multiplicity vs synergy

With Synergy for me it was always a hit or miss if it would take the text copied from one PC to the other.

But if I was even considering a Linux box, I’d save my money and go with Synergy 2. Multiplicity enables a single keyboard and mouse to control up to nine PCs each with a dedicated display monitor.

You know I tried that but it still didn’t work exactly correct. There is a Mac client in the works too that will be free to users of Multiplicity. Synergy Pros Go to Options, check “Don’t take foreground on Windows servers”. It turns out there is an open source solution for this sort of control as well, Synergy 2. Synergy, Multiplicity, and ShareMouse are probably your best bets out of the 3 options considered. Only Synergy lets you also share monitor/mouse with your Linux, Solaris, and Mac OS computers.

A few weeks ago I mentioned how impressed I was by Multiplicity, a program that lets you seamlessly control two or more computers with a single keyboard and mouse — when you drag the mouse off the screen of one computer, you’re suddenly controlling the other computer.

A service worker auto-launches ShareMouse corresponding to the remote user credentials. Here’s what Multiplicity currently supports: Ugh. A beautiful and easy-to-use Monitor Manager allows to fine-adjust monitor positions of all connected computers. Its kinda a downer that I have to unload multiplicty before I play bioshock.

Despite being open source, Synergy charges for builds of their binaries. Similarly, Multiplicity allows the user … Awesome news on the mac client though I can finally use my Mac Mini again.

As for the Linux issue I don’t use it so it’s not a problem for me.

Quickly and securely drag and drop files of any size between PCs.

But in the end both could use additional security option for the (rightfully) paranoid among us. It’s free (ok I admit I cant think of any more pros but being free is a big one), Synergy Cons

Low latency can be ensured by directly connecting computers via crossover cable. Full-screen lock works much better in Multiplicity than in Synergy - I gave up on Synergy after a while because of game issues. Remote PCs can be located anywhere on the network. Lustre recommends the best products at their lowest prices. Multiplicity supports multi-monitor configurations. I stopped using it when it was no longer needed, but I am once again in need of a similar software. Copy and paste images and text between PCs, local and remote. There is no Linux version available for ShareMouse. other computer. I have this problem in Synergy where sometimes when switching between screens keys on the computer I switched from get stuck down. Clipboard sharing does not support text formatting or bitmaps. The setup is incredibly simple and with just a few mouse clicks I was off and running.

:). Forget alt-tabbing to see the dungeon map in WoW - just keep the map open on a second PC/laptop. This page is powered by a knowledgeable community that helps you make an informed decision. The cost of Multiplicity can really start to add up if you want to control 5 or 6 machines. In installed Synergy 2 on my computers at home and gave it a whirl, and the bottom line is that both programs are impressive but neither quite gets it right with the features that this sort of program needs. With Synergy if I was running a game on the second box I would have to use a second mouse to control it because for some reason Synergy didn’t like direct x applications. No Drag & Drop of files. The other thing that I am incredibly happy with is the fact that Multiplicity works amazing in games. It’s missing the other key point too! This enables staff in different locations to access a PC when collaborating on a task or problem resolution. Synergy can be used for file transfer using intuitive drag and drop interface. I had it up and running on my two machines in less than 5 minutes after I downloaded the software. At the moment, Synergy 2 is not something casual computer users would find easy to install. Its kinda weird though because if I am playing Half life 2 or Counter-strike it keeps the mouse locked to the main screen.

Synergy has a greater ability to set your own keyboard shortcuts and more options to set the position of the monitors and how the mouse travels to them which is really good if you have a couple different sized monitors or ones not side by side. Cut and paste of text does not always work correctly, Multiplicity Pros The autodetection can be buggy.). Multiplicity supports simultaneous operation in both seamless and remote mode. Oh well perhaps it will get patched. In Remote mode Multiplicity can connect to a headless virtual machine (VM) and in Seamless mode connect to other PCs with monitors hosting VMs. Lustre recommends the best products at their lowest prices – right on Amazon.

