pros and cons of branding cattle
Leave a reply. Plus, it’s more forgiving in that, if you happen to stay on the hide too long, the brand will still show up. The gasoline is readily available, less expensive and works very well,” Carter notes. “I also recommend taking notes on each animal, particularly if you’ve had problems in the past. From a health, stress and shrink aspect, this is the worse thing you could do to this young calf. Leads to Monopoly. It should be made from good quality steel that is heavy enough to be able to hold the heat that is needed for branding.

It costs both brands less to reach a larger audience. Following are the demerits or disadvantages or limitations arguments against branding.

When pro football player Michael Vicks was arrested on charges of dog fighting and illegal gambling, the Atlanta Falcons cut him from his contract. Only the individual producer would know if that has happened.

Branding is one of the first ways to identify animals. Maybe that's how many they've gathered in a given state over time so this example would be number 57,607 caught. Some think that it originally started to establish ownership of animals during the rise of Egyptian society. The Ozarks' most read farm newspaper, reaching more than 58,000 readers in Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Number 8860726. It also has to be associated with any cattle products that are sold so that the meat can be identified to the farm or ranch that it comes from. Of course this isn’t effective for Charolais or any white haired animals.” However, the cold iron should only be left on for 45 seconds or it, too, will burn the hair follicle. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There are different kinds of hot-iron branding. Share This. The recommended iron sizes of characters for calves are 3 inches in height and 3 inches wide. Meat withdrawal periods have been established for all these products which producers adhere to so the product is still safe. Pediatric Dengue Vaccine Initiative; Branding: Advantages and Disadvantages: Is There an Optimal Solution? Advantages: faster application time Liquid nitrogen. As far as anthelmintics (dewormers), most are allowed in most of the programs — even the organic ones — as long as proper withdrawals are adhered. Again this requirement enhances management and attention to detail. The last four or five numbers are the numbers of the horse, but I have not deciphered what exactly those mean. Most often, in beef cattle breeding, branding was used with the help of red-hot iron or burning. You'll receive current daily news every morning free, as well as market updates and special features.

Branding of cattle has been around for centuries. When a calf drops out of an antibiotic free program they are marketed as a normal calf.

This eliminates all antibiotics in the feed as well as prophylactic treatments. There is also electric branding. Each number or letter needs to be on separate handles so that it is easier to get a clear brand. The liquid nitrogen needs to be at -344°. Other considerations: availability of ingredients. Learn how your comment data is processed. Neck and head position affects horse soundness, Sustainability efforts in the beef industry growing, Chuck Groeneveld was passionate about beef industry, Subscribe to the Grainews daily newsletter. The cons are that it works better if it is cold outside when done so that the brand shows up better. The first method of branding is by using an iron that is ice cold. All rights reserved. All these programs rely on the RFID tags traceability and documentation of records showing what treatments have been given to the cattle. Branding in a commercial environment, while expensive, passes costs to the consumer in terms of higher prices. A good brand reflects the benefits of a product or service and builds recognition and loyalty in customers. For this method brass, irons are preferred. On a small scale, a single individual may shoulder the responsibility for maintaining the brand, but larger companies need a brand division.

The metals used to make the branding irons are also different, although some people believe that stainless steel can be used for either hot or cold branding. The authorities in Canada place products such as rumensin, an ionophore, in the same category as antibiotics even though there are no meat withdrawal limitations. For grown cattle, it should be 4 inches high and 3 ½ inches wide. The ability to easily get the materials could be a problem. This site is operated by a business or businesses owned by Informa PLC and all copyright resides with them. Actions such as this have the potential to tarnish a brand image.

Shrink is minimized then on transport. Cold branding leaves a long-lasting, distinguishable brand that can be seen from a distance. When it looks like grey ashes it is just the right temperature. In the same way, if you purchase a branded animal and you brand yourself, you can (A) re-brand over the old brand or (B) re-brand in a new location. The cold iron is generally considered to be less stressful and less painful for the animals. Every time a male calf is implanted after castration or a heifer calf implanted there are extra gains created without a doubt. For branding to be effective, the maximum number of potential customers must be exposed to it. Do You Want Progress Or Change In Cattle Breeding?

