infj mute withdrawal

I thought he understood that marriage was not an option for me, but he kept pushing. She was the Sun to my Moon. Our impulse is to move away from what When INFJs

Great article. We feel best about ourselves when we

You are most welcome.

INFJs can endure much, but upon reaching a point when we had enough, when we’re severely hurt, the person who hurt us no longer exists in our eyes and mind, even on pictures or in phone numbers. My biggest challenge is always whether to cross a bridge or burn it down. You will find happiness, and no matter how many times people ask you this, know that you will. . Even when we have to withdraw to protect ourselves. She wants to do things together outside work, but I can’t. FAQ 

These four responses to stress

and J stand for Introverted INtuitive Feeling Judging, Be sure to visit the Member Quotes page for some interesting, sometimes humorous views on the INFJ perspective.

As an INFJ, I’m usually more than happy to answer such questions.

Life events caused us to look at ourselves in different ways and one day I just knew I couldn’t be friends with her anymore ….so I distanced myself, became vague and unrespondsive and gradually we broke apart. manifesting via temperament also occurs when our favorite talents and skills go

The tense atmosphere gnaws at me and I want to patch things up and make things right but on the other hand, I’m afraid if I speak up, it’ll make things worse. "Mute withdrawal is a major INFJ defense." Temperament Yes, what you said here is perfectly normal. How they do this is by distancing themselves from the situation, usually separating from the problem while buying time.

you add stress to an interaction, people tend to become more limited in the I walked away from a friendship of 35 years.

They came, situation, their initial reaction is "flight." I am at the point where I’m withdrawing from my adult child and it grieves me.

I understand what you wrote here, so a good conversation with your mother might help. google_color_bg = "CCCCFF"; What can I say?

possible that we may dip into other processes -- and we can come under "the It expresses itself through interaction.

Why do we do this?

Sharks are the dolphin's

He was going down the wrong path a year ago, and I had to break up with him. If abuse and neglect had taken place in childhood, difficulty in relationships and social interactions with others become inhibited.


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