aiff vs wav logic
There are many types of AIFF and WAV now.

Both file types are first generation audio file types used in professional audio processing/editing software because of the high quality of the files.

What was once a single standardized audio format, quickly grew into a plethora of options. Files can always be downsampled to a lower bit rate. You’re finally ready to share your song with mom or to send it off to the studio for mastering. Uncompressed audio formats like WAV and AIFF provide gorgeous sound quality, but at the cost of high file size.

The amount of times the amplitude is measured a second is called the sample rate. So if you find yourself guilty of some of the following, don’t worry—we all have. Like images, smaller audio files lose clarity and detail. Which is why MP3s (MPEG-2 Audio Layer III) were born.

There are literally hundreds of factors that go into the sound of the recording.

It can be easily manipulated and edited, and professionals prefer WAV for higher quality. Since WAV or AIFF files are Lossless, they can take up a LOT of S P A C E ! You’ve spent weeks working on the ultimate song, polishing the arrangement, and perfecting the mix. Despite decades of progress, it still maintains its position as one of the world’s leading pro audio formats.

Generally, it looks about the same, but closer inspection shows loss of detail. AIFF vs WAV are both uncompressed audio format and taking up a lot of space. Both file formats share the same origin; they were derived from the IFF file format. Hello. 16 bit and 24 bit are the most common, but the general idea is that a higher bit rate is more precise. Difference Between Hard Copy and Soft Copy, Difference Between Coronavirus and Cold Symptoms, Difference Between Coronavirus and Influenza, Difference Between Coronavirus and Covid 19, Difference Between Bivalent and Synaptonemal Complex, Difference Between Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peel, Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and S7 Edge, Difference Between Coacervates and Protobionts, Difference Between Temporal and Spatial Heterogeneity, Difference Between Enantiotopic and Diastereotopic, Difference Between Acanthosis and Acantholysis, Difference Between Granular and Agranular Endoplasmic Reticulum. Often seen as the successor to the MP3, this Mac-centric compressed audio format found its true place with the birth of the iTunes Store, where it became the primary format for all music purchases made through the online music store. Use these 10 steps to polish off your final audio mix with iZotope's audio mastering software, Ozone. Coming from Engineering cum Human Resource Development background, has over 10 years experience in content developmet and management. Microphone choice and placement, pre-amps, converter quality and anti-aliasing, clocking, as well as physical environment all play a role making much greater changes to the sound than 48k vs 96k or 44.1 vs 48k.

If you’re working on releasing your song publicly, you’ll want to bounce it in an uncompressed audio format, that way your original master export is at the highest uncompromised quality possible.

With time, four contenders have become the golden standards you find everywhere today.

Different compression formats use varying methods to re-encode the data in a way that saves space. It’s the process of down-mixing all of your tracks into a two-channel (left speaker and right speaker) audio source.

For all of those instances, choose a compressed audio format like MP3 or M4A. Pulse code modulation is a mathematical way to digitally represent analog signals.

The nyquist theorem states that frequencies below half the sampling rate in kilohertz can be reconstructed.

WAV files are more popular on Windows, whereas AIFF files keep their ground on Macs.

(In fact, the file extensions are interchangeable most of the time). WAV is the main audio file format used in windows based software for quality audio. Ultimately, whatever use case you may have, you’ll find an audio format that’s able to fulfill your needs—including a few Compressed Lossless file formats. WAV or AIFF are both CD quality or “studio quality”, with CD being 16 bit and usually “studio quality” being 24 bit or higher.

For starters, the historical prevalence still stands today.

Copyright © 2001–2020 iZotope, Inc. All rights reserved. Many things can go wrong when producing vocals in home studio environments.

Which is best for audio? In my experience, bit rate (16 bit vs 24 bit) oftentimes make more difference to the audio than the sample rate (e.g. Take the pair of images above.

The general rule of thumb is if you record at 16 bit, render the files at 16 bit.

At one point in time Logic could get a +1 track higher track count (disk access) when using AIFF rather than WAV (a repeatable test I did in Logic 6). Terms of Use and Privacy Policy: Legal. Pro Tools or Logic can create WAV or AIFFs. That way, regardless of what kind of format you need, you have it ready and you don’t have to re-open your session just to re-bounce the song in a new format.

You want to send your friend your latest song.

And on the off chance they can open the file, if they’re missing just one plug-in you used, your song won’t sound the same. For illustrative purposes, imagine the top image is your full quality audio file, and the bottom is your downsampled mp3. WAV files are also uncompressed, meaning that the data is stored as-is in full original format that doesn’t require decoding. Common Chunk and Sound chunk are mandatory chunks. Learn about the history of mastering, what it is, and why it's important for your audio. So don’t sweat it too much. So using that formula, 44.1k should be able to reproduce well up to the 20k limit (that being said, 20k is barely perceptible, and with 2.5k to 5k still registering in the “higher pitch” areas, 10k and 12k being piercingly high, 20k is not that useful of a frequency when it comes to mixing audio).


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