l4d2 radial menu
"vocalize CrashCourseR12" = "Steam" "vocalize DLC1_C6M2_SafeRoomConvo06a" = "Memories" "vocalize _C2M1_Fall04" = "Funny" "vocalize PlayerIncapacitated" = "I'm down" "vocalize ConceptBlock654" = "Yeah" "text" "Swear" "vocalize InfoReminfo_trailerboatruck" = "H-o-r-s-e-s-h-i-t" "vocalize airport04_08b" = "Infection" "vocalize IntroCrashR31" = "Scenery" "vocalize WeddingWitchDead01""Scary Nick" "vocalize InfoReminfo_trailerboat" = "Trailer" "vocalize C1M3AlarmOffa" = "Annoying" "vocalize iMT_PlayerDeathScream" = "Fall scream" } I'm telling you for the last goddamn time, lower the goddamn bridge, you greasy vest-wearing monkey" is what code? "vocalize ConceptBlock025" = "Open" "vocalize C1M3SafeRoom2" = "Pray" "command" "vocalize PlayerLedgeHangStart" Y veran que el radial esta compuesto por los puntos cardinales, es decir, como en norte, sur, este, oeste y centro. "vocalize Farm05_Path09C" = "Military" "vocalize ConceptBlock037" = "D-i-c-k" "vocalize _c4m1Intro23" = "Gun bag"

@Levi - Mas bien empezar desde el principio. "vocalize C6M1Intro_22g" = "Good luck" "vocalize c6m3_outroL4D101a" = "Us three" You need to sign in or create an account to do that.

"vocalize ConceptBlock635" = "Handsome" Read CHANGELOG to see the link in MEGA and MediaF... (READ THE CHANGELOG) "vocalize WorldC3M1FerryCrossingk3" = "Gross"

In an abandoned city, four survivors will make their wa... 2.1 released, hopefully there's no more broken or missing models.

"vocalize _C2M2_Steak01" = "Deep fry" "vocalize iMT_PlayerAlsoWarnCharger" = "Charger" "vocalize C6M1Intro_10d" = "Being nice"

"vocalize WorldC3M1FerryCrossingG01" = "Valley" "vocalize IntroCrashR09" = "Agreement" "vocalize C6M1Intro_20d" = "Vampires" Left 4 Dead is a singleplayer and multiplayer cooperative survival horror FPS game. "vocalize ConceptBlock032" = "Open" "vocalize DLC1_C6M3_SafeRoomConvo06a" = "Crush" "vocalize C7M3_saferoom004" = "Firewall" "vocalize C7M3_saferoom016c" = "Mental" "vocalize DLC1_C6M2_SafeRoomConvo16f" = "OK Coach" "vocalize ConceptBlock009" = "Open" "vocalize InfoRemc7m1_pretank02" = "Me?" Asi que empezemos. 2: You can create as many menus as you like! Now for l4d1! }. @Levi - Lo unico que tenias que tener de parte de Ion era dentro de la carpeta scripts, la carpeta talker y el archivo kb_act.ist. { "vocalize C7M2_saferoom05b" = "Because" Copyright © 2021 GameMaps.com ; All rights reserved. "vocalize WorldC6M2_InSewer101a""Sewage" "vocalize PlayerLostCall" = "Alone" "vocalize PlayerYouAreWelcome" = "You're welcome" "vocalize c6m3_outroL4D102a" = "Normal people"

"vocalize C7M1_saferoom24" = "Cardio" "vocalize elevator_conversation" = "Conversation" "vocalize C5M3Jets2" = "Cmon"

"vocalize WorldC6M2_OnTourWalk103a" = "Shut up" "vocalize C1M3SafeRoom2a" = "Men's store" addonversion "1" "vocalize SmallTown02_path01b" = "Story" "vocalize DLC1_C6M2_SafeRoomConvo07a""Crazy" "South" "vocalize WorldC6M2_InSewer201a" = "Don't dare" Please see the. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=698857882. "vocalize DLC1_C6M2_SafeRoomConvo03b" = "Rant" "vocalize WorldC6M1_WeddingWarn03a" = "Shut up" } "vocalize WorldC502Horse3" = "Horses" }. "vocalize C7M1_saferoom21b" = "Plank" "command" "vocalize PlayerHurrah" "vocalize CrashFinaleGeneratorUnPressSpeak" = "S-h-i-t" "vocalize c2m3SeeChopper" = "Chopper" "vocalize hospital04_path02a" = "Stairs" "vocalize C5M5_saferoom005" = "New life" "vocalize ConceptBlock647" = "Game over" "text" "I'm dying" "vocalize C6M1Intro_15e" = "Lighten up" "vocalize ConceptBlock632" = "Obedient" Open this folder and create new text file named addoninfo with text like:

