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Anime Deaths, Shinji Ikari, Me but not really, and 2 more.

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With her not understanding what is happening and wondering where the King is, she is taken hostage by Gon and put under Killua's watch while Gon and Neferpitou head to Peijin. Relatives

Anime The King develops feelings for her he cannot understand.

Being blind, she was always ignorant of the world around her and was unable to sense Shaiapouf's intense malice to her.

Manga Komugi agonizes over the decision. General Status Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.


Gender Episode 102 (2011) Status Um ihre Familie nicht zu belasten, entschloss sie sich außerdem, Selbstmord zu begehen, falls sie jemals ein Spiel verlieren sollte, weil sie dann nichts mehr verdienen würde und ihrer Familie somit nur noch ein Klotz am Bein wäre. However, one year after creating it, she countered it when it was used against her in a tournament, causing its disappearance from textbooks and recorded games.

She had thick brown-black eyebrows and always kept her eyes closed unless playing Gungi.

Furthermore, in order not to become a burden for her family, she resolved to commit suicide should she ever lose a game. Sie ist ein junges, blindes Mädchen mit weißen, unordentlichen Haaren, die sie zu zwei dicke Zöpfe gebunden hatte. To keep her still, he knocks Komugi out.

She opens her eyes before making the first move, causing the King to note her vibe has changed.

Ihre Art zu sprechen war informell und ungrammatisch. コムギ Sie behauptet, sie sei in der Lage Gungi für drei Tage und drei Nächte durch zu spielen, was sie später bewies. This content does not belong to me. Because of the poor man's rose bomb. [29], Komugi is excited to be able to play again, saying it's even better than in her dreams. He hands Komugi over to Palm and rushes to Gon's side.

Instead of taking off my left arm, can I just bet what I always bet?

Arc 8: Finsterer Kontinent Expedition Arc, https://hunter-x-hunter.fandom.com/de/wiki/Komugi?oldid=5546.

Sie trug einen anderen Rock, ähnlich dem alten, nur ohne Rüschen.

The King surrenders but, irritated by her vacillation, demands to know the reason.

When she chose to become a professional player, she decided to kill herself if she ever lost.

Art He suspends all betting and before she can say anything, tears off his left arm as an apology.

Zur Person

Meruem reveals he will soon die by poison and that he wanted to spend his last time with her; however, he warns her the poison is contagious.

She explains she created "Kokoriko" and ultimately rendered it obsolete, so she was sad that she had to counter it again.

Fähigkeiten After a while, he admits he has never been able to win against her. He tells her he will not take her life but will beat her countless times. [1] Their games resume while Neferpitou reattaches the King's arm. [23] Palm envelops Komugi in her hair, unwittingly preventing the King from detecting her with his En.

Manga Debut

Her proficiency, however, is limited to Gungi.[10].

Komugi apologizes for her rudeness but is made to shut up by the King as he reads the rules of the game. When he dismisses her concerns by stating she is an important guest, Komugi bursts into tears, moved. Brown (Manga) White (Anime) [15] Shaiapouf is the first to find her, but he smiles and leaves her to die. Sie ist ein junges, blindes Mädchen mit weißen, unordentlichen Haaren, die sie zu zwei dicke Zöpfe gebunden hatte.

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[8] Komugi takes her cane, unaware that Shaiapouf is on the verge of killing her. [31] She claims to be able to play Gungi for three days and three nights straight,[3] which she later proved.


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