gupta empire economy
The Mandsor Inscription mentions the guild of silk weavers. The region of Uttarapatha may be supposed to have initially covered right from Manipura (Assam) to Taxila in Gandhara.

The tradition of land grants for the charitable purposes continued into the medieval period as well.

The pattern of administration was based on hierarchy from top to bottom. Although the Gupta Empire was not as large as the Maurya Empire, it […] So was ivory from Ethiopia. PLL is all about fighting off a conqueror, in a sense, but in Gupta India, they were doing all the conquering. According to Fa-Hien, people of the 'Middle Kingdom' were prosperous and happy in the beginning of the 5th century and he also mentioned the similar account of prosperity and peace in India. information for the history of Guptas is found in the coins of the Gupta

The salient features of Gupta economy included a flourishing trade (which was badly affected in later periods due to Huna invasions), abundant custom revenue from ports in west and east, flourishing robust guild system, flourishing manufacturing industries and a high standard of living. They too took one sixth of the produce just as the State. The trade routes of Avanti were known as Avanti-Dakshinapatha, for instance. It’s Foundation, Rulers, Administration, Economy, Social Developments, Culture and Literature ! The account of Megasthenes may be briefly given as follows: As trade developed, the tempo of transport also required to be accelerated. Like the Mauryan Empire, the Gupta also fell into an era of political fragmentation allowing a lot of cultural events to flourish. It was a network of continually shifting itineraries consisting of multiple feeder routes intertwined with the central axis. Thapar observes that this ban had an indirect advantage to the Brahmin in the sense that it curbed the economic power of trading community. The Mandsor inscription gives details about the guilds of silk weaver and corporate activities of the period. It is strange to observe that in the period when commercial activity was at its apex the law-makers declared travel by sea a taboo and a great sin. Iran and Bactria increased during this period. Important cities and ports of Possibly the in creasing use of the central Asian route and the sea-routeut China might have caused this eclipse. His actions contributed to the overall fall of the empire despite his victory with the Pusyamitra. The International contact between these two Countries during the ancient period was not only spiritual owing to the Buddhist faith, but also commercial on account of the trade, especially in silks from the earlier times. The private records mentioned the donations in favour of religious

"She was often called upon to be a cultured companion like the geisha of Japan or the haetaere of Greec". The Maurya and Gupta Empires. The Trade contacts developed during the Kushana Period continued and Chandragupta II’s conquest in western India further added to this trade. GUPTA ECONOMY. Ujjain had become a major commercial center and it was linked to southern and northern India.

Trade routes were known from early India.

the main crops were paddy, wheat, sugarcane , bamboo etc. style of a coin helps to form an idea of the political conditions determining Western Indian was known for silk weaving. At its zenith, from approximately 319 to 467 CE, it covered much of the Indian subcontinent. The transport system is the key to the unlocking of a country’s wealth. The city of Jjjain is even now regarded as one of the seven sacred Hindu cities, slightly lower than that of Benaras in sanctity. Regarding over-seas trade ships regularly crossed to Arabian Sea the Indian Ocean and the China Seas. India made great progress in the economic sphere during the Gupta age. Music was another necessary accomplishment particularly the Playing of veena. The major centres of textiles production were Banaras, Mathura, Dashapura, and Kamarupa. Gupta period had many cloth centers and silk industry witnessed a significant development during this period. Gupta period had many cloth centers and silk industry witnessed a significant development during this period. The prosperous urban dwellers lived in comfort and ease. Village administration of Rashtrakuta Empire was headed by the village headman.


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