is oregon scientific still in business
Sigh. [3] Other products include a waterproof digital video camera,[4] an alarm clock designed by Philippe Starck (a French designer),[5] a pedometer that keeps seven days' worth of data,[6] and an electronic UV monitor among others. It is an Alarm Clock also so you need it on the bedside table. It worked for a short while but now the light turns red and won't recharge or move from the base. As a member on several weather forums I will endeavour to pass the word as far as I can on the lack of support received - even the email reply I received was from a randomly generated email address - masked so I could not respond. WHAT A ROTTEN BUSINESS MODEL!

IF you can figure out how to program their instruments from the very sketchy & confusing manual, great. The price level of this organization is high according to consumer reviews. How stupid. [10] These stores round out their retail locations currently in Italy, China, Singapore and Hong Kong. To make it show on ceiling you have to turn the clock to the wall!!! I got a faulty product and customer service has NOT responded to numerous emails nor does their contact line work. Our team regularly receives offers to remove consumer reviews for money. [1] In 1997, the company became a fully owned subsidiary of IDT (Integrated Display Technology), a Hong Kong-based company. I asked to return and exchange for one that did shine on ceiling but they said I was outside 14 working days. Oregon Scientific, Inc. is a manufacturer of electronic products including digital clocks, home weather stations, public alert monitors, fitness devices, and electronic learning gadgets. Absolutely the worst! 3 reviews of Oregon Scientific "I ordered from their website and it has been a disaster. Really terrible customer relations and support. Most commonly, consumers tend to contact Oregon Scientific to ask questions about: Request for Information, Product/ Service. In 1997, the company became a fully owned subsidiary of IDT (Integrated Display Technology), a Hong Kong-based company. It looks nice, but after a few years bits of the LCD display failed which renders it useless. It's a scam company.The weather station I bought uses a server (managed by the company) so readings can be read from the mobile phone. User's recommendation: Don't loose your owners manual. I am married so two people in bed. [1] Oregon Scientific made the first stand alone waterproof mp3 player. I was just trying to get a new temp / humidity sensor for bar208hga. Review #1823669 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Oregon Scientific Bar208Hgx Weather Station. I upgraded from a WMR928 to a WMR200 and recently, the plastic brackets broke. In 2014 I bought a wireless and web-based weather station from them - called LW301.

I own a B200D vacuum.

Phone # always busy or on "hold" indefinitely--cannot reach site listed in product info, no email listed for online service help.

After about year and half, the remote thermo sensor stopped functioning. Rights Reserved, You Are About to Contact Good grief! Please advise.

Review #1770885 is a subjective opinion of poster. How can I purchase a replacement filter for CF-8410. They don’t answer any emails or phone calls. Many many thanks! I emailed the UK branch and had a very short sharp reply saying NO. Never buy Oregon Scientific. Review #1742770 is a subjective opinion of poster. This place is a scam. After a downtime for 2 months , they just told us, "sorry- the server don't work anymore- and it will not come up again....ever... we hope you understand"We are so many users there now have some very expensive systems, that’s totally useless. [2] In 2003, OSI partnered with SMaL, Axia and Fujifilm to produce the world’s smallest digital camera. Also have 3 cats so it’s amazing. User's recommendation: Don’t call this number. The algorithm is subject to change in future.

Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: "Prospective buyers, beware of substandard quality products from Oregon Scientific. I bought Oregon Scientific Projection Clock with Weather Forecast. I called customer service and they were able to take care of the issue. Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today! I bought this as already had a funky projection clock that did shine on ceiling and I wanted one for our holiday home. I’m March I purchased a color wireless weather station a few days ago the batteries when dead I replaced them and rest everything but nothing I tried emailing customer service what a joke tied calling busy signal every-time a joke don’t buy anything from them they need to put on the package disposable after a year garbage product. The manual I need is apparently unavailable. Contact Oregon Scientific Customer Service. User's recommendation: Good product until it breaks. This issue just happened again. I have a small travel alarm clock which periodically won't set the alarm off. I did not test it when purchased as assumed it would work! Ordered clock on 25th October - got delivered 30th October or later (cannot remember exact date) wrote to complain on 18th November - you could call that 14 working days or 15 days.

Bringing home the buzz.

345 € down the drain – completely !Try to look at the anywhereweather forum and search for "server problems" Don’t go near this company ever- it’s a fraud company! What can we help you with? Phone will not connect or constant busy signal. The algorithm parameters are: users' rating, number of resolved issues, number of company's responses etc. I have called at least 10 times. It is still functioning and synchronizes automatically with the atomic clock. Order never received. Links do not work or 'error' webpage rejections for the north America links, do not buy this stuff if you want an expectation of help or support.

