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Justified as this Zelda is a different incarnation than the one in ''Breath of the Wild'', being from ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaALinkBetweenWorlds A Link Between Worlds]]''. In 2005 or 2015, that scene is still a police brutality coverup, enunciated with witheringly stark rhetoric. On Bullseye this week Jesse Thorn quoted George RR as saying something like "When two opposing forces fight, each is the bad guy to the other guy." You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. After a bunch of viewings, I would probably like that scene better if it were silent. Dukie deserves better than the hand he's dealt, though he has no illusions about what sort of hand that is. Taken as a one-scene illustration of the way that McNulty can't keep everything together, though, it seems like a pretty good one. We see a redemption narrative, the traces of one, anyway. —Eric Vilas-Boas, Though a relatively minor character in the grand scheme of things, Prop Joe is to The Wire as Cyrus is to The Warriors. It seems like in episode 3 he didn't want anyone to know who he was, but then explains that away in E4 by saying he didn't want anyone coming back on Brandon...but Kima doesn't know who he is, and the Barksdale crew seems to have only sketchy information about him. Though he has been known to bend the rules when he deems it warranted (like moving a body out of Hamsterdam in season three), Carver mostly operates by the books. He's a kid struggling with the responsibilities of what it means to be a man, and isn't always successful in striking that balance. We know Lester knows better ("The job will not save you"), and it kills us. Jay Landsman. But Detective Greggs is the exception to the rule, not just because she's the most fleshed-out female character, but because she's one of the series' most complex characters, period. Rhonda Pearlman, Marla Daniels, Brianna Barksdale). And despite what his job duties call for, he maintains a fierce sense of loyalty to the people around him—Marlo, first and foremost, but also his wife and children (who we see in just one scene, in which he makes it clear that he does not want to be separated from them for long). Von 2010 bis 2016 stand sie bei But for the most part, The Wire is a boys club, and the breast-wielding characters are forced to play within those confines. It's this one: Also, I'm indifferent as to fuck or not fuck in the fuckfuckfuck scene. (BET showed reruns of 'The Wire' at one point. —JMW, Though he didn't live to see season two, Wallace—the 16-year-old drug dealer with a conscience—remains the true heart of The Wire. The 'fuck' part seems like it could be read as kind of a this-is-an-HBO-show thing. Which makes him all the more susceptible to the laws of hubris. Then comes Analytical Prez, the office-bound drone who realizes his knack for puzzle-solving can actually be of use to his unit. It's sort of like all the movies that win a ton of Oscars but make no money for the studios. Those piercing, menacing, expressionless eyes.

Bunk: "I'm just a humble motherfucker with a big-ass dick." It was going to be a running gag that Rose would speak with the requisite Scottish accent, except when she's scared/excited, which gets notices when "the jig is up". I cant think of anyone fat enough to play him. He doesn't belong out there with the tough kids, even though his parents sell his clothes for drugs and his mom orders turkey grease from the Chinese takeout place. Any MetaFilter member can post a thread about a piece of media for other members to discuss. no vivid memories of encountering any these characters. It's like a metronome to the entire procedure. He sees himself, too, way down beneath the terror of the needle. Join 6,442 readers in helping fund MetaFilter. "Do it or don't, but I got some place to be," he says. In early seasons, we're immediately shown that Freamon is more than his rank suggests, detail-oriented, and a dedicated police officer—willing to call bullshit on McNulty and Kima in the middle of the squad room, but still follow up on the work they were doing. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. That scene was incredible - I wonder how they will handle it if the Wire is ever syndicated? I've been swept up in a work thing and haven't been able to do this. In the end, it will be his undoing... —Mike Sager, Also read: Mike Sager's essay about why Omar is the greatest character on The Wire, This Is Joe Biden When No One Is Watching, How to Survive the Next Few Weeks With Grace, A Good Mohair Sweater Is an Essential This Fall. Nobody, no victim, who didn't matter. —Stephen Marche, Dukie breaks your heart, plain and simple.

It's not at all unbelievable that police are clueless about Omar. Duke is a sensitive soul growing up in a world that destroys such people. Although now that I think about it, there was one step in their reasoning I wasn't clear on. It's widely regarded as The Best Television Show Of All Time. Except, of course, when he doesn't. Even today, more than seven years after the series' finale, fans of the show are still trying to perfect Davis' catchphrase, so much so that actor Isiah Whitlock Jr. has put together an instructional video.

"He also had the advantage of always wearing excellent clothes.

