chickering anniversary grand piano
This piano looks beautiful and sounds beautiful!

Looking to get 750 cash out of it. Note that virtually all serial numbers for Chickering grand pianos should be 5- or 6-digits; those with 4-digit serial numbers are only infrequently encountered. Its pianos earned recognition as the best of their day. With square pianos, both 4- and 5-digit serial numbers are common, so care must be taken to confirm the general age before ascribing a date to your piano. Building iron frames into pianos meant they would stay in tune longer. have been precisely calibrated. In 1841 the first tragedy hit the company. Real Ivory Keys Bench included.

He also invented a new deflection of the strings, and in 1845 the first convenient method for over stringing in square pianos. Though at the time George said he had full faith in his brother’s honesty, he would later say that Frank never made good on his promise to repay. 11 watching. George was the technician. Plays beautifully, but will need tuning. It is thought that Chickering may have had a duplicate set of serial numbers for grand pianos but this collection lacks that volume. Piano is in great condition. Most notably, Jonas Chickering added a single, cast iron plate to the piano, which is now standard on all pianos today.

Henry attended the opening night of the NYC concert series but showed little interest in the diva. Just had a piano tuner come look at it to inspect it. One of the earliest American piano manufacturers, Chickering & Sons was founded by Jonas Chickering and partner James Stewart in Boston in 1823. As with any piano and brand, it is critical to consider historical accuracy during restoration. In 1891, when Frank died suddenly another accounting showed that not only had Frank not repaid the company, he had stolen upwards of $300,000 by pocketing money outright. They were stronger and could support more and tighter strings which could be played louder and would stand up to faster hammer actions. Frank was the inventor, the capable man, the partner who worked outside.”. The superstar poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow owned one and sang its praises. Mackay departed Boston for South America – one of his trips to sell pianos and procure wood. But the company would miss out on the final, big boom years for the piano business that ended with the stock market crash of 1929. Browse the Antique Piano instruments we have for sale! Depending on the year of production and condition, unrestored Chickering pianos can range in value between $500-$4,000. Shipping and handling. If I were to complete the refinishing at a cost of $2,000 - $3,000, this would be a $12,500 piano.


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