Review #1961579 is a subjective opinion of poster. Consumers are not pleased with Customer service and Website. The light on the display and projection at night was way too bright. What bad customer service for a normally good company. Oregon Scientific was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Oct 01, 2011 and since then this brand received 28 reviews.

I thought this item had a life time guarantee on it and I can't get a hold of anyone to look into this. I would just like a clock that does "whant it says on the box" and their own site!. He told me he needed to forward my issue to one of their over seas reps to try to take care of it. Need RMR221p manual.pdf that is readable.please send a useable link to the pdf file to kzinn@***.net. By: Armstrong, Larry.

Brinckman, Jonathan. Once spent, your 'out there'. Blog article. Bought £150+ of remote monitoring weather station and sensors, and then 2yrs later they shut down the servers with no notice or warning. We bought a smart globe that came with free "lifetime" updates at Costco. The firm was started in 1989 in Portland, Oregon, United States. Such a shame in this day and age :(. Oregon Scientific was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Oct 01, 2011 and since then this brand received 27 reviews.. Oregon Scientific ranks 344 of 1743 in Appliances and Electronics category.

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tablet marketed for children in 2012. At least Weathershop UK (the outlet I bought both from) did at least try to source parts. I've owned Oregon Scientific weather stations for many years and have become used them changing sensor types. Have the decency to call someone back and explain the delay.

Some advertisers may pay us for this ad to appear on our website or provide us with a referral fee. Customer service email addresses two of which go unanswered. The overall rating of the company is 1.8 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. I called the customer service number listed and it was not in service. Review #2133637 is a subjective opinion of poster. Oregon Scientific have disconnected the server and claim that the station is no longer under warranty, so FU. Oregon scientific cf8410. They practice customer avoidance, not customer service. RMR221p manual in pdf format that is readable!! They refuse to do anything about it. [8], In 2000, one of the company's weather radios was recalled for errors in reporting severe weather warnings.[9]. What is your customer experience with Oregon Scientific? Oh, before they stick the seller with the cost of doing any resolutions, they hit the buyer (customer) with all costs of sending/shipping the item(s) to that seller with their final word of the reason it didn't work to expectations, THEN hitting you with costs associated with return of the item(s) to you. Oregon Scientific Overview. For the coolest in Oregon gifts it's Oregon Scientific. Oregon Scientific ranks 405 of 1750 in Appliances and Electronics category. [1] The company is known for its WeatherNow award-winning[citation needed] weather station built for home use that uses FM radio signals from MSN Direct to provide 4-days of regional weather information. We had an issue a few years ago with it not updating. Oregon Scientific Inc Oregon Scientific, Inc. was founded in 1993. Review #1707705 is a subjective opinion of poster.

What happened? The clock was supposed to automatically synchronize to atomic clock in Colorado, but never did. 4 weeks later...crickets....They make some really cool things they just have no clue as to how to provide customer support. Bought the Ultra Thin Weather Station. Stopped support of their LW301-302 Weather Anywhere system, and didn't even have the respect to notify those of us who had already purchased the system. User's recommendation: Don't trust lifetime guarantees. I have sent numerous e-mail requests for assistance with zero response.

Web site, web pages and all other contact does not work. Thus, I can't trust it to wake me up on my business trips. Oregon is a place blessed with an abundance of technological talent, a vibrant quality of life and the beauty of nature, making it cradle for realizing dreams. Our modern wireless weather stations transmit weather information from wireless sensors to a weatherstation display. What a awesome product I recently bought this item on amazon and I tell ya it was definitely one of my better purchases my wife is a smoker and I set up a nice desk top area for her to do her work and other things plus the smoke well that cf8410 did the trick know more smoke smell in the house thanks Oregon scientific for making a great product!

How does a company stay in business when they have NO customer service support or even respond to inquiries without writing back to tell you basically NOTHING in response to your questions?I recommend they get into the fabric business since they excel in selling FLEECE as opposed to quality weather monitoring devices.

NO email response / phone line ALWAYS busy. ! I contacted the UK email since nothing was working for the US webpages (any or them), and they referenced the same email address I originally sent my concerns to. Worst customer one responds to requests. Review #2124671 is a subjective opinion of poster. With no other options given to access the weather data online, all the equipment is now completely useless to me. We are processing your message. Their Pendant MP3 Player and Waterproof MP3 player received awards for innovation at the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show. BE Warned don’t wast your money on any Oregon scientific equipment. Commande #701-4200204-8358653 I order Smart World Globe - 2 in 1 Illuminated Globe with Built-in Augmented Reality Technology, Earth by Day, Constellations by Night, AR App Experience, Adv I am very satisfied with my purchase.


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