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The Package Program will allow Access Securepak to receive orders for packages which will be delivered to inmates on a weekly basis according to their housing unit. Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) Chief Greg Richardson presented a coronavirus (COVID-19) response update to the Board of County Commissioners during Tuesday night’s County Commission meeting. Access Securepak is the only authorized vendor for the holiday package program. For jail staff, access to the commissary can also be used as a “behavioral tool” for inmates.

Call (866) 345-1884 There is a weekly limit of $125/Inmate, combined with the commissary spending, plus processing and tax. Most jails or prisons have a commissary where inmates can buy additional things they might want or need,” Sheriff Sam Cochran said. The account is set up to give access to buy items and to pay various medical services and jail fee. With a couple of clicks of a touchscreen kiosk, inmates at Mobile County Metro Jail can order up everything from snacks to playing cards and have them hand-delivered within a few days through a commissary program that generates hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. * The delivery schedule is subject to change based upon operational needs by MDC. Oliver said the jail provides everything an inmate needs whether or not they can afford to purchase items from the commissary.

After the transaction is done the amount credits to an inmate’s account, Salt Lake County UT Metro Jail might charge an online fee for the deposit contact the facility for the amount. Call 1-800-546-6283 if you need assistance. Contact the facility for the information of the inmates or just Contact Pigeonly for any further information.. You may not use our service or the information it provides to make decisions about consumer credit, VA DOC – Deerfield Men’s Work Center Money on Books, UT DOC – Utah State Prison – Timpanogos Women’s Facility Money on Books, Dallas County TX Sheriff’s Department Jail Money on Books, Shelby County TN Jail Men’s Facility Money on Books, Shelby County TN Jail – East Women’s Facility Money on Books, Rhode Island DOC – Gloria McDonald Women’s Medium Money on Books. Administrative Offices:  iOS: Tap the three dots in the top right, then tap on "Open in Safari". Cochran said the contract to manage the commissary system is competitively bid every two to three years, though there are few companies that do that kind of work. GTLhas partnered with MoneyGram and Western Union to give customers a large number of locations to deposit funds at MoneyGram various locations. In order to send money to your inmate you need to contact Salt Lake County UT Metro Jail for your Inmate’s correctional ID, contact the nearest Money Gram agent and provide them your name, Inmate’s name, Inmate’s correctional ID, Salt Lake County UT Metro Jail code and the amount to be send or just Contact Pigeonly for more information on this and to find our more methods on how you can send money to inmate. “The biggest-selling item we have is ramen noodles.

“We also provide all the necessities when it comes to personal hygiene and toiletry items, but it’s usually the cheapest available because it’s always bid out.”. Our prices shouldn’t be compared to what you would pay in Walmart or a Costco,” Pendergraph said. Cash deposits require a $3 convenience fee and the fee for using credit or debit cards scales up based on the amount of money being deposited. Friends and families can deposit money on books in the inmate’s account with their Credit and Debit cards, you need to provide your details along with inmate’s facility details, contact Salt Lake County UT Metro Jail for inmate’s details. “Just the other day, I approved funding from that account to be used to buy uniforms for corrections officers.

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“We compare prices to get fair market value. To make phone calls to Salt Lake County UT Metro Jail you can consider a Offender Account for your Inmate which allows them to make calls from a phone account. It’s the price you would see in a local 7-Eleven store. Families and friends of inmates may participate in this program by placing orders with Access Securepak subject to the following conditions: All inmates with the exception of those placed on MDC‐directed “restriction”. employment, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. A full list of the items that can be purchased through Metro’s commissary and their prices are available at “It’s been in existence for many, many years. Please note deposits cannot be made over the phone by contacting Salt Lake County UT Metro Jail one needs to create an account. Families need to contact Salt Lake County UT Metro Jail for inmate’s Offender ID which will be required to create inmate’s offender’s account. Some of the features are free, but others cost money inmates spend through JailATM accounts. Friends and families can now contact GTL to for transferring of funds in the accounts of inmate’s who are serving their time in Salt Lake County UT Metro Jail. Deposits can be made online for inmates 24/7 using a credit/debit card. Contact Us     Site Map     Disclaimer     Website Feedback     Privacy Statement. Making a deposit over the phone is easy with Access Correction’s toll‐free Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Upon deposit the funds will be transferred to the inmate’s account within 24 hours, you can also check with Salt Lake County UT Metro Jail after depositing the funds. Either way, those sales add up quickly. “We feed them three square meals a day, and it’s well over 2,000 calories, but I get it. Before connecting with a loved one here, you can find them using a free inmate locator. Those ramen noodles? They use hot water to make them if they want a snack that’s more filling.”. Register at, get a barcode and make a cash deposit where you shop, including Dollar General, Family Dollar, CVS, and 7-Eleven stores. Mobile County Metro Jail at a Glance. Comment on Renaming County Buildings/Facilities, Health Protection Codes/Permits (Food & Pools), CARES Rental and Utility Assistance Grants, Bernalillo County Unclaimed Deceased Persons, Strategic Plan and Department Performance, Credit Card Information - Commissioners, County Manager and Assistants, Accela Citizen Access - Permits & Applications, Find Your Permitting Agency or Jurisdiction, Land, Permit, Inspection & Code Enforcement Records, Order a Care Package/Deposit Money Into Inmate Accounts, Detention Facility Management Oversight Board Reports, MDC Chief Addresses County Commission About COVID-19 Mitigation Efforts at Jail, MDC Acquires New Fogger to Help Tackle the Spread of COVID Cases in Jail, MDC Hosting Virtual Career Fair and Hiring Event Oct. 5. In normal times, it would take a couple of days to receive an order; the shipments come in once a week currently due to the threat of COVID-19. 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. To order packages go to Restricted Housing Unit, HSU and Infirmary. Contact Pigeonly for more information on inmate money account at Salt Lake County UT Metro Jail, , Salt Lake County, Utah. The Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) is now using new fogger equipment to disinfect large areas of the jail to protect staff and inmates from the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) is now using new fogger equipment to disinfect large areas of the jail to protect staff and inmates from the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Inmate Commissary: For inmates housed at MDF (formerly Core Civic), money orders go to: Shaw Vending Inmate Name and OCA PO Box 101483 Nashville, TN 37224 Beginning 10-04-20, online deposits to commissary accounts can be made through


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