merle pug stud

You can find out what this can do to a litter of newborn pups by just googling it.
loves to be in the same room as others. Our puppies get so much interaction from my Wife and I, and our 2 boys. And while such dogs can make wonderful companions, those with normal hearing and vision do have an easier time in life. our Pug breed buying advice page first, or try All merle dogs have the genotype Mm — meaning they have one allele for merle and one allele for non-merle. Lovely big rope with lots of wrinkles, flat face that does not affect his breathing.

EDP registered, PINK PUG CARRYING TAN - best looking pink stud out there.

If you breed one of these “cryptic” merles erroneously assuming he’s mm you could produce double merles. Do not forget about them once the check clears!
The problem with such selective breeding is that although there are some breeds where the merle occurs naturally, such as in the Cardigan Corgi and the Shetland Sheepdog, in pugs, the merle is not a natural occurrence, according to The Kennel Club of the UK.

This is why it’s essential to know a dog’s parents before jumping to conclusions! Merles are popular, so it seems logical to breed two merles together to get more. Excited to meet his forever parents.

Well, I have to recommend a show breeder. My beautiful Merle Pug has just had a litter of 9 puppies born on 13th September. Available 2/3/2020. The Pug Standard applies to both males and females, but the attributes for a stud dog are much more stringent that for a female Pug, among those of us wanting to improve the breed. Instead, they’re mostly white with merle patches. I'm passionate about pugs and love sharing everything I learn about them. Total income = $0. Merle Pugs can be distinguished by their appearance; they have distinct ‘Merle’ patterning which consists of patches of lighter colour in the coat. Such behaviors are not usually something the average pet owner wants to deal with, and who can blame them?So, where do you find a quality stud dog? Not sure? Think carefully and make informed decisions you're willing to live with. Also produces large litters of 8 Bucks is 2 years old and looking for a female, this will be his first time. Welcome to – a worldwide site. One of the other coat patterns he’s studied is the piebald gene, which can create mostly white dogs like Dalmatians. If you own both a male and a female, some of these problems are overcome, but your boy might need some help figuring out exactly what to do to get the job done.

If ovulation is not known, the breeding is done based upon the best guess of the person handling the breeding, and the timing of the experienced stud dog. It's a lot of work, financially draining, and there's the life-long responsibility of bringing those innocent beings into the world. I'm looking to stud my gorgeous male pug his name is gizmo hes fawn 2 months old and needs a girlfriend i have papers hes up to date with all vaccination hes KC registered, Small pink male for stud duties not for sale self ties. Pure black full pedigree, Want to stud my dog he is a 3/4 pug 1/4 french bulldog he is very friendly he is a great family pet Good with….

Total income = $0        (A loss of $1,800 (all 3 sold as pets). He gets on well with puppies and children. We can't do that if we don't understand the shortcomings of our dogs, particularly the males we use for breeding. Tank’s Father is a fawn fully health tested standard colour fawn bred KC Pug His results -

)~ Re-breeding for no additional money, if the girl doesn't get pregnant. How do you know for sure? Remember, learn as much as possible FIRST! If you’re like me, and have a habit of binging on cute pug photos on the internet, chances are you have stumbled across Merle pugs. You can see it adds up quickly. ), Girl B bred to Boy C - Two live pups. What to Do Next. (This includes repeating all the above steps.

You should know that the best reproduction vets (vets that specialize in canine reproduction) will tell you there are some breeding fundamentals, similar to human reproduction, you should follow to ensure the health of your puppies. Yikes! Don't forget you have to hire a competent person to care for them when you have to go to work. Black and Tan carrying blue male pug for stud, Cute 4 yr Pug - 3/4 Charles Cavalier for mate. Good temperament Full of energy and love, he's the perfect mate!