"vocalize C1M1_ElevatorHello01_03CM6" = "Was it Ellis?" "vocalize WorldC6M2_OnTourWalk101a" = "S-h-i-t-h-o-l-e" "vocalize C7M1_saferoom13" = "Tears" "vocalize c4m1_InBurgerTank01" = "Burger" { "vocalize ConceptBlock640" = "Affirmative" How do you bind?? "vocalize DLC1_C6M2_SafeRoomConvo08a" = "Tease"

"vocalize C7M1_saferoom22" = "Good" "vocalize _C4M5_BoatComing01" = "Virgil" "vocalize IntroCrashWalkingB" = "Feeling" "vocalize _C2M2_SeeSafehouse01" = "Tunnel of love" "vocalize C6M1Intro_05d" = "Ma'am" "vocalize C2M1Falling" = "Whoa", "vocalize ReviveFriendDownFinal" = "Good" The company is based on the American TV series (Prison Break)"Escape". "vocalize WorldC3M1FerryCrossingE02" = "Farmers" FEATURES "vocalize WorldC3M1FerryCrossingD01" = "Kill us"

El archivo radial menu lo sacabas en otro archivo vpk que era pak01_dir y de ahi empezas a modificar los comandos vocalizador a tu manera. "vocalize C1M2SafeRoomd2" = "Agree" "vocalize _C2M2_Kiddie02" = "Kiddie Land" "vocalize ConceptBlock558" = "Old man" "vocalize TakeShotgunGroovyZoey" = "Groovy" "text" "Help" "vocalize ConceptBlock652" = "Whistle" "vocalize C2M5_Button2Yell" = "Song" "vocalize C5M3OnBridge" = "Bridge" "vocalize C5M2_signcontagious01" = "Sure" "vocalize airport04_08b" = "Joking" "vocalize C6M1Intro_01c" = "Cmon" Bueno eso hacido todo, espero les resulte bien esto de tener sus vocalizes/dialogos favoritos. "vocalize C6M1Intro_23a" = "Umm" "vocalize _c4m2_Witchville05" = "Cryin'" "vocalize ConceptBlock712" = "Don't hate" "vocalize C2M5_Button2Yell" = "Song"

"vocalize C2M5_PlanWorked" = "Saved" "command" "vocalize PlayerYes"

"AddonInfo" "vocalize _C2M2_Slide01" = "No rush" "vocalize CrashCourseR09" = "Die" "vocalize PlayerAnswerLostCall" = "Swear"

"vocalize iMT_PlayerHeardCharger" = "Hear Charger". "vocalize UseAdrenaline" = "Adrenaline" "vocalize WorldC6M2_OnTourWalk101a" = "S-h-i-t-h-o-l-e" "vocalize PlayerWaitHere" = "Wait" Y empezas desde 0 hasta que sepas. "vocalize PlayerAlsoWarnSmoker" = "Smoker" "vocalize InfoReminfo_powerboat4a" = "Quiet" There is only one! "vocalize ConceptBlock608" = "Tease" "vocalize ConceptBlock653" = "Humming" "vocalize elevator_conversation" = "Conversation" The storyline offer new setting of Borden city, struggling to survive in an e... TRS's last Left4Dead campaign that was never finished, now completed to a mor... A L4D2 conversion of my HL2 mod Resident Evil 2: Source { Como transformar el radial menu en un archivo vpk. "vocalize PlayerReviveFriend" = "Revive" "vocalize CrashYerKidding" = "Kidding" "vocalize C1M4SafeRoom2a4" = "A-s-s-h-o-l-e" "Center" "vocalize DLC1_C6M3_SafeRoomConvo05d" = "Handsome" Y el texto para añadirle como para identificar mejor cuando usamos el radial menu. "text" "Thanks"

"vocalize ConceptBlock515" = "Hello" "vocalize PlayerLaugh" = "Laugh" "vocalize C1M2SafeRooma2" = "Not bad" "vocalize IntroCrashR09" = "Seconded" "vocalize WorldSignWhereIsCEDA2" = "CEDA"

"vocalize C5M5_Button2205" = "Machines" "vocalize DLC1_C6M2_SafeRoomConvo14e" = "Hey Nick" "vocalize C2M1Intro_408" = "Good"

"vocalize DLC1_C6M3_SafeRoomConvo07c" = "Gravy" "vocalize WorldSignC5AlarmWillSound3d" = "Get it" "text" "Sorry" "vocalize DLC1_C6M3_SafeRoomConvo02d" = "Scumbag" "vocalize _C2M2_Peanut01" = "Lil Peanut" "vocalize airport04_08a" = "I said"

Custom radial menu l4d2 Left 4 Dead 2 ★ Download. "vocalize C6M1Intro_13f" = "Ashamed" "vocalize DLC1_C6M2_SafeRoomConvo04a" = "Creepy"

