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Solomon Island Eclectus . All are super sweet . © ∙ About Us ∙ Shopping Guide ∙ Privacy Policy ∙ Your ads here. We are Sydney based we freight Australia Wide. Expression of interest at present not available till weaned. A comprehensive description of the 10 Eclectus subspecies, illustrated by over 250 colour photographs and comprehensive details on all aspects of keeping the Eclectus as a Pet or Breeding Parrot. she eats 90% fruit and vegtalble - seed diets are not suitable for these birds.

Eclectus Parrots For Sale Since 1996 Eclectus Parrot Breeders and Hand Fed Eclectus Parrots Males and Eclectus Parrot Females Babies for Eclectus Parrot Lovers. Added 16/2/13. she eats 90% fruit and vegtalble - seed diets are not suitable for these birds. Tamed eclectus male. Eclectus Parrots for sale There are 3 products. This beautiful male is friendly and loving does have the odd cranky moments at night time when he wants to be asleep. The eclectus parrot has roughly ten sub-species which all stem from the dominant race of the “grand Eclectus”. Female Eclectus Parrots "Cookie" 2 years old handrearded. Female 3.5 years Both have been bonding for 8 months. Cage and any feed at time of sale to go also. Sort by: Search alert. Pick up Parklea. We have a 9 month old female hand reared and loved Eclectus Parrot in a large cage measuring 1650h, 1920w, 760D the top opens up comes with feeder bowls etc all in very good condition. Peach face (tamed / indoor and outdoor free flight) $300 Breasted lorikeets ( tamed /indoor and outdoor Free flight. When handling your bird you should be firm yet gentle, never flinch or be scared of the bird because this will make them feel dominant over you and in turn, will encourage bad behaviour. They can be found in many locations around the world such as New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Cape York Peninsula and Australia. The deal comes with a cage and attached breeding box. This baby has been raised as a family member and had a lot of attention. A perfect gift for your family. Both talk a lot they say

Pretty red/ blue fully grown Eclectus parrot, about 5 years old. Adult female eclectus parot Name: Benjamin Dzemic - user reviews Posted: 9/13/2020 Phone: 6822395816 E-mail: Email this seller Location: Fort Worth , Texas Looking to rehome one of my eclectus birds. USA. They are also Trained to do FREE flight indoor and outdoor. Hand reared Sun conures Hand reared Lutino Rainbows Hand reared Lutino Scaleys Hand reared Black capped Lori Hand reared Ringnecks Hand reared Alexandrines and more Female Eclectus from Male Eclectus and more For more information contact. Handraised Male Red sided Eclectus.

Been feed fresh fruits and vegetables daily. 1 female Solomon/vosmaeri eclectus 3yrs old. We are Sydney based we freight Australia Wide.

Find blue eclectus parrot ads in our Pets category. 02/10/2020.

Vitamin supplements should be given regularly as well as the treatment for worms and mites/lice. African grey Please read Victorian Bird Co’s Gumtree advertising comments below. Australia/UK. Can be dismantled easily. He is a beautiful bird eats well with vegetables and spouts to,he has been wormed and fleed and also microchip to with a ring on his leg with papers to I'm only selling him due to other breed of interest. *****3630 1x PAIR Blue Quakers 3yr old $400 1x Yellow Collar Cock $2500 1x PAIR Split Cinnamon Princess 2yrs old (on eggs now) $500 1x Derbyian Cock 2yr old $900 1x PAIR Grand Eclectus Parrors 3yrs old $1600 Pick up Parkes NSW - Please remember FRIEGHT currently unavailable due to COVID-19 restrictions! We endeavour to put all the answers to the most commonly asked questions i. We Ship! Nature–Make sure they are socialized from a young age preferably with another eclectus.

She must go to a loving home. Great for lawns and gardens and ideal... Sale! Pet Bird – Eclectus parrots as pets are beautiful to look at as well as being an active member of the family! The female is plucked from breeding. Parrots for sale in Australia, Macaw, African Grey, Eclectus, Derbyan's, Sun Conure's , Fallow Moustache. All of our parrot are Hand reared in a family friendly environment with kids and other pets. They were both hand raised and have been put into an aviary.

If you would like to meet our feather friends or have any questions about them please call us on ****8887 or 1300 MY BIRD or visit us at: VICTORIAN BIRD COMPANY 2/2 Shaft Court Hoppers Crossing 3029. Email: Trading Hours 9:30am-5:30pm Mon-Fri and 9:30am-5pm Sat and 10am-4:30pm Sun. They are very good talkers and will always surprise you with how fluent their words are pronounced. She lid a few clutches of eggs , but not fertile. The best thing you can do for your bird is spend time with it, not spend time on it. SHOP ONLINE 24/7: or CALL 877-527-5656 - 7 DAYS A WEEK. Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for Eclectus parrot for sale. ... For sale Eclectus Male Parrot.

cage alone is worth $1000 and is less than 6 months old. Or Can swap for bird of a different species. Approximately 5 years old

Loves his fruit, veggies and pellets Very friendly, socialised with kids and other pets. Male Eclectus parrot. Buy direct from the breeder.

Not fully tame but we can hand feed him. E.g. Phone calls and text messages please no gumtree messages, Almoat 3 months old now and ready to go Price includes large Bird Avairy, Download the Gumtree app for iOS or Android. we just moved house and our is simply not big enough for her. Where’s ruby Laughs


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