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2 Karn, the Great Creator (WAR) 1 Jeskai also has access to a better suite of sideboard cards, though you don’t want to over-sideboard with this deck anyway. Our data this week comes from the MagicFest Online Season 2 Finals and our site’s usual offering of top mythic decks. This week has seen an explosion in Lukka decks, thanks to the greater awareness of how sickeningly powerful that card is when you don’t run very many creatures.

Pl Deck Player Price; 1st Dimir Control Dimir Control Dimir Control: Ty Van Burger: 100 tix $ 179 - 2nd B B B: Alexander Cubillas: 38 tix $ 53 - 3rd Mono-White Aggro Mono-White Aggro Mono-White Aggro: Eric Landes: 134 tix $ 100 - The matchup is much closer as a result, though I suspect it’s still harder than most.

A draft and strategy specialist, of special mention are his limited reviews and draft coaching service. its a bit hard to pull off but its very impressive the way we do it.

), with the Sacrifice and Aggro decks built around him taking a backseat to some of the format’s greedier decks. Look out for my Wild & Wacky Historic Theorycrafts article, out tomorrow! Phoenix of Ash and Anax give you great resiliency against sweepers, Light Up the Stage is still some of the best card draw in Standard, and Bonecrusher Giant and Shock retain their value in the late game alongside Obosh, so the deck is fantastic at stealing games well after your opponents have begun to stabilise. I covered that deck in-depth last week, check that out here! have some good passive life gain and even huge ramp and the card draw is not bad. Much of Cycling’s power stems from Zenith Flare, an immensely powerful finisher which can easily do 10+ damage straight to the enemy face; in an aggro deck that is great at laying on the pressure and therefore forcing opponents to tap out, it’s easy to see why having such a big burn spell would push it over the top. Read more: Check out our best-of-three tier list, to be used alongside this article, for an overview of precisely how Standard’s decks are matching up.

Your email address will not be published. With the meta traversing in a greedier and greedier direction these last few weeks, and Agent of Treachery nonsense everywhere, I was certainly expecting an attempted aggro resurgence, but I wasn’t expecting Red Deck Wins to come out on top, since I thought cards like Embercleave would line up poorly into the Teferi + sweeper meta.

THE MOST BROKEN COLORLESS COMBO EVER - MTG Arena - Original Decks - Historic.

4 Mind Stone (WTH) 153

This is a mini-series of articles that I want to try called the Cozy Corner. MTG Arena Zone is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy.

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I suspect this is the premier best-of-one deck, and that you should expect to see it everywhere right now. Your Zendikar Rising prerelease pack will also have one.. 7 Forest (ANB) 112

4 Wayward Swordtooth (RIX) 150 But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. 2 Blast Zone (WAR) 244 Required fields are marked *. Obosh, as a better Torbran that you have access to every single game and therefore can build around with cards like Heraldic Banner, meant that two of the three contenders playing the deck top 8ed the tournament. The deck’s weaknesses are in its reliance on Lucky Clover, so it tends to have anaemic draws without that card, and be vulnerable to artifact hate. In many ways, the deck resembles Temur Reclamation but is trying to play a fairer and more value-oriented gamer rather than having a combo finish. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. best deck 2020 Deck 4 Palladium Myr (M21) 234


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