why does my pendulum give wrong answers
In time if all else fails then by all means cleanse your pendulum and start again, but at least give it some thought before you do so.

That question doesn’t have a yes or no answer. In my tests, the ones he makes have been the most responsive, and I own a variety of stones and colors. Pendulum dowsing is an ancient art that exists for over 6 thousands years which is also called divining. So why won’t my pendulum just say yes or no? Pendulum dowsing is much more than asking yes and no questions, but this is the basic dowsing that you need to learn and get really good at first.

Normally it's because either the information can't be disclosed for some reason, or if you didn't really feel that the pendulum could give accurate answers.

Afterwards, the CIA determined that Cameron was a risk to national security, and he was forbidden to leave the United States.” (Source: History of Pendulum Dowsing). I guess since a maybe may be a yes and may be a no, answering maybe to both may have been accurate. There may be a lot that may happen between now and the when your question is answered. A rose quartz dowsing pendulum is very good for chakra healing and for dowsing on emotional matters. I attended a fantastic pendulum workshop in Brisbane last weekend and some of the facts that were shared about pendulums were staggering. The better the connection you have with your pendulum, the better it will answer for others as well as yourself. So the question was – what if the pendulum swings in a way that is not a yes and is not a no. Move on to something new. In fact, that may be why you’re using a pendulum in the first place – to amplify your intuition so you can actually hear it. Please be more clear.”. One of my instructors wanted us to remember that the pendulum is there as a tool for us, and that it should be obedient to our requests. She circled clockwise as usual. But do not attempt this as a beginner! As I sat down to write this, I asked my pendulum for clarity. You can also put your pendulum out in the moonlight as you would your crystals, to cleanse and charge it. I put the pendulum down and decided to write this anyway. And much more. If you would like to explore the wonderful world of pendulums, I stock a range of pendulums in the Gift Shop. Even in the Vietnam War, some U.S. marines were taught how to use a pendulum to locate underground mines. 7,335 Views. There are also some New Age believers who use pendulum dowsing as a communication tool with their Spiritual Guides. Then, that person asks a question. I wrote about that here in Ask Your Pendulum. It has the ability to foresee the future and give us information that we don’t know. The only thing I can think of is that, when I let her hold it, my pendulum soaked up her excess energies like a ShamWow. And fear of the answer can cause the shakiness as well (fear or lack of faith can create somewhat of a "wall" between you and the pendulum). Feel free to share in the comments below. Do you use a pendulum regularly to make decisions? If you don’t want to sage your pendulum, you can use cleansing techniques like sound, crystal bowls, tuning forks or Tibetan Bells. If you’ve cleared and still can’t get a straight answer, it might be Universe’s way of saying: “You’ve outgrown this. This post gives an overview of pendulums, how to use them, and what sorts of things you can ask them about. I have even used my bunch of keys on my key ring, when in a Supermarket to ask a question as I had forgotten to wear my gold chain. You would be better to ask something like, “is this the best investment for me?”. Dowsing offers you to connect to an innermost wisdom; it can … Plus… … just to confuse you more (ha-ha) there are also those who study “Cosmopathy” which is study and experimentation using pendulum dowsing, pyramid energy, and cosmic rays.

Here they are, with suggestions about how you might get a clearer answer from your pendulum. What we know about how a pendulum works is that it is a weight on a string controlled by your muscles and tendons and ligaments, at a level that is far deeper than your conscious mind. You could line up the different fruit options, and then ask the pendulum to show you which is the best fruit for you to eat today. Your pendulum is being cheeky. Dowsing offers you to connect to an innermost wisdom; it can be a fun and simple way to begin to measure energy fields and is an excellent way of speaking directly with our intuition. A rose quartz dowsing pendulum is very good for chakra healing and for dowsing on emotional matters. Your pendulum can’t hear your intuition.

My pendulum’s YES response for example, is typically a clockwise spinning action, and its NO response is typically an anti-clockwise spinning action. What we know about how a pendulum works is that it is a, That deep inner knowing may be influenced by, I can think of several scenarios that could answer this. According to this article, dowsing – or using a pointed object hung on a string or chain to provide “yes” or “no” answers – was originally used to locate water, oil, gold and other minerals.

I also ask that all information be in truth and accuracy and 100% aligned with my highest good and the highest good of all.” 3. Bloodstone when dowsing for answers concerning money, financial or legal outcomes. That said, we also learnt in the workshop, that if you have a big, emotional decision to make, have someone else hold the pendulum for you, as you think about the question you would like answered – because it’s possible that your own energy (and will) can influence the outcome. And rather than asking, “Will I meet my soulmate today,” you would be better to ask a question about something in your control, for example, “Am I ready to meet my soulmate in the near future?” You could then ask a series of of questions to explore where you might need to be on any given day, or what you might need to do to manifest your soulmate.


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