bolger micro plans
as easily and shallowly as the centerboard and leeboard Bolger sailboats

many good free plywood contruction stitch and glue boat plan. I can’t figure it out.

I laid the keel the first year and covered it for the winter’s cooler temps.

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The feeling was heightened enormously when he went below. In addition, solid timber deadwood sections tend to float (which the water filling doesnt) resulting in a reduction in stability when heeled. In 2009 I spent a lot of time with my best camping/boating buddy (my dad) who was dying of cancer.

I wanted something cheap, easy to trailer & maintain and dry. Mike, who was approaching middle age with at least some grace, had calculated a speed over the ground of 4.63 knots since departure four hours earlier. of my affections, and those of my family.

The sailing shot below is of a Micro sailing in South Australia. Yet amazingly, we accomplish all this with Micro Trawler's 14 ft 6" and 45hp! The plans include a special isometric that show the unusual building sequence of sharpies.

Well, I am keen to respond to this request, although I have to admit to being intimidated by the idea of making comment about the work of someone as well-regarded as PCB.

All Rights Reserved Common Sense Boats © 1999 - 2017. Micro Trawler is as significant to powerboats as Micro is to sailboats.

Ability to take on some weather and deliver solid performance while doing so.

Had anyone else been present he would have justified his action on the grounds of tiredness – but as he was alone he could indulge himself for the real reason, which was that he loved to feel the little yawl steer herself.

The little wooden boat had no standing rigging, no sail battens, no stainless fittings, no winches – yet she was a true open water vessel. "Little Em" was built to Phil Bolger's plans of Marine grade, Doug Fir plywood. Advice…..don’t skip any steps or omit any parts in the plans.

Make everything strong enough to climb around on cause you’ll want to get up on top of the boat from time to time. V-Z. The front window swings forward a little allowing for ventilation but not so far that it allows (much) water into the cabin when the spray and wind are a issue. A minor drawback is that the weight of the main mast is in the eyes of the boat, and therefore drugs her in a chop. The top of the boat is strong enough to climb/sit/stand on so there is quite a bit more room outside than initially appears. System 3 epoxy was used throughout with the exception of the bulkhead to hull jounts which are 3M 5200. Some designs are available at Dynamite Payson’s website

However, I thought it may be appropriate to start off with a very short piece I wrote about ten years ago dealing with an imaginary cruise aboard a, The style is a direct copy of the type of essay which Phil used to write about cabin arrangement in issue #86 of.


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