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I looked over; it was like looking out of a second floor window about 25 feet down, and I was really scared because my feet were bare and you saw nothing but jagged metal down there and I said to myself ‘Oh, my God, we’ve survived this and we are going to kill ourselves jumping down on that stuff”. In case you don't find it in the proper webpage you will find it in the video they sell in it The editor is the co-pilot himself, Robert Bragg. Following the 9/11 terrorist attacks Kelly once again proved what an incredible woman she is, stepping up and offering her help and support to those affected.

The sudden influx of airliners at the small airport had caused chaos. His …

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A few hours later Las Palmas re-opened and Captain Van Zanten and Captain Grubbs were keen to get their aircraft and passengers to the neighbouring island. The Pan Am jumbo was now crawling down the runway as the flight crew desperately tried to find their exit. We have many documents and copies of documents, including military award documents. Most of the passengers on board the flight were senior citizens and many injured themselves as they jumped from an opening above the wing. Fleur-Toby, A.C. Bouvy, B.M. Meanwhile in Amsterdam (AMS), KLM Boeing 747-206B (PH-BUF) ‘The Rhine’ was being readied to operate flight 4805, also to Gran Canaria. You just said to yourself, ‘Ok. Tending to the 380 passengers were 13 flight attendants, while in the flight deck Captain Victor Grubbs was assisted by First Officer Robert Bragg and Flight Engineer George Warns. Pan Am Flight 1736, had originated at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and was taking tourists to Gran Canaria, where they would begin a 12 day Mediterranean cruise. As carefully as possible, Kelly once again found the strength to drag her away. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Trapped when flooring had given way beneath them, Donovan and Jackson crawled upwards to exit with passengers, by working their way forward and down along the exterior of the twisted and constantly shifting fuselage. Once they confirmed the wound was superficial, she continued with her rescue efforts. In the cabin, Purser Kelly was stood near an emergency exit at the front of the aircraft, “I was standing at 1R, the forward right door, drinking a coffee Miguel (Torrech) had given to me and Carla (Johnson) was standing a few feet away. The dense fog meant that the tower didn’t realise that an accident had even occurred and when first responders did arrive, they came across the KLM wreckage first, failing to realise there was a second aircraft involved. She desperately tried to look for an exit to begin an evacuation, but the exits that were still intact were jammed. Email

Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Everyone on board perished. Indeed, so well thought of was Van Zanten, that when airline executives heard of the crash, they attempted to contact him to send him to the island to aid the investigation. The reason was simple and horrible: They had suddenly seen a KLM 747 speeding down the foggy runway directly toward them. In there is a lot of information about all that. The job carried on; it didn’t stop in the hospital, but it wasn’t something you thought about. He said the two planes collided after what ‘seemed like about a half a second’ from the time he spotted the approaching KLM airliner. I had nightmares for many years”. In charge was Captain Jacob Veldhuyzen Van Zanten, KLM’s Chief Flying Instructor and the celebrity face of the Dutch carrier, appearing in promotional material and the in-flight magazine. The chain of events leading up to … Their heroism can not go unnoticed. With passengers already on board and enough fuel for the short hop, the Pan Am Clipper was ready to leave. The KLM 747 was travelling at around 160 mph when they spotted the Pan Am desperately trying to clear the runway. Carla and I and Bob Bragg made rounds, Bob in a wheelchair or on crutches. A witness later said that she “Looked like Road Runner dashing backwards at 50 miles per hour”. The following information on Victor Grubbs is gathered and extracted from military records. If you can help add to Victor Grubbs's military record please contact us. They eventually joined survivors on the ground and provided comfort and assistance to the injured awaiting transportation. She was badly injured and covered in blood. He had been born 18 May 1920 at Claxton, Georgia, the son of Arthur and Mrs. Grubbs. Captain Victor Grubbs and First Officer Robert Bragg moments after the crash. Whilst preparing for the Transatlantic flight, Dorothy Kelly had been approached in the crew-briefing lounge at JFK by Senior Purser Francoise Colbert de Beaulieu, who asked if she would mind working up in First Class and taking over the inflight announcements, as de Beaulieu was extremely self-conscious of her French accent. Due to aircraft blocking the parallel taxiway, planes now had to back track down the single runway before turning round to take off. She woke up in total darkness, dazed and disoriented, completely unaware of what had happened.

Seeing something so horrible I find that anything bad that happens to me is nothing compared with the big picture. Meurs read the flight clearance back, ending with the statement “We are now at take off”. But as warnings came through of a second bomb, all aircraft were diverted to Tenerife’s Los Rodeos Airport (TFN) and the Clipper jet was ordered to follow suit. Initially the American crew requested to hold above the island until it reopened. The woman who had been decorated countless times for her bravery, including the American Transportation Departments first ever award, sadly fell on hard times. I’m sure you’ll agree that this remarkable woman went way above and beyond her duties that fateful day and the days, weeks and months afterwards.

Tom-Karseboom. Harrowingly she later learned from survivors that some inside the aircraft simply stayed in their seats, waiting to be told what to do. When Pan American closed its doors in 1991, United Airlines took over the iconic carriers LHR routes. The disaster served as a textbook example of how a chain of events including environmental conditions, organisational influences and unsafe acts can lead to disaster.

“I knew what I had to do. Dutch investigators placed much emphasis on this fact, but ultimately KLM admitted their crew was responsible and the airline financially compensated the victims relatives. With her injuries treated, Dorothy and her colleagues continued to assist her passengers. “It’s not about what you’re going to get fed or how quickly you’re going to get a glass of champagne. Arriving at the hospital she refused treatment, instead volunteering to help the medical team. His total flying experience was 21,043 hours and he was certified to fly aircraft of the types Boeing 707 and Boeing 747. I am also a survivor of the accident on Tenerife.

The following information on Victor Grubbs is gathered and extracted from military records. She was greeted with complete carnage.

( Log Out /  While survivors, many with life changing injuries, waited for rescue Kelly and first officer Bragg who had a broken ankle, continued to help in whatever way they could. Get off! After making one final check of the area with Bragg she was placed in to one of the last emergency vehicles to leave the scene. We have many documents and copies of documents, including military award documents. Kelly yelled for them to move as far away as possible and those who couldn’t move she physically dragged out of harms way. ”Grubbs said there was limited visibility across the fogshrouded runway as they waited for several planes to take off before them. As the KLM aircraft had landed first, Captain Van Zanten’s request to let his passengers disembark and be transferred to the terminal had been granted. A series of explosions were followed by ‘fires and black, black smoke everywhere,’ Grubbs said. She spotted a tiny amount of light above her which she headed towards and climbed out into the front of the plane. But it was too late.

Now we have to talk to the passengers, take care of them’. My book is available on Amazon and there is a link to it on my website: Also, the photo of the burning Pan Am 747 is one of mine. Victor Grubbs, who came aboard when the plane made an intermediate stop in New York. A large fire immediately ignited. ( Log Out /  Following the collision, Johnson bewildered, confused and aware of the increasing intensity of the fire in the wreckage, encouraged and commanded stunned passengers to get off the aircraft. Her bravery, heroism, courage and skills saved the lives of countless passengers. ( Log Out /  Just 61 people survived, all from the Pan Am jumbo jet. One omission was a statement that the Pan Am pilot, Capt. She busied herself labelling survivors names, age, allergies etc and was then asked to help with the burns victims, removing burnt clothing and skin from the injured to prevent infection. We visited the passengers and talked to them. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account.


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