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Have a beautiful Miyata 916 for sale with a rare metallic purple gloss paint. High grade road racing bicycle which was made by Miyata which contracted with world first classed professional cyclist Eddy Merckx Many Thanks. There is nothing I love hearing more than a note from a long-time owner of a frame that’s seen it all from their saddle. The best thing, if you are not sure with the serial number go to www.miyatacatalogs.com and try to find the Models 912 from 1980,81 or 82. I'm presently working on the smaller of the two. But, for many reasons, many of us hold tight to our steel framed beauties. This serial number, with "ARY" prefix, is for an Araya built frame. Part 39: Bridgestone Atlantis and Eurasia in 1982, Part 93: Bridgestone Diamond and Super-Speed, Mass-Production Maker  Finished English translation (Mar. It helped my identify the Miyata 610 shown here http://www.cyclecycle.info/miyata-610 .Thanks. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I think you might have the numbers wrong. 1-39 of 39 Results. Greetings. It is kind of turquoise blue and I cannot find the color/style in the old catalogs. There really is no right or wrong on this issue and serial numbers for most frame makers are at best an approximation. By the way, here are links to a couple of photos:http://s343.photobucket.com/albums/o476/chileros_bikes/Miyata%201000%20frankentouringbike/?action=view¤t=P1020960.jpghttp://s343.photobucket.com/albums/o476/chileros_bikes/Miyata%201000%20frankentouringbike/?action=view¤t=P1020980.jpg, hi.. i'm from IndonesiaI have an old bike that i need to identified because i want to rebuild this bike.

My understanding is that "P" in Frame Serial Number corresponds to Manufacturing Year Code for 1987, and so I will now be checking catalogs for Model Year(s) 1987 and 1988, to see if there are similar component-set bikes, sold under either Miyata or Univega brands.

I bet those memories and old, familiar feel of a sturdy, well-built machine comes back to you in a powerful wave. Eventually, the steel bikes take a big step to challenge the international racing fields. it’ s all in the details. But a light tune-up up which includes a oiling of the chain, some new cables/housing along with close look at the brake pads, and maybe a new set of tires, will cost you $100-$125. Can anyone help?

2012) Custom … Japan-America Fuji bicycle in middle of 60s Late to the race but just had to compliment you on your 710 post. Otherwise, he will only sell The Mister frames to collectors or high payers. CP.Museum staff   01 Dec. 2011  (Cycles Peugeot Museum) Its a titanium mountain bike. Bought a Miyata 512 in Norway (around 80 USD) with serial number starting with QW. Does anyone know what that number is? Rear Derailleur: Sutour Cyclone So far no troubles other than the handle bar tape wearing out fast, But i guess that happens #1 Kyle, Aug 4, 2003. The other worthy item to note is that catalogs are almost never a good way to determine anything, since they were usually produced way in advance of the new models coming out and frequently were prone to have the wrong component list and photos of models that did not quite match the actual release model. And maybe you couldn’t tell but I like the details. The entire serial number is J394684. With a price that high, I’m guessing I couldn’t find them anywhere and had to pick up a set on eBay. I have a '91 Miyata Elevation 1000 I bought new and rode for two years I'd like to sell but don't know the value.

A ferrari red Myata 710 that I bought in March 1985 and rode for just over 1.9 billion kilometers. Any ideas on where to look? I also exhibit the catalog of Kaisei which is the only tube maker in Japan now. 6.

Japanese Parts Industry  Finished English translation (June. I got an old miyata with serial oc54971 and code axa-5204 come with suntour xcm group. Josh C, good for you man! I'm actually working on a Univega Gran Record (FSN: PG69954), which I believe to be a Ben Lawee frame-design, manufactured by Miyata (Japan), under license from Univega (USA). $899.99. One clue may be the color.

The saddles will need replacing, as will the cables and housing (and I will replace the foam on the handlebars with bartape).Starting after the new year I'll be tearing down and rebuilding an '85 610 in mint condition that I found for $150. I think your off by a year also, I have a 84 Street runner its the first model year and it starts with L not M and a fellow I know has the next year model and it starts with an M not N. If you compare to the catalogs of those years then your off by a year.


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