strava not recording distance
Spam, bots, solicitations and fraudulent activity on Strava, Syncing your Contacts and Connections with Strava. I'm interested in making sure these are as helpful and informative as possible - so if you have any thoughts please feel free to comment. More information on how this feature works can be found. That's not specifically in the plans at this point, but it would be nice to be able to represent that portion of your activity.

I use Garmin for road cycling and it is very good with no errant points. Short version... Uninstalled Strava, re-installed, just done a test and works ok. Possible issue with two GPS apps being setup one after the other? For now, you have the option of adding a manual activity to account for that distance, or if you were running/riding with someone, you could ask that person if they are willing to share their GPX file with you. Sorry about that! Because the speed at which the signal travels is known, the amount of time the signal is in transit allows your device to calculate the distance to each satellite. I went to my earlier rides and the gps stopped working right in front of a tall building near my home :/. Why doesn't my segment effort appear on the leaderboard? Keep in mind, however, that this not the best place to request support - for that please create a support ticket. I ran a half-marathon today using my Garmin, but the distance recorded was 20.7 km and so it does not qualify in my records.

Set both working for a MBT bike ride. While Strava does our best to optimize our data analysis by ignoring the most obviously inaccurate data, in the end, we can only make the most out of the data provided to us from the GPS device. Sometimes simply turning your device off and on again, or disabling and enabling GPS, will do the trick.

You're also right about the firmware updates being an important component. The android is ussualy in the middle of work cloths.

Like, Phil, suddenly my tracking has gone crazy.

More information can be found here.Because we're dealing with extremely fast signals requiring precise detection, any slight inaccuracy in the signal's reception, or disturbance to the signal itself, can translate to a significant dislocation of your reported position. We use the term "bad GPS data" to describe any circumstance where your GPS device records location (or other) data that does not accurately represent your activity. If you have any questions, please feel free to create a support ticket - and thanks for understanding.

iPhone is notoriously bad at recording GPS.

This would be a great feature to have for when GPS is bad or, as it quite common, you forgot to restart the GPS after stopping and only realise 3 miles down the road!!! Here is more information on, You can, in some cases, you can correct the elevation data calculated for your activity. It was very strange and annoying. Sean and James; there isn't any way to modify the data that's recorded. MBT_Al.

New to this ecosystem. Here is some more information about, You can create a manual activity to account for the lost mileage - although this won't count toward Strava Challenges and won't match to any segments. Your device may have simply lost a connection to GPS satellites and did not record any data. Todd; there isn't any specific plan to implement a feature like this - but rest assured that we're keeping it in mind and always working on improvements. Bad GPS data can result in your activities on Strava having missing or extra distance recorded; segments not matched at all or recorded inaccurately; inaccurate elevation data; inaccurate achievements such as estimated best efforts; and more. I'll try and leave it as high as possible inside the bag.

We cannot adjust your time on a segment, however. Visit our Blog to catch up on the latest Community news, tips for your Samsung products and much more!

One of your competitors allows you to modify the route post ride, ie manually drag the "straight line bad data" portion to fit the road. For example this weekend, my mileage was 9.6M and his was 10.2 for a 10M run, we ran side-by-side and the course was likely closer to 10.2M than 9.6M.

Yes this article is very usefull. Even in forest examples you have here some "lock to nearby road" function during post-processing of the data might help with the data correction. Bad GPS data can result in your activities on Strava having missing or extra distance recorded; segments not matched at all or recorded inaccurately; inaccurate elevation data; inaccurate achievements such as estimated best efforts; and more. My runs, too, are indicating I'm running twice as far as I actually ran and at a speed that would put me on a better than world record pace! Mark as New; Bookmark; Subscribe; Mute; Subscribe to RSS Feed; Highlight; Print; Email to a Friend; Report Inappropriate Content ‎18-03-2019 09:08 PM. Most notably, some f... A few weeks ago, we rolled out new algorithms to catch impossible efforts upon uploads. No problems over the past year, but suddlenly tracking issues over the past week.

On our group mtn bike rides, the iPhone users in our group regularly record data that is different from those with dedicated Garmin GPS units, which I trust as more accurate because they rely on USGPS and GLONASS satellite networks simultaneously and also have error correction such as WAAS, which improves accuracy to within 3 meters. Set both working for a MBT bike ride. More information in our, You have the option to crop your activity to simply cut out the most affected parts of your activity if the bad GPS data occurred at the beginning or end of your ride or run. thanks for the article -- I have a related issue; a friend and I regularly run / bike together and his Strava app records a longer distance than my Strava app. Gonna have to go back to the Garmin, I guess. Installed Strava and a GPX Route Tracker. The more frequently your GPS device records - the better! Is there a way to modify time or distance? For people having problems with iPhone GPS data, I honestly think it is the iPhone and not the app. Tracy; it sounds like most likely what happened is that your phone recorded some bad GPS data that added distance to your running total - but this bad data was then recognized and filtered out upon upload to our servers, causing that distance to be removed. Is there a way to remove the one faulty segment run without cropping the ride into 2 parts and cutting the bad segment run out. Your subscription will auto-renew unless canceled at least 24-hours before the end of the current... We take any fraudulent activity seriously at Strava and we work constantly to prevent such activi... Syncing Issues with Strava app for Galaxy watches. As previously mentioned, different devices do simply have different qualities of GPS hardware, so although there are some tips and tricks that are device-specific, there are also some key practices that can help improve your GPS data quality regardless of what device you're using. The iPhones typically record longer distances, higher cumulative elevation gain, etc. Chris - I use a Garmin and use the setting where it records data every second; This setting may help with data loss on technical tracks. If a segment didn't match your activity, but you think it should have - you can request that the Strava support team review and attempt to force that segment to match your ride or run. Strava have you the way you calculate distance. I usually leave my Android inside my bad, so I think this is the issue.

Consequently, environmental factors such as dense trees, steep hillsides, tall buildings, or even heavy cloud cover can impact or even interrupt the travel of the GPS signal between your device and the satellites. Finally - I've left this page open for comments in order to get feedback about the article itself and how it can be more helpful; if you have specific questions about your own segments, etc. We both have iphones.....any ideas why there is always a difference in mileage? There are many factors that contribute to the accuracy of your GPS data - and it's important to keep in mind that no data is perfect; in fact, there is some degree of error inherent in any GPS recording. If you were with a friend who recorded the activity with GPS: Your friend can they tap the Add Friend button on their activity detail page which creates a shareable link they can send you, which will allow you to upload a copy of the activity as your own.


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