"vocalize DLC1_C6M2_SafeRoomConvo07a" = "Better chance" "vocalize CrashFinaleGeneratorUnPressSpeak" = "Damn" "vocalize WorldC6M2_InSewer202a" = "Ugh" "vocalize WeddingWitchDead03" = "Nice Coach" This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. } "vocalize _C2M1_Fall01" = "Too old" "vocalize iMT_PlayerAlsoWarnJockey" = "Jockey"

"vocalize C2M3SafeIntro011" = "Experienced" ! "vocalize C6M1Intro_18d" = "Other side" Quiero darles las gracias a ion por haber usado su mod vpk y ver todos los vocalizes como para que yo pueda resumir todos ellos y que ustedes tengan los que mas les gusta y puedan modificarlos ustedes mismos a su estilo. "vocalize DLC1_C6M2_SafeRoomConvo14f" = "Yeah no" Make sure cookies for this site are not blocked by your browser or a firewall.

Login Register. "vocalize C5M3Bodies01" = "So right" addonDescription "Description of the mod" <----- La descripcion del mod que quieran ponerle. "vocalize PlayerSpotOtherWeapon" = "Weapons" "vocalize PlayerFriendlyFire" = "Stop it" "vocalize iMT_PlayerHeardHunter" = "Hear Hunter" "vocalize PlayerMoveOn" = "Let's go" "vocalize C2M3SafeIntro002" = "Relaxing" "vocalize C7M1_saferoom02" = "Leave" "vocalize C7M2_saferoom02d" = "Bill-san" Bueno que va con esto, les mostrare de como añadir comandos vocalize favoritos en su radial menu tales como screams, tank, pills, etc. "vocalize C2M3SafeIntro006" = "Make out" "vocalize Farm01_path03a" = "Trailer" --------------------------------------------------------------

"vocalize C6M1Intro_16a" = "Big ape" "vocalize PlayerAlertGiveItem" = "Take"

"vocalize C7M1_saferoom23" = "Leave them" "vocalize C2M3SafeIntro009" = "World" "vocalize ConceptBlock663" = "Whoa-ho-ho" "vocalize ConceptBlock517" = "Hello"

"vocalize CrashCourseR06" = "Canada" "vocalize PlayerWatchOutBehind" = "Behind", "vocalize PlayerDeath" = "Scream" "vocalize airport04_vana" = "Hate vans" "vocalize C2M4PenSmell001" = "Smell" "vocalize iMT_PlayerWitchChasing" = "Chasing" El autor que creo eso puso para varios letras para varios radiales. "command" "vocalize PlayerHelp" "vocalize _c4m2_waterpool02" = "Flood" "vocalize C7M3_saferoom003a" = "How old" "vocalize C6M1Intro_05c" = "Stranger" Freed from Valve's arc... TRS's last Left4Dead campaign that was never finished, now completed to a mor... See External Link for source VMF files. "vocalize iMT_PlayerBreathing" = "Breathing" So it sure works. "vocalize CrashFinaleGenerator2Speak" = "Generator" "vocalize C6M1Intro_06d" = "Date" In Death Aboard you start out in a prison and work your way out to the neares... (INCOMPLETE, THERE'S PLACEHOLDER TEXTURES BEING USED) "vocalize _C2M2_SeeSafehouse01" = "Tunnel of love" { custom radial menu to left 4 dead 2 este es una personalizacion del radio de los supervivientes para el left 4 dead 2 en el puedes hallar los gritos de muerte de todos los supervivientes, hacer que griten taaank!! "vocalize C6M1Intro_01b" = "Nope"

"vocalize TakeShotgunGroovyLouis" = "Giggle" "vocalize DLC1_C6M3_SafeRoomConvo01c" = "Crush"

"vocalize C6M1Intro_17d" = "S-h-i-t" "vocalize DLC1_C6M2_SafeRoomConvo01b" = "Hell" { "vocalize C7M1_saferoom09b" = "Whatever" Policeman tank skin from Back To School campaign. "vocalize C2M3SafeIntro013" = "Close" "vocalize iMT_BattleCry" = "Rampage" "vocalize CrashCourseR06" = "Canada" "vocalize PlayerAlsoWarnWitch" = "Witch" "vocalize C3M2SafeRoom2d" = "White suit" Le da mejores nalgas a Zoey Este mod originalmente es de l4d2 pero lo pase a ... More > Updated 01/23/20. "vocalize PlayerLedgeHangMiddle" = "Hanging"

∅, ∅ Cookies for this site are not being saved. "vocalize c1m4escape" = "Escape" "vocalize TrainUnhookedBiker" = "Train" "vocalize C7M1_saferoom04b" = "Idiots" Now the ro... Campaign based on The Lighthouse survival map. "vocalize ConceptNuttier" = "Threat" //-------------------------------------------------------------- "vocalize PlayerAlsoWarnBoomer" = "Boomer" "vocalize WorldIntroC31e3" = "Cookout" "vocalize InfoRemC3M2Bathtub3" = "Fair enough"


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