Or at least look the other way. "): "You happy now bitch?" ("Now, if the entry would is in the shoulder, but the exit wound is in the lower back, where was she shot from, etc.") Avon discusses the loss of the pit's stash and puts the word on the street about Omar. When he and Rawls dress down McNulty in the final episode, Daniels barely says a word. Not so much for Creator/BilliePiper, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOW1Wjb_oEI whose pathetic attempt at creating the needed Scottish accent]] was quickly retooled into a joke. Yeah, I think you're right about the prison term thing. In just those three minutes, the viewer learns everything they need to know about D'Angelo—namely, that while he may understand the mechanics of how the Barksdale family business works, he's not cut out for the mechanics of it. The rest of the mechanical characters (such as Thomas himself, among others) primarily have American accents. At times, he even appears soft, holding D'Angelo's son in season one, letting Cutty walk away from the operation without repercussions. He doesn't have time for relationships. Also adding to his character's intrigue: the fact that we know nothing about him beyond what we see at the office... until there's a split-second shot of him hanging out at a gay bar (and it's never referenced again). But in his naiveté, he played an unwitting part in the murder of a neighborhood drug dealer. He enjoyed displaying his genitals to strangers at the bar, and he killed his pet duck by loading it up with booze. He wants nothing except money and power. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. And its most memorable cautionary tale. Someone who's clever and cunning but, at the end of the day, someone who's kind. He steps in as a surrogate older brother to Michael's younger brother, and he forms a bond with Mr. Pryzbylewski. Gerard Depardieu is the only guy who comes to mind, and I doubt he could pull off a Geordie accent. While it's Partlow who recruits good kid-turned-badass Michael Lee to "the dark side," there's also a genuine sense that he does this out of respect for his talent and abilities—not to just have another foot soldier. It's a dream that D'Angelo encourages him to pursue, and covers his back when he tries to make a go of it. —JMW, Though he's not averse to killing when it's called for, Bodie treats the drug-dealing business as just that: a business. And while he's not against a little hustling (like skipping class to sell candy during lunchtime), his endeavors are pretty PG-rated. I'm just watching this for the first time. I thought by now, after Esquire participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites.

* ''VideoGame/{{Far Cry 4}}'' has a few strong examples of this.

I thought at first D was bullshittign his crew, but tap tap tap... What was great about that scene was that in any other police procedural, the police would be describing their reasoning as they went along. This is even more confusing with Yuma's actress, Gwendoline Yeo, who speaks with a strong American accent, despite growing up with the family of very-English-sounding Pagan Min in British Hong Kong. No, we see ourselves in Bubbles because we see someone trying like hell to make himself better. As badass as the fuck scene was, McNulty taking a criminal informant out to the burbs to a kids ball game seemed incredibly uncool and I was expecting him to be served with divorce papers and worse in the next show. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, Colbert Offers Some Calming Election Day Words, Boba Fett's Return Will Change 'The Mandalorian', Last Night's Episode of 'SNL' Was All about NYC, The Mandalorian Introduces the Krayt Dragon, India Oxenberg Finally Feels a Sense of Peace, The Mandalorian Is Not the Future Of Star Wars, The Romans Will Return in 'Barbarians' Season Two. Avon respects the game more than anyone else on the show. What more can you ask? If only he'd taken a moment to look down, he would've seen the many individuals attempting to race him to the top and been able to do something about it. Then again, Daniels gets results and ultimately contributes to some great police work, but he does so like this, by using the shitty system to his advantage. Luckily, he turns his back on the game before it's too late, and his redemption is one of the most uplifting parts of the whole series. (Sometimes murder just comes with the territory.)

Rita Sahatçiu Ora (* 26.November 1990 in Prishtina, Sozialistische Föderative Republik Jugoslawien) ist eine britische Sängerin und Schauspielerin kosovarischer Herkunft. Someone who wants to make the right choices but can't help making the wrong ones. —EVB, It's his eyes. Who brings someone like Bubs out to a soccer game in the burbs?

That night, and others, Landsman is utterly poetic ("sharing a dark corner of the American experiment"). Funny, I thought it was incredibly uncool in the opposite direction. I ain't all that humble. He's too frail, too soft, too innocent. He commands your respect, for the right or wrong reasons.

He just knows how rusty the tracks are. Freamon: "You give yourself too much credit." is pretty much my default response to McNulty at all times. It's good to know he cares about the authenticity of his character and respects Australian and New Zealand audiences. Lieutenant Daniels would be proud.

He heaves it away with great force".

The only reason I haven't started completely binge-watching this is so each episode is still fairly fresh in my mind when its thread shows up here. —JH, The wannabe legit gangster is hardly a new trope (see: The Godfather), but few fictional thugs have come as close to making the leap to full-fledged entrepreneur as Stringer Bell, Avon Barksdale's second-in-command. For example, the actor playing Jay Landsman sounds nothing like the real Jay Landsman, who plays Mello on the show. Ziggy was the tragedy of that story, the guy who got too close to the fire, and his fall gave us the single best season-finale montage on the entire show, as his cousin Nick mourned everything that had been crushed around him. —JMW, The Wire's MacGyvering, knickknack-building, case-cracking wise man, maybe the closest thing the show had to a superhero or a Sherlock Holmes.


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