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Did Vintage Shampoos Have the Right Idea? The picture of the bottles sure do take me back! If so, can anyone remember the shampoo that they used and sold? I maybe 63 now but being a walking fruit salad bowl is a little much. I recently found a bottle of Clairol Herbal Essence Shampoo from 1981. But fear not: We've tracked down a few vintage kits on eBay if you want to give your hair the kinky '80s treatment at home. In 1972, Wella Balsam was the first shampoo specifically produced for retail sales. This beer-enriched shampoo debuted in 1978 had a formula that was 1/3 real beer. Do Wella or Faberge still make/distribute Wella Balsam Shampoo and Conditioner and Faberge Wheat Germ Oil and Honey Shampoo and Conditioner, the ones I used to use in the 1970's. Tracking down a vintage bottle for sale on eBay (seriously, why do people still own 30+ year old shampoo? I would pay $100 a bottle for the original Herbal Essence shampoo. The ones listed here as replacements are all sulfate free and expensive, and not like I recall the shampoos of the past being. Your TIA update: Try Broo Craft Beer Shampoo ($10), which uses real handcrafted beer made in the USA and is free of sulfates, synthetics, and silicones.

How else were your rollers supposed to stay put? Now if only I can find one with a similar scent to Herbal Essence original green shampoo. Lately, everything seems to be retro TV shows, original products being revitalized, etc. Helpful how-tos and reviews from Marta and friends.

I was tipped off about it and it sounds great! Ah, the '80s — a crazy time for hair and beauty trends. AAAAAH the fragrance of my hair and the compliments I got. I've written to clairol before about this, they didnt seem interested! It nourishes hair its aromatic blend of organic herbs, flowers, vitamins, minerals and essential oils. If the manufacturers are listening out there, please bring it back! It's claim to fame: The overwhelming urge to tell two friends about it. LOL. I don't understand why companies discontinue their most popular products. They have it available on Amazonor EBay. I love the Herbal Essence fragrance! I think in today's shampoos live-clean is not so bad and some of the herbal essences are pretty good too. Thanks to Cindi Lauper, if you wanted to look truly rock 'n' roll, you needed colored hair. Huge nostalgia. Good Luck!

Sulfur 8 shampoo smells like a golden 80s shampoo.

(Real-life women with spectacular hair, that is.) For some reason, Clairol discontinued its line of Benders. Yes, just like Afro sheen didn'the have any models with long flowing hair, only ones with naturals. Because only well-cared hair can reveal full luminosity. The bottles were shaped like old apothecary jars--round, clear with little flat "winged" caps. This was the best shampoo and conditioner EVER!!!! Hi Barb. RELATED: 12 Beauty Products You'll Only Remember if You Grew Up in the '80s. In 1972 I was 14 yrs old. I think they had cherry and other fruits. These are the world’s top Best Shampoo Brands in of Top Sellers list. Thanks for taking the time to share your memories! Combination shampoos are convenient but should only be used once … Just another overpriced ripoff. Wow, Protein 21 is one I don't remember, but I'm going to look it up! HaHa. I really miss the original herbal essences and wella balsam shampoo and conditioner. It is green and has a picture of horsetail herb on the bottle. In the late '80s, smaller versions of the popular accessory were big. Please consider bringing it back so I can breathe in the unique scent of Clairol Herbal Essence Shampoo!!!!! Loved the smell. The TIA community consists of our trusted reviewers. Palette Color Shampoo is almost as quick and easy to use as a shampoo – just massage it onto hair to achieve a rich foam then wait approximately 20-25 minutes depending on the shade and color intensity you desire. 30 Best '80s Makeup Looks From the Decade's Top Icons, 13 of the Most Outrageous '80s Celebrity Hairstyles, 12 Beauty Products You'll Only Remember if You Grew Up in the '80s, How to Wear a Headband (and Still Look Like an Adult), 50 Movies From the '80s You Probably Forgot About, 2014 Hair Awards: The Styling Tools You Need, 13 '80s Beauty Trends That Are Totally Back Again, What 15 Celebrities Would Look Like With Wild '80s. Coloration to fall in love with and to feel great about! Nothing on the Market today compares to it!! What about Prell, which is still available, now by Neotoric. Does anyone remember the Trimmers beauty salons that were in the Prange department stores in the seventies.


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