mayberry rfd season 2

Sam agrees to host a Soviet farmer in a farmer exchange program. Herb: Herb Vigran.

They want to christen their child in Mayberry and want to have Sam act as Godfather. Martha: Mary Lansing. After hearing so many of the new farmhand Rudy's stories of his past adventures, Sam begins to wonder if Mike is becoming to close to him. idea, but, despite this, agrees to help Bee get her voice heard. While at the hospital, just before being discharged, he thinks he has appendicitis. Remember: Abuse of the image system may result in you being banned from uploading images or from the entire site – so, play nice and respect the rules!

She is finally hired by what she thinks is an over-the-phone magazine-selling business.

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Goober: George Lindsey. Related Items.

Everyone is ready to go but Mike's failing grade in math may ruin the trip. Millie: Arlene Golonka. Filmed on location. Emmett: Paul Hartman. Ralph: Charles Lampkin. Howard: Jack Dodson.

Flora: Dorothy Konrad. advantage of the health plan.

He decides to pawn Martha's engagement ring and use the proceeds to invest in what he thinks is a can't miss deal. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date; 27: 1 "Andy's Baby" Hal Cooper: Roswell Rogers: September 22, 1969 () Andy and Helen return to Mayberry to show everyone their new baby.

She is taking judo lessons so that she can protect herself while walking home late at night. Emmett brings his wife's engagement ring to a jeweler to be cleaned. Elliott Street. Howard: Jack Dodson. Sam: Ken Berry. She's willing to cooperate if she can be the rider on the float, but Howard and Sam think Millie should be the star of the show. Ringmaster: Iggie Wolfington.

Clerk: Pitt Herbert. In three years, however, despite still-strong ratings, CBS pulled the plug in a cutback of rural-oriented programming.

Goober is emasculated when she uses.

His teacher advises that, because of this, it wouldn't be wise for him. Mike loses Howard's valuable myna bird. Some of `Griffith's' most endearing characters---Goober and Aunt Bee among them---moved over to this series, and that helped ensure its popularity, at least for a short time, as a gentle depiction of small-town life. Bee: Frances Bavier. Tommy: Rayburn Wallace. Andy and Helen come to Mayberry for a visit (they now live in Charlotte) to Christen their three-month baby boy, Andy Jr. Goober, Emmett, and Howard are upset that Andy and Helen have chosen Sam to be the boy's Godfather.

Aunt Bee: Frances Bavier. pet shop in an attempt to pass it off as Howard's.

He offers to construct a sculpture for the town, but, at the unveiling, nobody can figure out what it is.

Suddenly, however, Mike begins having trouble in arithmetic when fractions are introduced. Goober: George Lindsey.

Howard's operation sends his lodge into a furor: they're afraid to deplete the health fund. She finally lands a job with two men in the magazine subscription business. Harold takes the bird out of its cage, and it escapes out the window. Bee: Frances Bavier. When Millie's away, Sam wants to follow her to New York. Sam: Ken Berry.

Sam: Ken Berry. her judo skills to take out a troublemaker while they are out on a date. they can get Sam to perform a portion of a show he used to do while in the army, but they think they'll have a battle in getting him to do it. As the dowser predicts, the location in which they dig is dry as a bone. Andy and Helen return to Mayberry for a visit and bring their new baby, Andy Jr. with them.

Millie: Arlene Golonka. When the farm's well goes dry Sam hires a geologist to look for a new spot for a well.

Emmett: Paul Hartman. The boys are all set to go to Mike's until Sally starts bribing them with great prizes. The list is mostly unchanged from yesterday, Here's where you can watch and stream coverage, The director also teases what a potential Season 2 would be about. Sam: Ken Berry.

Andy, then, questions whether the boy could have four Godfathers. Howard is commissioned to write a poem for a regional magazine but finds that he can't come up with anything to write about. She passes and discovers through several interviews that getting a job is going to be harder than she thought.

Selma offers to let everyone spend two weeks at her home in Palm Springs. Goober's 15-year-old niece pays him a visit.

He hopes his brother will be impressed with his accomplishments but those hopes are soon dashed when he discovers his brother is an important engineer for the space program.

She is excited and accepts the offer. Howard: Jack Dodson. Millie: Arlene Golonka.

Howard: Jack Dodson. Goober: George Lindsey. A somewhat unorthodox compromise is arranged.

Waiter: Hal Cooper.

Sam tells Millie that he and Howard are going camping and suggests Millie come along. 29 Sep. 1969 Saving Morelli's. A sculptor Millie met while modeling in New York comes to visit Mayberry to get away from the city.

Sam: Ken Berry. Rudy: Glenn Ash. Malcolm in the Middle Complete Series (0) Your Price: $57.13 In Stock. Goober meets a woman at the telephone company and takes her out on a date. Millie: Arlene Golonka.

instead of one of them. He thinks the road is a good. Mayberry R.F.D. Violet: Luana Anders. the real diamond to invest the money in the stock market.

However, the people of Mayberry aren't sure what to make of his abstract sculpture.

Millie: Arlene Golonka. Sam: Ken Berry. Howard tries to put a has-been star back in the limelight.

Goober: George Lindsey. Bee: Frances Bavier. When their Lodge offers its members a health plan, Howard decides to get sinus surgery.

Frank: Lewis Charles. Howard: Jack Dodson.

Some of `Griffith's' most endearing characters---Goober and Aunt Bee among them---moved over to this series, and that helped ensure its popularity, at least for a short time, as a gentle depiction of small-town life. Still vacationing in Palm Springs Sam bumps into an old war buddy named Charlie Harris. Deputy sheriff Goober Pyle catches Howard and puts him in jail.

Bee: Frances Bavier.

To prove Goober's ineffectiveness, Howard robs the bank. However, in order to obtain the use of Clara's nephew's truck, he requests that Clara be the pioneer woman.

Sam "the Ham" Jones turns entertainer to help save Morelli's restaurant.

Emmett breaks his arm and realizes that he can't work with his arm in a cast.

Emmett: Paul Hartman. His fellow lodge members suspect he's only having the operation to take unnecessary. 1. When Howard loses a property sale because the town doesn't have adequate law enforcement, he robs Mayberry Bank to prove that they need a full-time sheriff.


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