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In early 1960s, market research showed that the interest in heavy motorcycles was decreasing all over Europe, and Tomos adapted its range of motorcycles and focused exclusively on the production of two-stroke 50 cm3 motorcycles. [10], Locally made vehicles included the Ami 8, 2CV6, GS, and Citroën Dyane (called the Diana). 2001 Tomos moped Targa A35 oem original front wheel rim tire NICE mag 16" $88.00. In the 1970s, several new models of Colibris were sent to the markets. No.

[7] The Yugoslav automobile market was closed, so this joint venture with a local firm allowed Citroën to access the market.


$44.00. Watch; 2001 Tomos moped Targa A35 oem original rearview mirror handlebar rear view.

This new engine featured lighter weight rotating parts as well as better power output.

Tomos was the last remaining moped factory in the Netherlands, surviving at least 36 others since 1966. [10], In 1981, Cimos began to produce a specific model, the Dak, an enclosed cargo utility vehicle, very similar to the fourgonette. Tell us about your vehicle to find the right parts faster, Leave feedback about your eBay search experience - opens in new window or tab.

The basis was an unstretched Diana chassis, unlike the French Acadiane which was based on the longer chassis of the 2CV AK400. The Netherlands emerged as an important market in 1960. Something went wrong. 1 Reviews Apopka, Florida 32703 View Map. Pre-Owned. 2001 Tomos moped Targa A35 oem right side cover panel body plastic original. Tomos had since produced various goods for the Eastern European market, including motorcycles, mopeds, outboard motors and Citroën cars for the home … [4], After World War II, the Yugoslavian government sought to develop new industries.

Beginning in 1959, Tomos began producing Citroën automobiles under license at the Koper plant, and selling them in the Yugoslav market.

[8], In 1972 Tomos, Iskra, and Citroën formed a new company, Cimos (Citroën, Iskra, Tomos), for the manufacture and export of cars and car sub-assemblies. $44.00. [10] Citroën did not allow Cimos to export these utility vehicles, and this rift led to the French firm ceasing delivery of parts to its Yugoslav partner by 1985, dooming the joint venture.[10].

Visita eBay per trovare una vasta selezione di tomos moped. Visit, call or message Detroit Moped Works for more information. The next year, mopeds accounted for the majority (1712) of the total number of assembled units, followed by motorcycles (615) and scooters. Therefore, they produced Automatic A1 with improved single gear engine which was built into the framework structure of the previous Automatic. [8] The Yugoslavian government was short of hard currency and often used the barter system, paying Citroën with cereals and raw materials, which Citroën resold in Western Europe. The later two were eventually changed to TOMOS ST and TOMOS LX. Among the most successful Colibris was the type 12, while its version Colibri T 12, which was first presented in 1961 became the most popular moped in Slovenia. [3], Tomos went bankrupt on January 3rd, 2019. Black on black details for a sleek appearance. *Currently Unavailable* Visit Second Stroke Mopeds for direct shipping information MSRP: $1,749 Detroit Moped Works has partnered with PGI Moto to offer the brand new Tomos mopeds! Buy It Now. The entire range of two-wheelers was again competing globally after the modernization in the 1980s.

Tomos returned to the US market with two new mopeds, the redesigned Sprint with classic details, and the all-new Racing TT, but went bankrupt in 2019. Sales were 2,200 Dak and 900 Geri.

These were attracted by automatics and mopeds of the type A-OS, A-ON and APN. A new engine was introduced called the A35. Featured Tomos Dealers. In order to ensure systematic and organized development, the Institute for Technical and Economic Research was established in 1962.

In the late 1950s, numerous variants of the moped Puch MS 50 were produced under the common name Colibri. With European craftsmanship being second to none, you are assured of owning the finest moped with the highest commitment to quality.

Tomos mopeds were sold in the U.S. from 1976 to 2014. At the brink of the 1970s, Tomos started preparing for the production of "automatics" of its own design, as the market was increasingly interested in such type of motorcycles and the components produced abroad were more and more expensive. The Cimos GS can be distinguished by round headlights, developed for the US market but never used there. This was the beginning of the production of new frameworks in Tomos which were visually different from the licensed Puch's motorcycle frameworks. ATV & Motorcycle Repair - Dirty Dog Outlaws. The first Colibris were marked VS 50; later marks ranged from 01 to 013.

Ultimo aggiornamento: 05-Nov 11:07. [5] Tomos mopeds were also produced in Epe, Netherlands since 1966. Gli importi mostrati in corsivo indicano oggetti messi in vendita in valute diverse da Euros e sono calcolati in base a un cambio approssimativo in Euros basato sui tassi di cambio di Bloomberg.

[6] The Netherlands remains the strongest market for Tomos today. Tomos had since produced various goods for the Eastern European market, including motorcycles, mopeds, outboard motors and Citroën cars for the home market. Tomos (Slovene: To-Tovarna, Mo-motorjev, S-Sežana, "Motorcycle Company Sežana") was a moped manufacturer based in Koper, Slovenia.Tomos acquired a production license from Puch to produce moped models under the Tomos name in 1954. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. Tutti i diritti riservati.


In this period, they also developed Colibri 15 with a stronger motor which could almost compete with motorcycles. Search Results (Found 8 Tomos Dealers) # per page. Tomos became the longest surviving moped factory in The Netherlands until production ended in 2009 due to the fact production- and labor costs are lower in Slovenia. 1976 saw the debut of Tomos in the United States of America through US distributors. Puch had economical and robust motorcycles suitable for gravel roads and steep terrain characteristic of the region, and Puch also offered favorable licensing terms and conditions, as it doubted that the factory would ever be able to operate independently.


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