truth is eternal hinduism meaning

Sanatan Dharma or Hinduism is the only true and eternal religion made by Vishnu (God) himself.

Logically, if hinduism does not claim to be exclusivist, then why not become a Christian, since there is no harm in it. The christian bible clearly makes earth a couple of thousands years old.

M    ): The abode of Purushottam (God) is known as Akshardham.

Atheist china can buy the debt of beleaguered european nations. It is the westerners who are getting attracted to the hindu philosophy and the sadhana these days. In my post “Would there be peace if everyone was a Christian or Muslim” I describe how exclusive religions lead to schism and violence.

Any search for truth that is rooted in clear and critical thinking, logic and reason, rational thought, correct information, and most importantly proper disposition towards the truth, will eventually lead to the Catholic Church. Partying, drinking, dating is not normal for my parents. Printable version | Nov 1, 2020 9:11:30 PM | As far as i know all the Prophet asked to pray to God i.e Allah Ta’ala. Similarly, Radha is viewed as the source of all other Shaktis, including Lakshmi and Sita. Melting in the light of day; The heretics fall into the 7th well, one short of the worst kind.A superstitious faith trying to whitewash and sell as the inclusive and tolerant instead. According to Madhavacharya’s philosophy, as it is in Ramanujacharya’s philosophy, Vishnu is considered as the Supreme God and Laxmi (the female deity) as His eternal consort.

I love all religions.

Kailash Bhuyan, Kailash, One has to identify with the immortal Atma and not the body that is subject to growth, change, decay and death. Hindus can see Buddhism as avalid path, though mistaking God for Buddha Nature. For these we could say: Faith uselsss when God does not care, The unstated and implied meanings have to be explored and one has to arrive at a correct understanding. So, it is known as “asangi”. Hinduism is an Indian religion and dharma, or way of life. E    It is described to be Sagun and Nirgun. I think you need to check the history of the Catholic Church: No official Catholic teaching has ever endorsed such practices, it was just the human weakness and evil tendencies of the people that chose to use religion’s name to advocate their own agendas. The main core of Hinduism is its flexibility. My parents are quite traditional and don’t accept the modern standards of life. Scriptures were introduced to india by Aryans .The ancient scriptures of hinduism are in sanskrit . then your price is you except your crime and come in public.

If Jesus was not God but a good man, then the crucifiction was a wonderful thing if went through willingly for others, but not a basis to worship him. Christianity does not advocate violence or hatred towards non-believers, and I can assure you that you cannot find that in any official teaching of the Catholic Church. The original form of Brahm is described to be the divine personified form which is beyond three types of body (deh), three basic natural qualities (gunas), and three states of body and mind (avasthās) and always remains in the humble service of Parabrahm (God). I disagree with you, however, and have a solid refute for all comments made on Christianity, Catholicism in particular. Also he respected or rather highly regarded Brāhmins irrespective of their worship to Lord Shiva or Lord Vishnu. Parabrahm and Brahm, or, God and His abode, cannot be just one entity.

( Log Out /  For religions which believe in some kind of final judgement (Christianity,  Islam, some lines of Judaism) it is questionable whether you could say that the religion would exist after this; at very least it would be changed. In Hinduism, truth has a broader meaning. Meaning, “I support (vishtabhya) this entire (kritsnam) cosmos (jagat) that is being existed (sthito) in a tiny portion or fraction (ekāmshena) of me (my body).” In the scriptures, Aksharbrahm is considered as the sharir (body) of Purushottam (Parabrahm) and Purushottam is considered Aksharbrahm’s shariri (essence or controller). It’s very nice and good information on hinduism, It’s very nice and good information on Hinduism, Excellent and true information.. From the words of a Christian Hymn: Prophecy will fade away, W    Brahm is, one and the only one (ekam and advitiyam), eternal (nitya), and penultimate reality.