It helps to identify who owns the animal using the ID. Make sure the cattle are carrying plenty of condition,” he continues.

Before applying the irons, saturate the area with 99% alcohol, even if the irons are cooled in a gasoline-dry ice mixture.

BIG SAVINGS WITH GLACIER FARMMEDIA MEMBERSHIP | LEARN MORE See Details, grainews response to covid-19 See Details, Special coverage COVID-19 & the Farm See Details. Whether to identify ownership or individual animal identification, freeze branding is becoming increasingly popular for its permanent ID attributes offered in an easy-to-read and eye-appealing white package. Wild Mustangs each have a unique freeze brand marking the identity of that horse. Commonly used methods of freeze branding include using a combination of dry ice and 99% isopropyl alcohol, or liquid nitrogen. My one worry is about delay in treatment.

However, they agree that it’s unrealistic to expect every digit on every animal to be a success. Fencing helps too but sometimes livestock and rustlers have broken down the fencing. The freeze brand, when properly applied results in new hair growth coming in white. The views expressed here are the author's own. However, I use the dry ice-alcohol method because the brand is a much brighter white. You as the producer have the final decision as to whether marketing into the branded program will benefit your herd and its bottom-line. The good thing about this program is that without reliance on antibiotics it instills the maximum use of good quality vaccines to prevent disease and a soft or fenceline-weaning program done at home to reduce mainly bovine respiratory disease in recently weaned calves. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a341f2f11c2b934d0df69abf1e61aec2" );document.getElementById("h2dd035ba8").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Without the treatments for internal and external parasites including warbles there is no doubt we would have a high infection rate and reduced productivity as a result, so it is important they remain in treatment protocols. For both Carter and Kleiboeker, cost and the lack of availability of nitrogen and 99% alcohol lead them to use an alternative alcohol in the form of high-octane gasoline. Advantages: brighter brands, more forgiving in that if iron is applied too long, hair pigment will still turn white. When ranchers gathered their cattle to work or wean them, if he found another rancher’s cow, he would notify the owner so the animal could be picked up or moved back to its home ranch.”Nowadays, according to Cole, “The primary benefit of branding is to establish ownership that will be recognized as proof in a court of law when there is a dispute. Some think that it originally started to establish ownership of animals during the rise of Egyptian society. Cattle branding is a method of marking ownership of cattle. Please see contact us for more information.

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1. When a brand becomes associated with a person or group, negative events surrounding the person or group have the potential to “rub off” on the brand itself. I've also included the "key" that is used to read the freeze brand on Wild Horses.

Can You Tell Profit When You See It?Enter our 2014 BEEF Efficiency & Profit Contest & you could win $1,000 cash (indvidual) or $5,000 in Merial product (feedlot group). A freeze brand is a version of the old-fashioned branding with a hot iron that you read about in those old Western stories and see the cowboys use in movies about the Old West. This method allows you to get a scar on the skin or to prevent further appearance of hair in a certain area. Certain areas of branding require extensive monitoring, as well as posing high costs and certain risks. This post was contributed by a community member.

The antibiotic-free programs cater to the public perception that antibiotic usage is undesirable.

The building needs to be made where the cattle are out of the wind, which can affect the temperature of the irons. Other considerations: availability of nitrogen. However, too much branding on one animal can result in hide damage, which can cause stress to the animal and a reduced value of the hide.It’s important to retain a bill of sale from all purchases of branded cattle to ensure your investment in that animal in case it ever came up in a court of law.Even with less than 10 percent of livestock farms branding their animals in Missouri, both Cole and Harmon recommend branding cattle because of the high incidence of cattle theft in the Southwest Missouri region. I have heard some say by not implanting they need an extra 20 per cent return in order to make up the net difference that implants provide. The branded programs have been good in the fact producers’ management has been heightened. Then it might be eligible to be registered for federal trademark protection. The scar created with the hot brand is difficult to see, especially from a distance, once the hair grows around the area, especially in winter when animals' coats are thicker and longer.


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