hymer rv 2020

At the time, Martin hinted that Thor was interested in tapping into Hymer's expertise in camper vans and multifunctional urban vehicles. Hymer Europe (Erwin Hymer Group SE) bought Roadtrek without doing the appropriate due diligence. And for good reason. After completing its acquisition of Erwin Hymer (sans Hymer North America) last February, Thor Industries, now the largest RV manufacturer in the world, has been busy working to integrate its American and European operations. But with one of Europe's largest RV manufacturers establishing a presence here, now there's hope it will more often be "Yes" or at least "Maybe.". Hymer USA will be based in Bristol, Indiana, with initial product availability expected in the fourth quarter of calendar year 2020. We want nothing to come between you and your passion for travelling. Our travel experts have travelled the world in various HYMER models and brought breathtaking impressions back with them. If not, please use the contact form. The triple award from the European Innovation Awards 2020 shows that we can shape the future of caravanning for you. We are passionate about what we do and continually work on ensuring our customers enjoy the trips of their lives. A true original – from the vehicle body to the intelligent electronic safety systems. HYMER B-Class MasterLine based on the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Zo zijn er twee indelingen mogelijk, één met twee enkele bedden en één met een vrijstaand bed. We’d love to show you the premium quality of our leisure vehicles in person: Try out the comfort of our beds and seats, and take a test drive – at one of our 300 HYMER service centres and dealerships around the world. "Products will benefit from the quality standards set by Erwin Hymer Group, and our new work environment will feature highly skilled team members collaborating directly with employees from EHG's European operations while incorporating the speed to market for which Thor is well-regarded.". Omdat er van de Mercedes Sprinter ook een geheel nieuwe generatie is uitgekomen, heeft Hymer ook een aantal campers vernieuwd die al op basis van dit onderstel werden gebouwd. Motorhome of the year 2020: HYMER Exsis-t And another reason why you should choose a HYMER: in the "Low profile motorhome up to € 60,000" category, the HYMER Exsis-t impressed across the board and was also voted Motorhome of the Year 2020 in this class. They aren’t the first RV company to go out of business and won’t be the last. De Tramp CL is uitsluitend in de Ambition leverbaar. When an RV manufacturer goes out of business, everyone loses. EHG is a long-standing leader in the European RV market and one of the largest RV manufacturers in Europe. Hymer is now a Thor owned business and like every other RV brand the monster has gobbled up, the quality you expect from Hymer will disappear just like it did with Airstream. Statements from last year's Düsseldorf Caravan Salon provide insight into what might be in store for Hymer's US return. Unfortunately, the answer is usually "No." Find your perfect Hymer rv for sale from the search results below. Let our member network help you find your dream unit so you can further enjoy the rv … Stay in touch with us through social networks: Learn more about HYMER Original Parts & Accessories: See the stories that matter in your inbox every morning.


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