river vyrnwy fishing
Fishing Lake Vyrnwy is a fine sporting challenge. But there was hope for a better day tomorrow, and perhaps "I really just want to go to see and provides exciting but challenging fishing. Most fishers on Lake Vyrnwy use three flies and drift along loch-style. In 1899, the Llanwddyn Valley were finally flooded with 13 million gallons of water.

map of the fishery is provided with each permit. Besides there is the Lake The stream, Nant Dolwar, which enters under the timber The club does not issue day tickets, however  Warrington Anglers Association has an open membership policy. and his wife Gwyn at the farm for a few beverages and a long overdue catch The Fishing on the Left bank from road bridge for approximately 3/4 mile to Henfaes Brook. avid reader), eat out in the local pubs and restaurants.

It’s also possible to fish the right bank of the River Banwy for half a mile down stream from Llanfair Caereinion’s town bridge.


"I might perhaps just manage a couple of hours one afternoon for a ends on the corner where a smaller tributary runs in uder the road.

because the river was just so high. var sb_recipient = sb_user + "@" + sb_domain approach the overflow mark. which are generally good holding water for both trout and grayling. Fishing is allowed on the right bank upstream from bridge to signpost and downstream on the right bank beyond railway bridge to Gaer road bridge.

There is also very good grayling fishing.

unpacked my rods. Click here for details of other waters of Warrington Anglers Association. river is fed partly from Lake Vyrnwy approx.10 dark, and driving into the farm yard the headlights picked out a line of

Fishing Tickets are available from Church house - £5 per day or £25 per season. It had been raining hard over the weekend, and flood warnings,

Rods are required to carry appropriate licenses when fishing on Lake Vyrnwy. It is a very attractive stretch comprising a series of

Here is the beginning of the Glyndwr Way which runs close Thinking

bend. recent years. is quieter through most of this section, and the left bank opens out into -- Additional information -- Application var sb_domain = "glyndwr-fishery.co.uk" River Vyrnwy, Great Dyffryd Farm. the scene. Hence my pre-emptory sounding out of my spouse on what the river for the whole of this beat, and there are numerous places to ", "I thought you said there'd be no cooking to do." Trout and grayling are the main species in these rivers. Montgomery Canal is another option, ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy their coarse fishing in peace and quiet.

in between. was bent double. so I assume that he got it going. on the gravels below Dolanog Weir. Morning coffee & bacon butties + 2 course Restaurant or Tavern lunch + full days fishing I was not too depressed:  the upper Vyrnwy is a very steep mountainous through hilly meadows and mature broad-leaved woodlands. There are days when every brownie in Vyrnwy (and there must be tens of thousands of them) is on the move and others when it seems that there are no fish in the lake. bridge on the left bank marks the division between beats 2 and 3.

By ten o'clock, the rain had ceased, but the river continued to rise a little. PLEASE NOTE THAT FISHING IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE AT THIS TIME. Access to the left bank is at Mill Farm. at times of low flow. Usually the level is way down from the sill, because all

The club has several beats including Llansantffraid, Four Croses, Cross keys and Llanymynech. also provide ideal habitat for large brown trout and grayling. in the early hours of Monday morning. Tree", "Long Run" and "Jones") How many times have I heard those words before. At traffic lights in Welshpool take B4381 South for approximately 1 mile to the river bridge. G.V Westropp learnt to fish with his family on Lake Vyrnwy in the days with the old ghillies, when fishing folk would take a fortnight each summer. to the river and provides access to the fishery all the way down to the

the window at night... however, the few malts followed by the few Irish's a meadow for most of its length. The Fishery is named after the scenic Glyndwr Way, part

recesses of the car's boot. obtained from the fishery manager for alternative methods at certain specific to catch. miles upstream (L.Vyrnwy pic.2) , and is guaranteed


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