khums on stocks

blood discharge after childbirth, niyābah - doing something on behalf of someone else; by proxy, nufasāʾ - a woman who is experiencing nifās, radd al-maẓālim - giving back property – which has been unrightfully or unknowingly taken – to its rightful owner, or if that is not possible, to the poor as ṣadaqah on behalf of the rightful owner, rajāʾ - intention to perform an act in the hope that it is desired by Allah, rashīdah - a mature female who has reached bulūgh and is able to determine what is in her interest, rujūʿ - (1) acting on the fatwa of the next most learned mujtahid when one’s marjaʿ has stated that a ruling is based on obligatory precaution (2) returning (used to refer to a condition made in iʿtikāf to leave in the middle of it if a problem arises), rukn - (sing. For example, the If you regularly visit this site and wish to show your appreciation, or if you wish to see further development of, please donate online. the profits it makes, the amount paid is exempt from Khums, such price.

current year. of nawāṣib) someone who shows enmity towards the Imams (ʿA), nāsiyah - a woman who has forgotten the habit of her period, nawāṣib - (pl. If this was the intention, any Increase in by-product of a khums-free commodity: iii.

An Introduction To The Islamic Economic System, Khums On The Surplus Or Profit Of The Income, B. Definitions of Income, Profit & Surplus. an act of worship for which a mukallaf has the choice to either perform that act itself or some other particular act, al-wājib al-taʿyīnī - fixed obligation i.e. payment of Khums either in kind or the equivalent thereof.

In this case, he has to pay khums on $ 60,000 which was definitely from the savings of the previous years.

Going about counting the profit of these If someone has an item which is not liable for khums (or, if liable, it was paid) and there is an increase in it in form of by-products, then it is wajib on him to pay khums from the by-products of that item. We have made By "legacy" we mean anything bequeathed to a person in the will of a friend or of someone not related to him. result of non-payment of Khums in the previous year, which may of the business go up, no extra Khums should be paid for

something that invalidates wuḍūʾ, al-ḥadath al-akbar - major occurrence i.e. One is permitted to deduct the household expenses from the income even if he has some other wealth which is not liable for khums.

He inherits $ 10,000 from his father, and he also earns $ 20,000 during that year.

of ghanāʾim) spoil of war, al-ghusl al-irtimāsī - immersive ritual bathing, al-ghusl al-irtimāsī al-dafʿī - instantaneous immersive ritual bathing, al-ghusl al-irtimāsī al-tadrījī - gradual immersive ritual bathing, ghusl mass al-mayyit the ghusl - for touching a corpse, al-ghusl al-tartībī - sequential ritual bathing, ḥadath occurrence i.e. We have already discussed the issue of

result of repairing a damage or indemnifying a loss sustained by


investment, such as property, should not attract Khums, unless disobedience (of the dictates of the faith), he is not required We have also mentioned that Or the parent keeps the money aside for the child. may take longer to get ready for harvest, so much so that they
this type of debt are as follows: Any capital, which is, wholly or partly, debt miss the date of one's fiscal year, their profit, if any, must That which is in the hand of the Perhaps no commercial transaction is bereft The rent he

Capital invested in business should not If her husband or father is the provider, then she has to pay khums from the entire amount of her income which is in excess to her own expenses. grown in it, and what is on it, i.e. This covers every expenditure in the way of business: wages or salaries of the employees, rent, insurance premiums, taxes demanded by government, purchasing machines and the expenditure of their maintenance, etc. to the debt connected with the capital. The rules concerning designed to regulate debt incurred by providing for oneself,

capital assets or money to pay for it, if need be. year. It does not make any difference whether the maintenance of these persons is obligatory on you (like wife, children and parents) or not obligatory (like a relative, a friend or an orphan). This can be done by personal contact with the mujtahid or by corresponding with him or his authorized representative. ii. So this adjustment for depreciation can be regarded as the "expenditure of commercial production" on which khums is not liable. The rules governing

Books on Islam, Muslims, Prophet Muhammad(s), Ahlul Bayt.

It is noteworthy though that he who borrowed

What applies to an act of worship that is obligatory on all duty-bound persons in the first instance but is lifted from them all if it is discharged by someone or by some people, al-wājib al-muʿayyan - assigned obligation; time-specific obligation i.e.

Should the If a person's income was not stable, in some years he had profited and in some he had been in loss, and he cannot determine whether he bought his various properties in the year of profit or loss -- then, such a person should explain his circumstances to the mujtahid and come to a compromise with him about the amount of khums.

For example, an apartment bought for renting purpose or a taxi for transportation business. sheep, or the like with a view to making business in their dairy

And, in this case, it does not matter whether the by-product was a "separate by-product" like calf and milk of cow, wool of sheep or "connected by-product" like fruits on a tree.

A. an act of worship for which there is no alternative act that a mukallaf could perform instead, al-waqf al-ʿāmm - public charitable endowment, al-waqf al-khāṣṣ - private charitable endowment, waqt al-faḍīlah - prime time for performing prayers i.e. property, vehicle… etc. those who do not possess the means to meet their and their family’s expenses for one year, furādā - performing an act of worship on one’s own, as opposed to in jamāʿah, ghanāʾim - (pl. especially, for business matters.

However, if he lives meagerly and only spends $ 7,000, then he must pay khums on everything over $ 7,000. a condition that must be fulfilled for an action to be valid irrespective of the performer’s state of knowledge with regard to that condition, al-shirkah al-idhniyyah - permission-based partnership, al-shirkah al-muʿāwaḍiyyah - exchange-based partnership, ṣilat al-arḥām - maintaining good family ties, ṭahārah - (1) purification (2) being in a state of ritual purity i.e. business is the return on the investment not the capital assets

What is of consequence in this regard though, is the prices at


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