eu4 poland hre

This slot can be filled by using the restore union casus belli you gain from the mission when you reform the PLC. Waiting for military tech 7 to get some cannons for the sieges can also make this war easier. I could vassalize some electors and become emperor, add my provinces to HRE and lose the emperor but that would take a lot of time and work. If diplomatic ideas are chosen revoking their march status does not cost stability. The aggressive expansion impact is amazing. The Holy Roman Empire interface is a small shield (with a picture of an Imperial eagle) on the bottom of the screen (only visible as long as the HRE exists). much easier to just become emperor and add yourself that way. A random owned province with our primary culture gains. This opens up an easy route for expansion. Poland has a weak economy with poor starting trade and low development lands, but once the tradenode of Lubeck is secure and the age ability “Polish Crown” is taken Poland will hit a new era of prosperity. If Poland is destroyed and the Commonwealth does not exist then Danzig or any nation with Polish or Silesian primary culture can reform it. This allows the Polish player to annex Lithuania free of charge. btw, I think it's not really worth it to join the hre as a member as poland.

Sell (almost) all my provinces to either Mazovia (for more earlygame power, or Lithueina for more Monarch Points if you form PLCW). Poland's missions are focused on the integration of its vassals, developing the country, maintaining friendly relations with Lithuania, and the subjugation and conquest of its neighboring rivals: the Teutonic Order, the Ottomans and Russia. Do you still get 'Poland Can Into Space' as the Commonwealth? The flexible negotiations allows Poland to take Sweden from Denmark in the age of discovery. Yes. For this to happen the event that gives you a king must fire early while Bohemia is still in an interregnum, Austria must rival Bohemia and Bohemia must be friendly to you.

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. that used to be a problem with the western focus decision, although now with institutions that shouldn't matter anymore. All the player has to do is move in and quickly full siege the country, only defeating the remnants of the Novgorodian army. I converted a LOT of provinces. Please help with verifying or updating older sections of this article.At least some were last verified for version 1.28.

This opens up a massive reconquest war opportunity. In 1.7, vassal BT was calculated into your size based on your Income from Vassals modifier. Around this time the Prussian confederacy event fires, releasing Danzig from the Teutonic Order as an independent state. With Polish lands being relatively low in development and far removed from Italy, it can be tempting to develop the renaissance on your own. I think it's a very debatable decision. Form Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Poland). However, by allying as many electors as possible and directly attacking the emperor, it is possible to dismantle the HRE in a few years from game start. (btw, you don't need to vassalise electors to become emperor, poland can do it with just improving relations and choosing a few unrivaled electors to ally+royal marriage). I tried to find some guides, but it looks like they are all outdated. Join the empire then take Lith as PU. Sell your provinces to your vassals. Make sure provinces in the HRE are only controlled by HRE nations. While it does squash any hope of Aragon, England, France, or Kebab joining the empire while maintaining any semblance of their power, Poland can still join while keeping their main power feature (their giant attack dog union partner).

There are also missions to form PUs with Hungary and Bohemia. 2. I could sell provinces to Lithuania instead of vassals...). Then you can go after Danzig, Szepes, etc. I suggest you mulligan for him or hire him as level 2.

Force them to release the nations. then you can exit the hre by taking the decision whenever you want. I like 1 more but I still want to stay as Eastern Tech / Poland for the achievements. Nr. So I have to DOW Teutonic Order, take Danzig, sell provinces to vassals/Lithuania, move capital to Danzig and sell the last province? A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV by Paradox Development Studio. So essentially you're trading about 50 years to join the empire. before selling provinces (see below). This gives you a stability hit and also requires you give them 2 of the 4 Orthodox provinces you would rather give to Lithuania. The advantageous side of this strat is that you can integrate Mazovia as normal. The Holy Roman Empire can be a difficult foe to tackle, as the emperor will defend its tiny states.

The Prussian culture switch into empire option is no longer possible in my estimation, as it requires a full war and the Lithuania decision must be made very early. Add provinces to the HRE for quick boosts. You start as a Feudal monarchy which gives +25% income from vassals, so you'd have to switch to a despotic monarchy even if you reduce yourself to only Krakow. Regarding going to Prussian Culture, did form Germany as Poland as my first game in the patch. I can confirm culture shifting to Prussian and selling stuff still works in 1.8, even with the lit. Chose to support them, even if the war with Novgorod is still not completed.


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