game. However, when troop transfers are being performed automatically as part of a naval invasion order, the naval invasion support mission may be a more appropriate choice. As far as I can see, they can instantly launch their entire compliment and alpha nuke anything in sight. DP secondaries are fine but using up a battery slot is not a good idea. The game built all that in and tells you the date of completion, so, yay!

Not worth it? Task forces can be ordered to hold in two different ways: If surface ships are on hold in a province adjacent to a land battle involving enemy divisions, the ships will automatically perform shore bombardment to reduce the enemy's attack and defense. Very enjoyable to read! Ive had success using subs by bringing them in after the battle has stsrted, and when all the eneny small ships have been sunk.

The ships are built with one or two key components and otherwise use trimmed down equipment to save cost and time in production. What do you mean? Have a chance of incurring damage due to accidents. Consume fuel at 80% of their normal rate of fuel consumption. When not intercepting enemy forces, a strike force will remain in port to conserve fuel. But at the same time i'm really worried about the AI performance with all thesse new mechanics Hopefully they will make an attempt at a serious rework of the AI soon.

I grouped into large Search and Destroy fleets, based around battleships.

Patrols of both fast and gun heavy ships leave the enemy trade convoys nowhere to hide. Reject reason to make the impossible possible! HOI3 has anti-doomstacking mechanics, but all this meant in the end was that small doomstacks were bad, but you would hit a point with bigger doomstacks where the extra firepower overwhelmed the penalty, so mega-doomstacks of 100+ ships were actually the most powerful fleet, and would massacre rule-compliant fleets which only had 16-20 ships. As always, there is a catch. Depending on the explicit details of your loadout there may be a reason to have one over the other.

Building refineries can help offset the costs of fuel for your navy. Early on refineries aren’t great, but as the technology progresses (and your navy grows!) CV Converted Carrier – Moderate to fast speed, relies on its parent class of Battleship or Cruiser hull for engine upgrades, cheap, weak, requires an escort. Coordination between our main fleet and submarines makes our fleet ever alert. you can bait anyway, but pre 1.6 behaviour was a bit silly. Sure their damage is limited compared a sub 3, but they're more annoying and that's really the point of subs. Other times selecting a different combination of missions will allow your invasion to proceed. Especially if constructing capital ships!

Mines slowdown enemy fleets, impede invasion progress and generally make life shitty for your enemy.

Only possible better escort is DD2 with cost reduction designer so it's cheaper that DD 1. We do not need to engage the enemy fleet head on to win the war. Carriers support Battleships, improving their readiness in switching from defense to offense.

Who the hell feeds these people and does the logistics. One day late, we give you this week's development diary.

Strike Force: Saves gas! Once the med is closed down you can hunt down and occupy any remaining ships and take Cyprus (from Rhodes). This fixed a bunch of issues we had with the interaction between land based air and carriers. A carrier needs to run like a well oiled machine where everyone knows their role.

This is very well done! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. a ship with a jammed rudder has a wooping 90% penalty to escaping, Can only enter sea provinces that are to port side. That's a great look, glad to see it. Torpedo cruisers are pretty trash, you get more torp attack per cost with a DD and you get more ships to split damage. With zero convoys, there is no oil import and no supply for the troops deployed outside of the Home Islands. It is worth noting that troop transfers across water are performed using convoys, and can be protected through this mission like any other convoy. Im surprised you have any praise at all for cruiser submarines. I can dig it. Let’s highlight the types of ship hulls in Hearts of Iron 4, then talk about the actual building of a fleet, composition, admiral upgrades and more. All the rest are very marginal upgrades. So why use a Super Heavy Battleship at all? The strike force does not need to be in the same fleet as the patrolling task force in order for this coordination to occur. This is the most powerful doctrine for surface action. You mean… you don’t know about the 4 seashells?? With nowhere to hide they pose no real threat. He’d say this: But numerically, how many should you have? I would also point out that only the US had a navy better than the UK. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Hearts of Iron IV by Paradox Development Studio. Coordinated focused fire quickly render enemy ships useless. Also remember Italy doesn't really have a fleet I mean sure the boats are there but in reality most are outdated/will become outdated very quickly. In nearly every country exists a Naval Aviation Design Company.

", hehe. Better navy and air coordination allow us to strike at enemies from miles away before they are near our trade convoys.


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