I am looking to breed him. Spend time getting to know your buyers, establish a relationship of caring, let them know if they ever need to find a new home for their pup, you're willing to assist them. These abilities are all very important to the pups, and to you, the owner, because if you want happy, healthy babies, who are not going to have social issues with other dogs, the puppies will need help. But, we are the source of good information, and we also know we cannot supply all the Pug puppies sold as pets. First, most Pug moms are totally clueless when it comes to labor, delivery & newborn care. We can came to you house or garden. We seriously advise pet owners to spay & neuter their dogs, and to consider doing volunteer work for their local Pug Rescue as an alternative to breeding!. First time stud. As of yet, the way in which the merle gene affects this is unknown. Total direct cost of litter = $1,200. These tests are going to cost you, but better now than after you have a litter of puppies with a severe debilitating health problem that will require you to make a decision about expensive surgeries, or euthanasia. Not everyone wants a male dog that will develop an interest in "humping" as a house pet, so although a male hasn't been neutered, and even if the owners are flattered, they may not want their boy learning about S-E-X. Breeding can be a rewarding experience. If I added in an amount for my time involved the cost would skyrocket! WindWalker Pugs does not claim to be able to advise anyone whether or not to breed their Pug. Ronnie is a light fawn pedigree pug with a black mask and a pink nose in the shape of a heart, he…, Black pug do not have papers due to not sending off when he was a puppy.

He is ... Todd and his family love on a BEAUTIFUL farm. a Pug. You might agree today, but tomorrow, one of you may remember the agreement in a different way. , WindWalker's Calypso Cruise, aka: "CALLIE". Double-merle dogs often have an additional problem, microphthalmia, in which the eyes are abnormally small (sometimes barely there) and often nonfunctional. (papers available to view) There are health issues associated with the breeding of pugs with the Merle gene. Please read Find Male Pugs for Sale on Oodle Classifieds. So far I've talked about the responsibilities of female Pug owners in the breeding process. Is he healthy? Rare in pugs.

Get tips and exclusive deals. Gilmore is a proven health tested boy. A contract won't prevent all problems, but they are a basis for a working agreement.

He’s yet to be proven so this is why I’m putting him up for free for the firs, Our stunning boy Elvis ‘the Pelvis’ is available for Stud duties ), Girl C bred to Boy AA - Six live pups. Dog Digestive System Basics — How Long Does it Take for a Dog to Digest Food? Are you sure you want to permanently delete this listing ? Once you find a male you like, ask the owners some basic questions to find out if they're willing to let their male breed. Meet Charlie the gorgeous stud, he has all his papers he is brilliant with children, michevious loving. He is in fantastic shape and very healthy. So, you think you want to breed your female Pug and perhaps make a few extra dollars for that vacation you'd like to afford. £200 for two meetings. We offer pug stud service, you can choose any of our two handsome boys Mike and Milo they are both proven, with pcci.

Remember, learn as much as possible FIRST! If you're going to be a breeder, consider being involved with Pug rescue in your community. A good canine mother is one that can whelp and care for her pups, wean them at the appropriate time, and teach them proper canine behaviors so they will know their place in the "pack" or the social structure of canines. You may have seen videos online, or maybe even witnessed this strange phenomenon first hand. It does not appear be through an association with the gene known as MITF (microphthalmia transcription factor), however. 48 hours afterwards. PUTNAM PATELLA S, © Copyright - (2005 - 2020) - Pet Media Ltd, Stunning Kc Reg Pug Stud Choc/tan Carrier, Full Kc Registered Male Pug Available For Stud, Quality Proven Pedigree Kc Black Pug Stud. Hard to find Puppies $1500.00 Stud Fee $200.00 Boarding and Breeding Fee Contact for Blue Blues first litter Born 1/11/2020. What Pug/dog  genes and/or characteristics will he contribute to your girl's genes to make their puppies? This website uses cookies. © 2019 Belvoir Media Group. All rights reserved. Don't have a clue, so a vet must "collect" the semen (yes, that does mean what you think it means), and  then do an artificial insemination to impregnate your girl. That said, we need to talk about your girl.


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