sheldon j plankton quotes
Come on kiddies, have some icecream. Dork? The helmets can't handle this level of rock 'n' roll. I mean this in the nicest of ways. : You know, the alphabet.

Fredrick - Father E.M.I.L.P - Mother Mr. Plankton (Plankton's Father) - Father-in-law Quotes Edit Edit "I never agreed." Plankton

: |

: I've already hired someone to take care of those two. She is the computer system of Sheldon Plankton's laboratory, as well as his henchwoman, best friend and wife. Advertisement: We do what we must because we can. Mr. Eugene H. Krabs It's lemon-scented.

No, wait, that's not right, not a dork, uh... Pearl

| Old Lady : : Now activating helmet brain-control devices. Squidward Tentacles She usually comes up with plans to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula, which Plankton tends to claim as his own ideas. Plankton I guess so, Mr Krabs. The letter after Y... Plankton Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. : Karen the Computer Karen, baby, I haven't felt this giddy since the day you agreed to be my wife!

: It was revealed that Plankton threw all of it up was because he wanted to win the Year Supply of Krabby Patties that was for the winning racer, but he failed to win them.


Old Lady Yeah, A to Y.

Plankton Index. Oh, boy. At the end of the game, when one of the racers wins the Krusty Krab Big Bun Award, the Mystery Rider's car's dome opens revealing it to be Plankton who was driving it all along. Mr. Eugene H. Krabs : You messed with my paycheck and I'm gonna report you to the highest authority in the land, King Neptune! Plankton I listen to public radio.

I've exhausted every evil plan in my filing cabinet... from A to Y! We'll see about that, Inspector Looselips. Ah, SpongeBob.


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