top 80 vs atom 80
All Impuls Paramotors include a Carbon Fiber E-Props Scimitar 125cm propeller!

I almost bought the Thor 80 but it's liquid cooled. As soon as we have more units built, we will update our site with the new black units. Although it is not a concern in the foreseeable future, I would also like to tandem fly my kids whenever I have been flying for a few years. Ultralight flight and the enjoyment of being airborne is now more of a reality than ever before! Learn about the Dark Evolution, read more about the Vittorazi Moster Plus 185 below, then get ready to experience this awesome new Paramotor!

Coupled with this new frame and harness are some of the most trusted motors used for Paramotoring: These two light and powerful engines are amazing innovations in the world of Paramotors. I chose the Atom 80 for the following reasons: The Atom 80 is MUCH quieter than the Moster 185.

Both of these engines feature a clutch and pull start, and are among the lightest paramotors available today at only 48 lbs! I can see this one going both ways, but I see myself as someone that will have more trouble with more power rather than with less.

I'll add that not only is the Atom engine itself lighter, but your fuel load will also be less for the same mission.

– Treatment of all screws with anti-corrosion system. I have 260-ish hours on my Top 80, and at 150 lbs my next engine will be an Atom 80. It can encompass anything of interest to the PPG community, including paramotors, paragliding, wings, gear, ultralight flying, hang gliding, PPC (powered parachute), etc. Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus Electric Start – MY19, Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus Dual Start MY20. Click on the photos for larger pictures of these new Paramotors. If your launching from higher altitudes, the 185 may be the way to go.

flight with the 202 the fuel load would be 21 lbs. This is a new generation of super light and powerful Scimitar shaped propellers, designed for maximum thrust with a minimum of weight.

The cage assembles and comes apart quickly for easy transport. Has anyone seen someone mount a crude throttle stop under the trigger on a more powerful engine 'til they were more skilled at managing the power?

We used the highest quality components for its production: original Cordura, all metal elements come from AustriAlpin. What altitudes will you be launching and landing from?

You will not believe how quickly this new propeller spins up to full power!! You, or anyone with the link, can use it to retrieve your Cart at any time. Thanks guys! How do you like your Mojo?

My 18m Hadron XX climbs better and requires less power speed-for-speed compared to my 24m Roadster 2.

If I wanted to go fly Moab, launching around 4-5000ft, in dry air, Id want a larger motor for sure with the same wing set up.

Thanks for the info and great pointers!

Even if the $300 cost difference was in the other direction, I'd go for the Atom over the Moster for its weight, efficiency, and low noise. I do a little acro, but not much. Do you notice a dramatic difference in take-off angle/climb rate, power, ability, between the two engines?

The harness is their own proprietary harness, comfortable and easy to become seated once airborne and vertical for landing. The thrust is soft, linear and well managed up to 55 kg with a 130 cm propeller (52 kg with 122 cm propeller). Just to add - if your wing allows you to maintain altitude while trimmed out and not going full throttle - the engine has sufficient power.

I have 260-ish hours on my Top 80, and at 150 lbs my next engine will be an Atom 80. Well done, Dual Electric & Pull Start, Electric Start Only.

The quality of the product and the service continue to be at the highest levels, as in the Vittorazi style and philosophy, thanks to its cutting-edge technology and engineering. Then send it to yourself, or a friend, with a link to retrieve it at any time. Empty cart.

However, I assume this would only happen maybe 1x per year.

I too am one who appreciates the minimalism of it. There I said it!

Greater precision in mechanical processing, with the advantage of precise and always guaranteed coupling; Added oil drain plug on a magnetic base in the reduction drive; Added inspection hole of the reduction drive oil level. I'd think a heavier pilot or less effecient wing would make the smaller motor wear out sooner. I can fly for 3hrs on a tank. – New Walbro WB series Carburetor, stability in all weather conditions, with the possibility of adjusting the H jet to compensate for the lower atmospheric temperatures The clutch is centrifugal and adjustable.

So, is an 80 something that you “grow out of” over the years?

– New design optimized with fusion technology to improve the engine crankcase and the reduction drive: – Reinforced silencer plate, thickness increase (+1.0 mm) and geometry change;

Available for Low Hook-In point. Universal, reliable, all the quirks have been worked out by now, has plenty of power for anykind of flying. All in all, really depends on what you're looking for.

To me, the Nitro 200 felt like, "ALRIGHT AIR GET OUTTA THE WAY I'M COMIN' THROUGH!" Newb here training and researching equipment. Thanks for the outstanding reply! However, I suppose I would “need” a new rig around that time anyways ;).

Learning to modulate power is much less intimidating with the Atom 80 than it was with the Nitro 200. We have limited supply of this new paramotor. Feel you will out grow it quickly? I find a certain beauty in the minimalism of a less powerful setup.

Id rather have a lighter set up, and longer flight time for cross country flights. All my launch and landings spots are all below 1000ft generally, with high relative humidity. In stock and shipped quickly. It is just odd that someone would choose an 80 over a 185 when they are only about $300 difference. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Top 80 and Atom 80. Also, I think a lot of people focus on the paramotor instead of the wing.

Its good to consider attitude density etc when choosing a motor as well.

This is due to its simplicity of use, which arises from careful research that has allowed us to create an excellent engineering product of the highest quality, but usable by everyone. 2.7 liters an hour vs. 4.0. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. You cant go wrong with that engine. Weight: 3.5 kg. The cooling of the heating unit is guaranteed by the fan positioned on the axis of the crankshaft and by the conveyor directed to the head-cylinder unit.

I'm a very new pilot, less than 3 hours, who trained on a Nitro 200 but bought an Atom 80. (805) 966-5900 The ability to use a smaller, lighter and more reliable engine has been made possible with the more efficient Power Gliders available today. The support behind the knees is immediately noticeable and it is adjustable for comfort. We recommend this combination for any kind of PPG except for slalom.

And...the quieter motor feels less invasive to me.

My only concern for altitude would be if I wanted to fly up in the mountains where my folks live, around 6,000ft, or travel to neat places to fly.

Speaking of climb rate, do you feel it is ever worrisome to have too slow of a climb rate?


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