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[72] His corollary that the stronger the opponent, the better they are at hiding their power turned out to be true, occasionally causing Killua to severely underestimate his adversary. [18], Killua senses that Hisoka will kill again, After the failed attempt of two Man-faced Apes to trick them, Satotz leads the applicants across the Milsy Wetlands and warns them not to fall to the numerous wild animals living in the swamp. [23][42][12][108] However, as he honed his Nen abilities, his guesses became more accurate, and he notably sensed Netero's power,[167] whereas he had downplayed it in the past.

Insulted, Leorio reveals he is not even 20 yet, to the two boys' shock. He selects the long one, on the basis that it will last the longest.

Killua repeats the attack with more power, but Zushi recovers immediately, awarding him only one point. His phone rings again and, when Gotoh picks it up, he greets Illumi, calling him by name, which allows Killua to see Amane tensing up. [135] After Hisoka eliminates "No. As a child, Killua's hair is longer, almost cascading to his shoulders.

Dexter Grif | Dick Simmons | Michael J. Caboose | Epsilon | Church | Sarge | Sparx | Aku Aku, Remain friends with Gon, Protect Alluka, Figure out what he should do with his life. When he is sufficiently far from them, he rescinds the ability. Melody, a Hunter renowned for her hearing, commented that she could hardly hear Killua's footsteps even when he was running alongside her.

Killua Zoldyck is thedeuteragonistof the anime/manga series,Hunter × Hunter.

Surprisingly, Zushi gets up, unscathed. They start to exchange information by asking one question each, with Gon and Killua explaining they only picked objects that had aura around them, and that Gon wants to get a copy of Greed Island because it might contain clues as to where he can find his father.

In the aftermath, Biscuit is forced to leave the curve and Hisoka breaks two fingers, although he manages to secure the ball.

[224], In order to generate electric aura, Killua needs to "charge" himself by letting electricity run through his body,[112] such as by tasering himself[97] or holding onto a plug. He tries to help Gon come up with an idea, then, when it is time for him to work on his idea, taunts him to keep him focused.
[8] When he took the Hunter Exam the first time, he was the fourth most powerful applicant (after Gittarackur, and, by his own admission, Hisoka and Hanzo, although the latter was without entering his "assassin mode"),[11] and the one that Satotz believed would pass. Killua asks Wing if they can be back by midnight, to which the teacher replies it is up to them.

He is also one of the most quick-thinking characters in the series. [47], One month later he books tickets for Hisoka's match against Kastro. Ikalgo accepts and the three go find Meleoron and Knuckle. [9], At a young age, he fulfilled three of Alluka's requests, causing Nanika to take over.

Kikyo attempts to stop him, but his glare causes her to desist.

[184] Gon and Killua hang together for the next two days, during which, unbeknownst to them, they are monitored by Shoot. [5], Killua especially struggles with these dueling ideologies during the latter half of the series, as he begins to encounter stronger opponents. Nonetheless, they agree to go for it. He is also one of the quickest-thinking characters and often analyzes a situation with great ease and accuracy.

Riehlvelt begs him to, so Killua complies while holding onto his electric whips, knocking him out. Killua notes that they are the same age. [236], Killua is unable to understand how Illumi found them, so the latter proposes to tell him if he hands Alluka over, which Killua refuses to do. [244] Not long afterwards, Killua and Alluka watch a video sent to them by Gon of a flock of Small-billed Swans taking flights. In addition, when she reveals her true strength, Killua begrudgingly categorizes her as someone that he cannot defeat. He's an Ex-Pro Assasin from the Zoldyck Family who leaves his Estate in order to live his life his way and takes part in the Hunter Exam. Machi binds them up with her Nen threads, taking them to the lobby of the Hotel Beitacle. [233], Killua using Godspeed to escape with Alluka, Killua discovers his brother's position thanks to Hisoka purposefully triggering his bloodlust. When he demands it again more forcefully, Nanika, crying, retreats into Aluka. They notice they are being followed, but their tactics manage to thwart the attempts of the first two players who try to take their "Sword of Truth", with Gon taking the spell card from a third player's hand before he can cast it. [191] Ming's reappearance on television forces Killua to abandon his plan to incite riots and limit himself to taking out Neferpitou's puppets. It was able to bear the weight of five people and a wooden shelf without breaking, although it was damaged in the process. Kana

Milluki advises him to look it up on the Hunters' website and tells him copies of the game will be auctioned off at the Southernpiece Auction. However, after their conversation on the airship when Hanabi saw Killua after he killed two of the examinees, he begins to respect her more. Minutes later, he sees Amane and Canary gaining on him from behind as they ride a transformed Tsubone. Wing warns them against acquiring incomplete knowledge, to which Killua responds his brother is probably a student of Nen too. Other recruits are present at the meeting, such as Biscuit, Abengane, and Puhat. [64], By the following day, the number of challengers has already decreased as rumors began to spread.

How could I ignore you?Trust me I adore you. They fly to the Southernpiece Auction House to investigate.

They head to Masadora to learn how to leave the island, and, after defeating a Wolf Pack and the Harbormaster, Killua leaves the island.
Just like Gon's, Killua's talent is said to be absolutely astounding, found only in one out of ten million people. The five applicants are declared victorious, and Killua invites Bendot to fight to pass the time, an offer the convict fearfully declines.

He manages to kill most of his underlings, but the Captain blasts him off with explosive chemicals, which causes Killua to realize Flutter is still observing him.

He challenges Gon to a match to see whose candle can burn the longest, allowing the group to choose between a long and a short one.

Killua surmises that the seven targets are Spiders and that they stole from the Mafia, which is the reason why the selection and payment methods of the conditional auction were changed.


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