semi buckhorn sights
Grouping: I was very pleased with the groups from the three good pellets. As for the scope you will need to get ranges from 10-55 yards, marking each yard from 1-20 or so, then from about 30-55 on your side wheel with corresponding holdovers or clicks depending on which you choose to use. It took a tremendous amount of force to do that. I have had a few better, but those are more the rarity.

Something went wrong. No not how hard or if I follow through on the trigger pull or the shot. The dot sight is very popular. The one I found also had a thumhole in the stock. LOL!

Correct sight picture for semi-buckhorn sights? Are you aware that Crosman has such a chart? So they mandated factory emission equipment for a car to pass and remain licensable and street legal. . When that happened the car could only be used as a race car at the dragstrip. I read about it in Airgun Revue and once upon a time was obsessed with owning one especially in .22 caliber. Marksmanship 101.

You guys made me think of stuff that just comes natural anymore. They are for ranging, using Kentucky windage. And in fact growing up we did a lot of pest patrol I’ll call it with .22 rimfire rifles. And I’m talking the precise place I want to hit. Problem in springer land is its hard to achieve the accuracy with 22, just read reviews on a many models! Start them out with iron sights. If you did this for a fifty yard shot, you would probably not have to hold much higher for 100 yards. And not even knowing you or what you used it for I believe you. Bottom rest -vs- outside corner rest (of forearm) ,….made a difference. The lanes have either two or three targets set up from 10-55 yards with kills zones that vary from 1/4″(if you have a sadistic Match Director) up to a maximum of 2″. Persistence and practice. How about even 50 or 60 yards. A chart is included in the article. If they didn’t equal those results the car failed. Wish I could get a hundred-dollar bill – best I can get is twenty or two and that is getting more difficult. And most of the time it’s in town. I like the higher magnification on the scope because it gets a smaller portion of the target embedded in my thoughts.

Like you said. Crosman has one, its model specific but has the energy requirements for lots of critters. Cant thank you enough. Then put a lead pellet of normal weight down the barrel and see what happens. ), even if it did have low velocity, and the pellets had to be shot in an exaggerated arc. Not on the street as it was originally designed for when it was new. When bullet hits where you aim, then sights properly adjusted. I know what you mean – it isn’t about charts and FPE – its all about knowing what your equipment is capable of and staying within your and the equipment’s effective range. Good to hear from you! BBs always right.

I wanted to order a Bugbuster last night and couldn’t find it here so I ran a Google search expecting PA to come up but saw one through another retailer for a good price so I jumped on it while the opportunity was fresh but their website was new and I didn’t get a confirmation. Well, I suppose youre right about that. or Best Offer. Quite the motivator to getting it right every time. Neither of the guns were 75 or even 50 yd guns including my nitro piston but I could see his pbas fall apart past 20yds, and while my 2″ at 50 and 3-4″ at 75 werent incredible, at 50 and 75 the alloys were lucky to hit the tree the targets were on. … then there was the guy I meet in the bush deer hunting with a (beautiful) 300 Weatherby Magnum – 10 am opening morning and he was shooting at chick-a-dees!!! I took 4 tins of pellets and my .22 AA Pro Sport. I’m not an air gun hunter, but does the Pyramyd Air site have a link to Dr. Beeman’s chart for necessary energy for humane kills of various game? I can say that’s a probable certainty… almost definitely, and surely possible, a guaranteed chance. And I’d like to get it coming ASAP but don’t want another fiasco. What’s the mordern name for that? The only shortcoming I see for the buckhorn is the vast empty space in the middle without a reference point. He was really scary looking. I have no experience with that scope and have not seen it used in WFTF class shooting so I do not know if the turret clicks are repeatable/reliable. It makes a difference if your out just having fun shooting or if your putting food on the table. Read my reply to Vana2 about shot placement and fpe. It WAS a gold mine GF1 – still have many fond memories of those years – learned a lot! Not pulling it. Does anyone know why the Romanian army had surplus 8mm ammunition? I was against it, too, until I tried it. Not really. Matt61 I suppose I could mention it to CS but there’s no guarantee I’ll be able to pull it off. Bet that person will get a surprise. Do you suppose you could forward some of these comments about the need for a more mobile friendly site to someone who could help fix these issues? I will ponder the Hatsan 125 a bit. Just curious,.. what mag. Gotta”you already said that” so came back to make sure it took… I’d get the less expensive Benjamin and save the rest for it’s favorite pellet if I were you. That was a very well-written explanation! Does that mean you think the performance cars are making more horsepower now days or do you mean the older ones ran better because of lack of catalytic converters? Lets say a 1/8″ inch dot on a paper. Scopes didn’t come till later on. If I had found this stuff when I was younger id be in a whole other world right now, and I picture some 14-15year olds like me trying to figure this stuff out and make the most of what I was doing and what I had. They used it (effectively) for hunting everything up to white-tail deer size. Matter of fact I know what a .177, .22 and .25 caliber Marauder will do. They may seem simple but there are subtleties to be learned, if you will just try them. Wish I could say the same.


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