ubc engineering admission average reddit

I'm happy to answer any questions and maybe convince some of you amazing folks to come to our beautiful school. That seems so weird because of all the deadlines that occur before then…. Students in […] I applied for Sciences. I just got in to arts!

What were your average and PP like? Looks like im posting pretty late, lol Accepted March 12th into UBC Van for sciences Av 93%I don't think my personal profile was super strong compared to some of my friends (who got accepted way before I did), however I do think it was one of the reasons I got accepted so fast. color: #3894bc; Applied from Alberta on January 14th to faulty of science. What are some of your favourite things about the UBC campus? Don't give up hope! I am in the exact same situation as you. Ahh, 2nd choice changed from April 15 to April 30, waitlisted on April 13 to UBC Science (1st choice) till June 15th with a 92.75 % average. Accepted today!! vertical-align: middle; I had a 93% average for both first & second term, and my PP was honestly decent, but nothing special. .alert-content { margin:10px auto; You did not mention it, but I am making a leap of faith that you are talking about entering into undergraduate studies. My average was 92% and I got in on May 11.While I was waiting for UBC's decision, I felt very stressed out and cried a lot. I feel like one day was applied science, then Sauder, then the next day was arts? [CDATA[/* >