liquidation pallet sales in kentucky

Original Retail $3,999, Chatsworth, CA, 3 Pallets of Women's Polos, 2,076 Units, Brand New, Ext. Retail $10,275, North Haven, CT, Mixed Consumer Electronics Lot, Headphones, Remotes, Games & More, 184 Units, Customer Returns, Est. Original Retail $600, Garland, TX, Reusable Clear Face Shields, 600 Units, New Condition, Est. Retail $77,646, Aurora, CO, Chanel Chance, Million Paco Rabbane, Calvin Klein, Cartier, Versace & More, 30 Units, Shelf Pulls, Est. Retail $4,673, San Bernardino, CA, Est. is as low as $1300 per pallet. Retail $21,765, Waco, TX, 200 Miles Free Shipping, My Arcade Wireless Controller NES/Wii/Wii-U/NES Retro, 256 Units, New Condition, Est. Retail $37,328, Elkridge, MD, Est. Original Retail $20,000, Dallas, TX, Samsung Galaxy & Gear Watches, 24 Units, Used Condition, Est. $6,000 FMV, Walmart Fixed Asset Liquidations, Dallas, TX - US Only, Washers, Dryers & More by Samsung, GE, LG & More, 35 Units, Customer Returns, Ext. Original Retail $1,000, Daytona Beach, FL, FREE SHIPPING, Non-Medical Disposable Face Masks, 50 Per Pack, 120 Packs, New Condition, Est. Ext. Pallets are approx. Retail $11,074, Charlotte, NC, Apple iPhone 7 & iPhone 6s, 10 Units, Used Condition, D Grade, Est. © 2017 Palmetto Pallets All rights reserved. Retail $2,340, Indianapolis, IN, Cases & More by Speck, Pelican, CaseMate & More - 655 Units - Overstock, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, 64GB, Verizon, 245 Units, Grade C, Fort Worth, TX, 4 Pallets of Flesh Blushes & Concealers, 64,710 Units, Overstock, Ext. Retail $4,330, Lewisberry, PA, Truckload (24 Pallet Spaces) of Home Management, Sporting Goods & More, 1,037 Units, Ext. Original Retail $10,900, Katy, TX, Apple iPhone 8 Plus, 64GB, (Lot T-112045-4), Unlocked, C Condition, 37 Units, Mississauga, ON, Canada, Truckload (28 Pallet Spaces) of UNMANIFESTED Salvage TVs, Indianapolis, IN, 300 Miles Free Shipping, Motorola REVVLRY+ & REVVLRY, Carrier Unlock Eligible, 75 Units, Grade C-/D, Coppell, TX, LG Aristo 4+ & Stylo 5, Carrier Unlock Eligible, 50 Units, Grade C+, Coppell, TX, Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 active, S7 edge & S8, 8 Units, Used Condition, Mixed Grade, Est. Original Retail $19,190, Blaine, WA, G.O.A.T. Retail $280,210, Winchester, VA. Dell Latitude 12 - 7210 2-in-1 Laptops, 8 Units, Mixed Condition, Ext. Retail $37,907, Indianapolis, IN, Generic Bluetooth Wireless Earphones/Headphones, 100 Units, New Condition, Est. Your cost is as low as $459 per pallet. Original Retail $3,495, Lawrence, KS, Cases by Speck, Pelican, CaseMate & More - 650 Units - Overstock, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, 64GB, T-Mobile, 298 Units, Grade C, Fort Worth, TX, 9 Pallets of Flesh Foundations & Primers, 149,336 Units, Overstock, Ext. Original Retail $2,400, Edgewood, NY, FDA/CE Certified N95 Medical Protective Respirator Masks, 15 Per Pack, 100 Packs, New Condition, Est. Retail $12,198, Indianapolis, IN, Apple iPhone XR, Unlocked, 16 Units, Grade C, Fort Worth, TX, Collectible Trading Cards, Football & More, 1,651 Units, Shelf Pulls, Est. Super Value Order Now and Save. of Housewares, Toys, Electronics, K.D.

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F.O.B. Retail $18,762, Compton, CA, Truckload (13 Pallets) of Faucet & Toilet Connectors, 26,266 Units, Brand New, Ext. Original Retail $30,001, Fayetteville, NC, Mixed Kids' Toys, Assorted Brands, 50 Units, New Condition, Est. Retail $4,900, Indianapolis, IN, Apple iPhone 6s, Unlocked, 11 Units, Grade B-, Fort Worth, TX, Sylvania Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, CD Players & More, 712 Units, Customer Returns, Est. is as low as $299 per pallet. Original Retail $4,000, Farmer's Branch, TX, Truckload from Signature Hardware of Unmanifested Sinks, Faucets, Showers, Mirrors & More, Like New Condition, Est. Original Retail $5,173, Mt. Come get your … Original Retail $3,750, Las Vegas, NV, 2 Pallets of Flooring, TURBO DOTCOM RETURNS, 86 Units, Ext. Original Retail $3,760, Westford, MA, Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers, L/R, Gray, 50 Units, Refurbished Condition, Est. Original Retail $2,198, Skokie, IL, Reusable Washable Polyester Non-Medical Masks with Air Filters for Adults, 400 Units, New Condition, Est. WE ARE DOING IT. F.O.B Ohio. Minimum order Retail $26,087, Shippensburg, PA, Apple Watch Series 5/3 & Apple TV 4K, 3 Units, New Condition, Est. Retail $34,369, Indianapolis, IN, Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, Unlocked, 44 Units, Grade B-, Fort Worth, TX, Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, Mixed Carriers, 21 Units, Grade B-, Fort Worth, TX, Truckload (16 Pallets) of Doors & Windows, DOTCOM RETURNS, 162 Units, Ext. Conveniently Located 3 miles off of I-95 exit 157 in Florence SC. Original Retail $3,831, Cumming, GA, Apple iPhone XR, Unlocked, 25 Units, Grade B-, Fort Worth, TX, 6 Pallets of Revlon Nail Polishes, 51,840 Units/720 Cases, Overstock, Ext. is 5 pallets. order is 3 pallets. Your cost Your Retail $46,966, Stockton, CA, Est. Retail $114,179, McAllen, TX, Truckload from Signature Hardware of Bathtubs, 14 Units, Scratch & Dent, Ext. Contact Us! Original Retail $2,054, Toronto, ON, Google Pixel 3 XL, Carrier Unknown, 17 Units, Grade D, Fort Worth, TX, 2 Pallets of Women's 1- & 3-Pack Hosiery by L'eggs & Hanes, 268 Packs, New Condition, Ext. GE Appliances Canada Liquidation Auctions, Laguna Hills California Liquidation Auctions, Los Angeles California Liquidation Auctions, Oceanside California Liquidation Auctions, San Bernardino California Liquidation Auctions, Jacksonville Florida Liquidation Auctions, St Petersburg Florida Liquidation Auctions, Indianapolis Indiana Liquidation Auctions, Elizabeth New Jersey Liquidation Auctions, Newville Pennsylvania Liquidation Auctions, Spartanburg South Carolina Liquidation Auctions.


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