The window that contains the remote PC display can be resized and moved between monitors attached to the controlling PC. The cursor escaping? Especially since the shared keyboard data may contain passwords, and the application can "control your computer" (as the MacOS X permissions dialog puts it) it is important to ensure that the connection between computers is secured so that even if you are using it on an open WiFi hotspot, others cannot see the data being sent, nor can they inject data into the connection. ShareMouse automatically senses the display positions and requires no manual setup in most setups. This optional dimming feature includes an arrow trail, making it easy to locate the mouse pointer in large multi-display setups. That’s missing one of the two key points of Synergy that make it what it is. if moving against the right border of the most-right display, the pointer jumps to the most-left monitor. Synergy has a greater ability to set your own keyboard shortcuts and more options to set the position of the monitors and how the mouse travels to them which is really good if you have a couple different sized monitors or ones not side by side. It's possible to use computer's keyboard and mouse with a jailbroken tablet or phone. I used to use Stardock's Multiplicity (now available by Edgerunner) for years (Win XP era) and it worked extremely well in a small network environment with trusted users and controlled access. I really do love the fact Multiplicity can copy files from one machine to the next. So far I am very happy with the program and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who gets frustrated with Synergy. (Screen locking means I click scroll lock then I won’t go over the other computer.

You can use any(!) It runs on a variety of Windows flavours, but it doesn't support anything but Windows.

lol) With multiplicity, when you mouse over to an alt machine, your keys stop replicating to the alternate machine that has focus. The new version I downloaded today resolved some flakiness with copy and pasting images between workstations. If it performs as well as the XP version, I’ll probably buy it and install it on machines even given the high price. Input Director is another interesting software solution I’ve been using for the past couple of years. Multiplicity may be used to control PCs not on your local network if a VPN connection is available. Both Multiplicity and Synergy 2 are missing a fundamental component of network security — neither program encrypts the TCP/IP traffic back and forth between the host machine and the machines being controlled. ShareMouse allows to share the clipboard between computes. The other thing that I am highly impressed with that Multiplicity does an awesome job with is file copying from one PC to the other. Very easy install

This is another area where the $40-$70 Multiplicity cannot come close to what Synergy 2 offers. Although I am having a weird issue with Multiplicity and some FPS games such as bioshock and Red Orchestra where when you are playing the game the mouse will still travel to the second screen.

If you're running a Linux box or a Mac, then Multiplicity is not for you. I’m guessing that pc never recieves a key_up signal.

It allows machines to be password protected, whereas Synergy 2 will simply allow you to connect to machines it finds running the software on the network. Personally, I’m waiting for the OS X client for Multiplicity to come out. I forgot to add that Input Director is available at, for anyone interested. BUG: (feature? Looking at the features of Multiplicity it does almost everything that Synergy does except you have to pay for it. And there are further restrictions for the host machine which cannot run, for example, on the 64-bit version of XP, though a secondary machine can. You’d need to press Scroll Lock for that so the cursor is locked to the current computer. I would agree but for the small fact that Multiplicity only links Windows OS computers. Required to remote log onto Windows user session. Its ok though I am digging Multiplicity for now. Tell us what you’re passionate about to get your personalized feed and help others. Everything else I agree with though. Very small footprint (1.5 megs on my PC atm). The problem is mainly in WoW where when I switch to the second screen and attempt to make my char move it just spins the screen.

Files can be moved from any Mac/PC to any Mac/PC. Well I thought so too, until today when I became so fed up with trying to get synergy to work and tired of all its oddities I decided to give Multiplicity a try. Spare mouse very useful to reactivate. "Low latency" is the primary reason people pick Synergy over the competition. PCs requesting a remote connection can be required to enter a session code generated by the remote PC. Stardock does have a coupon going until the 31st of august which brings the price of Multiplicity pro down to 37.99. In synergy the mouse would stay locked to the game screen untill I pressed escape and went to a menu then it would unlock and allow me to move to the second screen. Missing one key point? It allows machines to be password protected, whereas Synergy 2 will simply allow you to connect to machines it finds running the software on the network. However, Multiplicity currently has a better security setup. No text formatting. Otherwise works very well. The #1 defining feature of Synergy is its frustratingly spotty Windows OS cut-and-paste functionality. Each PC can have its own unique password. E.g. Multiplicity does everything Synergy does except it really does it better. Slant is powered by a community that helps you make informed decisions. Works great in games Multiplicity's user configuration options can be set by administrators and locked down. Both programs do a very good job of letting you control more than one computer; the main difference between the two comes down to configuration, platform, security issues and costs. The mouse pointer can optional wrap around large monitor setups.


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