battleheart 2 tier list

Longtime players will no doubt remember how strong Anakin was when he first launched, and while he’s not at that level anymore, he’s still very much a force to be reckoned with and will always be a hero players fight over.

Unfortunately, his abilities aren’t really the best either, so, all in all, he’s not a good pick. Despite being a lightsaber hero, his ranged throw can deal a lot of damage. A simple, unremarkable weapon used by Knights.

Swords such as these are often forged by by fey spirits. I'm running a Necro with Vardus, Inferno mail, Palewood twig and Black candle. When the game launched, Maul was a force to be reckoned with, and he couldn’t even deflect blaster shots. Boba Fett feels a lot like a standard blaster character, but his jetpack really helps him shine over the rest of the cast. This staff bears a terrible, cursed aura. Don’t get us wrong, he’s still dangerous, but out of all of the lightsaber heroes, he has to be the one you’re most relieved to run into. Finn may be a Resistance hero in the films, but he’s not all that great when it comes to Battlefront 2. The Chosen One, also known as Darth Vader, but with a blue lightsaber, is the strongest hero in the game and a lot of it comes down to him having four abilities. When you pair this with her strong rifle, she’s an issue to go against. It's origin unknown, this artifact emits waves of peace and calm. All weapons have 9 different Tiers: Special Note to all Players: All upgrades can be easily purchased by sending a Cleric and/or Bard into the Doomvale Arena, allowing them to die and then selling the loot at the Merchant. His speed and size make him a good unit to pick since he’ll be hard to hit. This page is under construction. The only real problem for the hero is that he was bad for so long, that players might not play him a whole lot if they don’t know he’s in a much better state right now.

Early game barb is awesome with just 3 talents: savage pounce reduce cooldown, savage pounce resets whirlwind and whirlwind radius. Battleheart 2 … Our favorite princess comes in at the bottom of the list due to her not really doing a whole lot. This weapon is engraved with elven songs of war.

Its design provides increased range and power. and also add your stats on top. At the beginning of the game, the Cleric is almost always favored because of her auto-heal, but at late-game when Tier 7 items are available, the Bard is a very reliable option. Blood weaver tier C? There’s something about Yoda that just doesn’t make him much of a threat when you run into him. Righteous fury fills these gloves with purpose and power. It’s clear that the buffs DICE has been given out have had a strong impact on this hero. She also has a nice A New Hope skin if you managed to claim that when it was available. Serrated and razor sharp - carves monsters into bits! In fact, she might be the least popular pick in the entire game, but she shouldn’t be because she’s actually pretty strong. His damage output is almost unmatched, and he could actually be considered to be the strongest hero in Heroes vs. Villains. Once upon a time, Bossk might have found himself at the top of this list, but things have changed significantly. Less than 10 talents), Arena Level 70+ (Crystal era. Fashioned by dwarves, they exhibit long lost crafstmanship. He’s still better than the regular old Wookiee Warrior, and he does have a nice wounded skin, but outside of that, there’s not much going for our old friend. Its lightweight, camouflaged design make it ideal for assassins. These finely crafted strings provide superior clarity and tone. He can get in and out of a fight with ease, and his poison can help greatly in a push and does a good job of defending as well. This staff is fashioned in the image of a serpent god. Her Mind Trick ability feels immensely satisfying to use on groups of enemies, so she’s worth playing just for that. what is ur ideal end game setup? r/battleheart2: All things Battleheart. Tier Power Cost Upgrade Name Description DwordValue 1 23 26 75 Oakwood Staff This crude wooden implement gently hums with energy. Rey may be the hero of the sequel trilogy, but she has a long way to go before she can enter the upper echelon of heroes in Battlefront 2. Crafted from the bone and tissues of a fallen dragon. Perhaps some buffs or even the future rework could save him from his fate as a low-tier hero. Count Dooku is a weird one because when his Duelist mode is activated, he’s one of the strongest heroes in the game.


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