shooter hoosiers drunk

I thought every day on the film was going to be my last because Gene’s agent was trying to get me fired.

Things start out badly, with several losses, and the citizens of Hickory want to get rid of Coach Dale.

It would suggest Shooter didn’t take his sobriety seriously. He was a senior on the team when he got the role and was feeling homesick, so he decided to go watch them. Even though no one had heard the group sing the anthem until cameras rolled, this scene was captured in only one take. Watch and create more animated gifs like Hoosiers/Shooter at "The producers said, 'Look, David’s not getting fired,'" the director recalled. The movie was renamed "Best Shot" in some international markets because most people outside the US wouldn't know what a Hoosier was. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The filmmakers had trouble filling Hinkle Fieldhouse with extras for the final game and needed to move people around when shooting different angles. But while they had heard and been inspired throughout their lives by the story of the tiny 1954 Milan High team that shocked everybody by winning the state championship, Pizzo discovered they were "too nice" and had "no real conflict," so instead he made the team out of five of his friends from high school, created an assistant coach from scratch, and made Dale with Bobby Knight, Indiana University's longtime—and legendarily volatile—head coach in mind. This is a movie about a tiny Indiana high school that sends a team all the way to the state basketball finals in the days when schools of all sizes played in the same tournaments and a David could slay a Goliath.

| For the scene where Dennis Hopper stumbles onto the court drunk during the sectional game, Hopper wanted a 10-second notice before the director called action. "No behind-the-back passes, no hand-checking. A Hoosier is defined as someone who was born in Indiana or lives there. Alternate Versions When he also hires the town drunk, Shooter (Dennis Hopper), as an assistant it is close to an insult to some of the locals. Milan won 32-30.

The athletes studied 1950s game film and trained and rehearsed for over two months. Jimmy scores at least 26 of Hickory's 42 points in the championship game. Watching it now is just as good as the first time you saw it.. The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

The 1954 Milan Indians coach was Marvin Wood, who ended his career coaching the St. Mary's College basketball team in South Bend, Indiana. Ranked #4 on the American Film Institute's list of the 10 greatest films in the genre "Sports" in June 2008. After spending more than a decade in the Navy, Dale gets a second chance at coaching with the Hickory High School Huskers, where he quickly discovers how important even high school basketball is to the town and to the Hoosier state. Venerable character actor Harry Dean Stanton was offered the role of Shooter, but passed. It has everything you could possibly want. Shooter’ low self-esteem is matched only by his knowledge of the game. | In the locker room before the final game, on the blackboard are the last names of the players on the opposing team.

Hackman insisted on viewing the movie before he agreed to go in to re-record some of his audio. Estimates on how many people auditioned range from 400 to 800 hopefuls. The Travel-Aires, the quartet who sings the national anthem at the state finals, never auditioned for it, because the screenplay didn't include the singing of the anthem. Stichting Nederlands Baseball and Softball Museum, National Polish-American Sports Hall of Fame, National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum, Japaneese Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. | After the film came out, Nicholson said to Anspaugh that the movie and its stars were great, but that it would have been a "megahit" if he been its star.


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