Namaste Chris, Even so, (for the moment) I still believe that Hinduism, like all religions is nothing more than the human experience trying in vain to conceptualize reality, and our own awareness of reality to ease an unforgiving universe when it comes to our own limited and brief experience of existence. But at the final dissolution (Ātyantik pralay) it becomes dormant, shrinks or dissolves in a tiny portion of Aksharbrahm, and remains embedded there until the next creation. It is a common system of values. After Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the tattva-vada (philosophical aspect of Hinduism) was declined to the bhakti-vada (devotional aspect of Hinduism).

Talk about doctrines people. This was the understanding of Madhavacharya when he placed Lakshmi at the little subordinate or subservient level to that of Narayan (God). In those days people believed that the stars and heavens had supernatural powers and all due to ignorance or may be magic. There had to be… SOMETHING to start it off… what was that? It is, therefore, still used by some Hindu leaders to refer to Hinduism, portraying it as the unified religion of all.

The ontological difference between maya and jiv. Ramanujacharya’s and Madhavacharya’s tradition view Krishna as an avatar of Vishnu. The souls are now known as Muktas of Akshardham or Aksharmuktas. This is the cynical nature of the secular world I suppose? They are only violent on religious grounds when fighting exclusivist religions, primarily Christianity and Islam. That is the logical fallacy of “appeal to popularity” @jenifer Secondly, because of the above mentioned transcendental nature of Brahm or Brahmdham, there is no aging there, no decaying there, no gender differentiation is there, or not any of the physical worldly characteristics of the body is there. But I want to do those things. That period was unifying Brahm with God or unifying Shaivism with Vaishnavism or rather tending towards replacing Brahm with God. I don’t know any Hindus that believe that God is a man, though God is within us all. It is difficult to study single-handedly and understand them all individually. 1. The Taittiriya Upanishad states that the Supreme Brahman is the essence of Truth (Satyam), Consciousness (Jnanam), and Infinity or Eternity (Anantam). We are still in the process of adding previous posts. Does an agnostic who says “well, I suppose any of the religions might be true” deserve eternal torture, while the atheist does not? Hinduism teaches you to identify with the true spiritual self rather than with the body, or the emotional self. Moreover, material wealth does not reach there, bodily relatives and their relations are not maintained there, worldly sensual pleasures or pain, comfort or sufferings does not reach there. The distinction between soul and God which was not proposed in Advaita and not clearly defined in Vishishtadvait philosophy was explained clearly by Madhavacharya. Achintyabheda-bheda of Chaitanya (contd.

The beauty of Hinduism is that it allows complete religious freedom at the same time teaches to develop the utmost tolerance for others’ belief. Maya is full of darkness and ignorance. In the scriptures, Brahm is described as the overall cause of countless brahmands or multiverse. Its largeness or magnitude is such that countless brahmands look like mere atoms floating in its sagun form. It causes illusion. It was different than the special titles assigned to some souls by Ramanujacharya, and was not accepted by traditional Hindu philosophers. The Vedas Unforgettable Contribution To The World. This extremely cool (mahāshital), pleasant (sukhmaya), extremely bright (atishay tejomaya), infinite (anant), and limitless or beyond any limits (apār) luminescent light (tej) of Aksharbrahm is known as Chidākāsh.

Ishwar or Purush is the super-soul of brahmand (whole universe). I look forward to your reply on the subject.

Mul-Prakruti or Mahamaya is the final material cause of countless brahmands or multiverse. Can u explain from where “God” came as per your Christian beliefs? The body acts as the field (kshetra) for the soul and the soul is body’s fielder (kshetragna). so it means they are totally blind. It consists of the philosophical essence of Vedas, all the Upanishads, 18 major Purāns (Puranas or Purans), namely, Brahm Puran, Padma Puran, Vishnu Puran, Vāyu Puran, Nārad Puran, Mārkandeya Puran, Agneya Puran, Bhavishya Puran, Brahm-Vaivart Puran, Ling Puran, Varāh Puran, Skand Puran, Vāman Puran, Kurma Puran, Matsya Puran, Garud Puran, Brahmānd Puran, and Shrimad Bhāgwat Puran, and two major Itihasas, namely, Ramayan and Mahabharat.


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