jedi trials kotor
you will be asked by a settler to kill them and their leader whose remains will give you an additional 2 lightsabers, among other things. Otherwise, if you agree to assist him: You move to the west bank, where you now stand amidst Bolook to the southwest, the information droid to the northeast, Rickard Lusoff to the northwest and Handon Guld to the southeast: If you try to leave, Bolook comments on it: You may leave if you wish, but if you do I will have no choice but to tell the Jedi Council that you lacked the wisdom to solve this case. After asking Rickard or the droid, or Handon what they know: After asking Handon what he knows, then asking the droid if there's a report of Handon's blaster being stolen: Discuss the murder with Bolook one last time, after making sure you've unlocked both men's motives: Bolook's conclusion depends on whether you said Handon or Rickard was lying earlier about having no motive: They're both guilty, but you need to have unlocked the other's actual motive as well to successfully solve the crime and receive the most experience: If you don't give the other man's actual motive then you only receive 570 XP (740 less), although this is still 100 more than received for finding only one guilty, whether or not you agree with Bolook's conclusion: If you disagree but don't give the other man's actual motive, then you receive no experience whatsoever unless you can be highly persuasive, then say they're both guilty or it's one who's actual motive is known: There are two paths south, one at the west end and the other at the east, which lead to the respective ends of the Sandral grounds. Your character, a Jedi exiled for fighting in the Mandalorian Wars, is the sort of living void that Kreia was drawn to teach. He shows her what is truly meant by the Force “binding the universe together.” He tells her that it’s “vanity” to think that the Jedi have any final claim on the Force, or that the end of the Jedi means the end of the Force itself. There's also a backpack to the east of them, close to the path south: He begins by using a Mandalorian Melee Shield, and his Mandalorian Armor has Damage Resistance: Resist 25/- vs. Sonic. Within it you will find a group of Mandalorians twice. These wars are an endless dance to him, and the only way to survive them is to go into business for yourself. The Jedi are not infallible.

A river runs through the grove from north to south, crossed by a bridge. If you have character level > 8 and Improved Energy Resistance, this trivializes the energy damage of her preferred lightsaber attacks: only 2/15 or ~13% of non-critical hits will inflict any damage at all, and then only 1-2 on Normal... so if you also have Improved Toughness then even on Difficult only higher critical hits can damage you. This line anticipated one of the most resonant (and controversial) themes of The Last Jedi, epitomized by Luke Skywalker’s recognition that the Jedi Code, indeed, isn’t the last word on the Force. That new generation will be led by Rey but, symbolically, also the audience itself. Light side: convince Juhani that the order will take her in again, persuasion not quite nessasary. You can speak to her now, although you may want to wait until you've spoken to the Jedi Council and Bastila has become available again to explore all dialog options: She repeats this if you speak to her again before speaking to the Council after completing your investigation of the Ruins. To get to these lands, you must find the area of the enclave where a droid will tell you "the council has decreed that you may come and go as you please". You must then do signifigant damage to Juhani before she stops fighting. Failing to persuade her, or choosing any of the following responses, will result in her ending the dialog. Knights of the Old Republic 2 was a bracing, stiff drink in a drought, released at a time when Star Wars couldn’t quite decide what it wanted to be.


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