john carlson 2020 election picks
District), talks about transportation issues, Bellevue schools retreated from their indication that in-class learning would happen. Going into her next term, Wellman plans to focus on improving broadband access and affordability, and transforming the state's education system. She's also committed to reshaping the structure of policing and investing in different models that prioritize mental and behavioral health. In this contest, KHT brings the specifics, and she’s better on tenant issues than Salisbury.

She argues that issuing such a condemnation would politicize her role and thus undermine faith in the state's electoral process, and so she'll continue to dance around Trump's nonsense and just restate Washington's experience with vote-by-mail instead.

Whitener spends most of her nonjudgemental time mentoring students of all ages and building groundbreaking programs such as The Color of Justice, a daylong networking event designed to encourage young women of color to go into the legal system. So charge them for the crimes they’ve committed and call them what they are.”, Carlson warned: “If the president does lose, that would mean that just a few months from now, Joe Biden would become the president. She's a former social worker who has been representing the 33rd Legislative District for 11 years. Kirby's guests are Kim Wyman-Washington State Secretary of State and she is running for re-election, and Dr. Roger Stark from the Washington Policy Center on health care. We guess. Ha ha. If he were governor right now how would he handle the virus pandemic and Seattle CHOP?, why the National Guard could solve Seattle's CHOP crisis, Culp believes the George Floyd killing was murder and that officers aren't trained to use any such technique on a suspect's neck, how he answers the Trump question, why gov't should serve the people not the other way around, career politicians vs. citizen politicians, $30 billion budget when Inslee started now its almost $60 billion but what has materially improved across the state?

Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, and maybe even Attorney General Bob Ferguson. 1. The rest of them are "fiscally conservative" New Democrats or Republicans. ©2020 Cascade Public Media. Scores of studies show that inclusive sex ed brings down these numbers, but, according to survey data from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), 40% of school districts in Washington don't teach sex ed at all. Though he led the crowded field with 40% of the vote share, the race's collective conservative votes outnumbered his own, which is bad news. Everything is a mess. But she's not just fighting back, she's also fighting to push progressive policy forward. (Disclosure: I have endorsed Freed for governor.). 1. What if the media had 'Dan-Quayled Obama'? Trying to "bring Republicans along" is code for watering down progressive legislation, or trading votes on progressive bills for promises from Republicans not to obstruct other bills a little less than they plan to, and we don't have time for that shit anymore. The K-3 class can only involve "socio-emotional learning," which teaches kids stuff like asking permission before hugging and identifying healthy adults in their lives. During her time on the Supreme Court, she did side with justices who overturned a $2.9 million award to nurses "who said they were pressured to work unpaid overtime and miss meal breaks," according to the Associated Press. But, like many who fled Fidel Castro’s Cuba, he is strongly anti-socialist, and is alarmed at Seattle’s slide from liberalism into what he considers a dangerous left-wing ideology. Jayapal will also continue to push Biden left on the issues. Kirby shares stories of the day including the one about the Molotov-cocktail throwing real estate agent from Portland, callers have questions and we dig a bit deeper into the story of Sara and her husband being beat up after asking their neighbors to be quiet. We're thoroughly underwhelmed by Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos's dedication to incrementalism, and by how little she's done with her 20 years of experience. This guy literally believes "Democracy is a step toward socialism, which is a step towards communism." Berry's position has been plain: NO CUTS, outside of "reducing funding to law enforcement and putting that money toward social and intervention programs." Too mustachioed, we said. One thing to always keep in mind in matters concerning the political future of first-term Rep. Kim Schrier is that she is the only woman physician in Congress. Privacy Policy | Tough one, but we're going with Justice Whitener.

We're still team Orwall. But the people of the 43rd deserve someone who will demand more. Now, this new STBD isn't going to give us as much transit service as we'd like to have because we can't boost the funds with car tab fees (because fuck Tim Eyman), and because we have to spread that money thinner. Kirby's guest is Theresa Payton-she is CEO of @FortaliceLLC and expert in Cybersecurity & Intelligence and her new book "Manipulated: Inside the Cyberwar to Hijack Elections and Distort the Truth" is available HERE. There are 17 Republican challengers on the primary ballot for Washington governor the August 4, 2020. When Governor Inslee appointed Raquel Montoya-Lewis to the bench last year, she became the first Native American ever to serve as a Washington State Supreme Court Justice. In her first term, Rep. Debra Entenman, who is only one of two Black women in the state legislature, fought to limit facial recognition technology and provide aid to low-income families. This amendment would not, however, change the charter's reference to "citizenship" when it defines who can run for office.


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