nigella lawson salmon mousse

Set aside for the moment. so amazingly easy to whip together before din-din; and so fun the anticipation! In another bowl, large enough to take everything later, whisk the yolks, sugar and ¼ teaspoon of maldon salt until pale, thick and about doubled in volume.

Whisk the egg whites and a pinch of maldon salt in a grease-free bowl until you have firm peaks. Now gently fold in another third of the egg whites and, when that second lot is incorporated, fold in the final third leaving behind any liquid at the bottom of the bowl of whites.

In another bowl, large enough to take everything later, whisk the yolks, sugar and ¼ teaspoon of sea salt flakes until pale, thick and about doubled in volume. Jane, Virginia, USA. In a rather freeform way, gently spoon the mousse into your ramekins or glasses.

Thank you {%['first-name'] %}.Your comment has been submitted. You don’t need to clean the beaters when going from whites to yolks. I first came across a version of this voluptuously soft, rich chocolate Whisk the egg whites and a pinch of sea salt flakes in a grease-free bowl until you have firm peaks. But may want something fresh with it to balance out the richness. The smooth and silky texture was lovely and so delicious! NOTE: this recipe contains raw or lightly cooked eggs, and is not suitable for people with compromised or weak immune systems, such as younger children, the elderly or pregnant women.

Really happy with how it turned out. Although, there can never be too much chocolate richness ;) Thumbs up! I make this with 70% dark chocolate with caramel chips, the added bite of caramel is delicious! No white streaks should be visible. Built by Embark. We enjoyed this wonderfully sinful chocolate mousse by the warm fire - my husband absolutely loved it ! Go for a smooth but still spicy rather than raspingly peppery extra-virgin olive oil, and use the absolute best quality you can. Copyright © 2020 Nigella Lawson, 150 grams dark chocolate 70% cocoa solids (roughly chopped), 4 large eggs at room temperature (separated), 6 ounces bittersweet chocolate 70% cocoa solids (roughly chopped), pinch of sea salt flakes plus 1/4 teaspoon. Leave to cool for 10 minutes.

You will need 6 x 100ml/6 x ½ cup ramekins or 8 espresso cups. I made this today as a test before a dinner party I'm having on friday. For US cup measures, use the toggle at the top of the ingredients list. Set aside for the moment. To get the right texture – soft and satiny, rather than set like a more traditional mousse – you can either refrigerate for 20 minutes then eat straight away, or for exactly one hour and then take out to come to room temperature for 40 minutes before eating. The olive oil doesn’t just bring its resonant flavour to the mousse, it creates its smooth, soft texture. Add a third of the beaten egg whites and fold in vigorously to lighten the mixture; no need to be delicate at this stage. You don’t need to clean the beaters when going from whites to yolks. ....The luscious and smooth chocolate taste delightfully delicious - thank you Nigella for the elegant and joyful simplicity of it all - ❤️ !! Melt the chocolate either in the microwave or in a large heatproof bowl suspended over a pan of simmering water (but not touching the water), making sure – either way – you remove it from the heat before it is completely melted, then stir it gently so that the last little pieces of chocolate dissolve. London.

Gradually pour the chocolate-oil mixture into the beaten yolks and fold to mix completely.

Stir in the oil to combine and set aside for a moment.


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