low voter turnout essay
This 46.4% of people do not believe their votes count. In America voting is voluntary not compulsory. A life long American citizen, my father, shared his views with me. Effects of Advertising on Voter turnout This leads people to make uninformed decisions during elections. There is not a problem with low voter turnout because that would signify that educated people voted. George Washington warned about the threat political parties posed to democracy. For the 2014 midterm election it was 36.4 percent2; voter turnout was the lowest it's been in any election cycle since World War II.... Government, is low voter turnout. There have been many studies that can show empirical evidence as to what effects voter participation and how it is affected. ...Table of Contents RESEARCH OBJECTIVES 2 RESEARCH QUESTION 2 LITERATURE REVIEW 2 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 5 FACILITIES AND RESOURCES 6 BUDGETING AND COSTING 7

Education plays a major role in voter turnout. Final tallies find more than 3 million ads of all kinds during this election with a price tag of over 2 billion dollars. Since the United States of America established itself as its own self-governing country, one of the things that caused it to be salient and stand out from other countries is its relentless insistence on functioning as a democracy. In a pluralist country such as America, there are numerous opinions over what society's goals should be, and the best method of achieving them. Learn More. At times, people are too busy with their daily routines to follow each candidate. In order for changes to be made and the largest amount of voices to be heard, people must feel like their vote counts, and that a direct result to their vote is a response from the government. In Hunk 15: Political Participation, or Who Votes, apathy is a professional explanation for low turnout in the US. He also continues to write that most challenges of the democracy are the level of literacy a country enjoys. The established registration process is one of the main causes of low voter turnout in the United States. Accounting has always been a self regulated profession.

Article II of the constitution sets up the electoral college and states the, Most Americans believe that their votes do not count, that they simply do not matter to the government. If the parents feel voting is useless you can be sure that as long as the child isn't greatly educated, he will follow his parents beliefs.

Also you should remember, that this work was alredy submitted once by a student who originally wrote it. The citizens that are considered lower class are usually ignored in the United States elections, because candidates focus their stances on issues to those who are likely to vote. Why is voter turnout low in Texas? According to the United States Election Project from George Mason University, there are a series of states that have significantly higher eligible voter turnout, The United States runs on democracy. Unfortunately this is not reflected in the trend manifested in their elections since J.F Kennedy was ascended to power (Cooper 88). This understanding comes with the understanding of the election process. ... Congress has already set programs into effect in order to improve voter turnout.


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