hamdard safi results
I decided to take 1 teaspoon in morning empty stomach and 1 teaspoon of it in the night 1-hour post-dinner with a glass full of water. Based on the significant improvement in acne on the face in a clinical study. Disclaimer:- The above mention review is based on my own experience. I strongly recommend this tonic to you if you are suffering from the above-mentioned skin and health problems. Moreover, SAFI keeps my bloating in check and improves my digestion.

How I achieve Zero Hair fall? according to the sources over 1,17,000 formulations of Unani system are in practice.

Well those were the days when we just hit puberty and suddenly we started getting oily skin, acne, blackheads, pimples, etc., and everybody around us ( aunties, parlor wali aunties, older sisters) started saying “ Look at your skin, oh you should start drinking Safi because my daughter also got rid of her pimples after drinking it.”.

How does hamdard Safi Works?

I would like to compile this whole review in the following pros and cons: c) It can have a laxative effect on some people. (India), Hamdard First, I will go through its packaging, price, and usage, and then I will tell you “My take” on this product. Contact Us. SAFI proves to be the best prophylactic aid for boils and pimples but during the usage one should be very particular about one’s diet. Good health and natural wellness for all, with care and compassion at an affordable price are the guiding principles that Hamdard has imbibed and practiced since inception. Achaia Bahar’ attempts to redefine true beauty.

Hamdard Education Society - An umbrella organization for the development of education was established in the year 1981. BI India Partner . 52 were here.

With this thought in mind, I went to the market and purchased a big size bottle of HAMDARD SAFI.

The University Inaugurated by the then Prime Minister of India, Shree Rajiv Gandhi who addressed a large gathering of students, teachers and members of Jamia Hamdard Society. I believe, in how much time will SAFI work, vary from person to person. Safi contains anti-inflammatory properties and doesn’t allow effects on … What to Carry In Your Handbag This Summer? The campaign ‘Sachai Andar. Well, as per my experience. But, one thing is sure that it will work sooner or later.

Pet bottle of 175 mL. Jamia Hamdard - This University came into being in the year 1989, on a campus of 90-Acre Land which was purchased from the Income of Hamdard. It may or may not work the same way for you.

Now that I have used it enough, I am ready to review this product. (to make 5 ml), Shora Desi (227.27 mg), Milleh Firangi (1.250 grm). So, I usually take a teaspoon of honey after that. Hence, I decided to continue taking SAFI and now its been 1.5 months and I am so glad that I again included this holy grail medicine to my shelf. The price of Hamdard Safi is 200 INR for 500 ml bottle, but you can always get discount on Amazon. Times Internet Limited. So, like all others, my mother also got influenced by these aunties and forced me to drink this medicinal bitter tonic every day. Hamdard Safi has been there in the market for ages as a tonic meant to cure all skin problems such as teenage acne, pimples, etc, and also several other health issues such as indigestion, blood purification, constipation, and nose bleeding. Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Pakistan 172/2 PECHS Main Tariq Road, Bahria Town Tower, Floor No. Hamdard Laboratories (India) established by Late Hakeem Abdul Hameed Sahib.

SAFI started working on my sister and brother earlier than on me as they saw changes within 7-10 days. All its Income is being spent to achieve its objects which are purely of Public Charity for the benefit of all persons. 92-21-38244000 . So, go ahead and experience Safi’s 21 Days change.

The Indian capital city of Delhi has a long history, and an imminent part of that history was a small Unani clinic. If you have any suggestions, queries, or comments related to the article, please feel free to write them in the comment section below. I hope you liked my review of Hamdard Safi. Blood purifying syrup Safi, from the house of Hamdard Laboratories, is over 60 years old. Achaia Bahar’ celebrates inner beauty. The campaign ‘Sachai Andar. Now that I am a 25-year-old adult, I thought of including this magical potion to my daily routine again. Not only because I am still suffering from acne but also because it claims to provide other benefits including weight loss, constipation cure, and indigestion correction. Hamdard Safi Blood Purifier Claims as per Hamdard site. To be very honest, I never got rid of my pimples completely, but some girls in my society did achieve clear skin, thanks to SAFI. Unani physicians usually practice usage of a single drug and poly-pharmaceutical preparations. +91-11-23239801-4, Things that worked for me, Read Neutrogena Fine Fairness Brightening Serum- Review Here, Essential Foods For Fast Hair Growth Naturally, A DIY Guide To Make Body Cream and Lotion, Skincare-Stop Applying These 5 Products On Your Face.


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