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When Vincent discovered that his friend, Will Kinney was serving The Hollow, they confronted him only to find that Will was too devoted to the evil spirit. 5'10" (Feet)1.77 (Meters) Elijah had Freya temporarily channel some of the dark energy into him and out of Klaus so it could clear his mind. Elena promises to tell him what Esther says. When he meets Elena, he respects her for her bravery and willingness to put herself in harm's way to protect her loved ones, which is something that Elijah himself has done for his family many times. Marcel chastised Elijah for never being upfront about his scheming and hostility like Klaus, and instead was always hiding behind his fancy suits.

Klaus asked what if there was only darkness in death and Elijah assured him that they would face it together then, as always.

In Phantomesque, Elijah's consciousness remained fractured inside of the damaged pendant and his mind hid itself behind the Red Door that he put all of his most horrific deeds behind. The boy then argued with Klaus and he threw him down the stairs while Elijah tried to stop it. After Klaus almost killed Bonnie, a fearful Elena pulls out the dagger from his chest and waits until Elijah wakes up. Elijah nervously asked Klaus if he loved Aurora and if that would get in the way of stopping her. Later Marcel and Elijah is seen at the festival, Klaus then joined and later Rebekah trying to find Davina. Freya tells Elijah that when she was a child she used to touch Esther's stomach while she was pregnant with him. Elijah decided to attend, to learn more about The Strix's intentions for the city.

He then tells his brother that there's no power in love and that mercy and family make you weak. Elijah enters the house as Klaus is about to dagger Rebekah, he stops his brother. In No More Heartbreaks, after Lucien bit Camille to get back at Klaus, she arrived at the compound where Elijah hoped that Lucien's blood could cure his bite just as Klaus's could his. In the 19th century, Elijah was romantically involved with a witch named Céleste Dubois, whose death was later caused by his half-brother Klaus.

However, after his mother's assault on his mind, revealing the Red Door-a mental barrier of sorts that he hides the fallout, and even memories, of his most vicious deeds behind-he began to lose control and give in to these urges, despite consciously trying to control them. Aurora confronted him and Elijah demanded Freya's location. Rebekah visits the witch Sophie and tells her of how Klaus met Marcel and that without Elijah between Klaus and Marcel, who knows what will happen. During their search for the cure, their friendship grows to be very strong and eventually they fall deeply in love, therefore beginning a sexual relationship. Rebekah and Freya enter the room, as Elijah begins to cry.

They went looking for Aurora but got separated. Elijah and Klaus return to Alaric's apartment and find Katherine and Stefan waiting.

Klaus said he had tried and broke down. Elena runs up to warn her brother, but Elijah raced to the door and told her that they needed to talk. Lucien captured Klaus and used him as leverage against Elijah, wanting to exchange Klaus for Tristan, or at the very least, Elijah's life so Tristan could be put out of his misery as a favor to Aurora. Elijah chooses Hayley and saves her and her friend, Jackson, from the burning house, but as Céleste promised he is not fast enough to find Rebekah in time. Elijah looked on with guilt but Freya told him it had to be done. Speaking with Dominic alone, the witch told Elijah about the sacrifices and that the children were just the start; the Hollow really needed the power of someone ancient, imbued with magic such as him or the other Original Vampires, settling for Marcel whose power would work just as well.

Elijah meets with the wolves to discuss the deal they made with Klaus about Esther's moonlight ring spell for their pack. Elijah suppressed the memory of how Tatia actually died believing he had compelled not killed her in the woods and that Esther killed her when performing the hybrid curse. Elijah regretted not taking the dark magic himself while he had the chance. As he covers her burnt body he gently strokes her face as he cries.

Elijah worried that Rebekah might be involved by Klaus assured him that she was still in Chicago, with a young vampire, Stefan Salvatore. Elijah later confronts Klaus, tired of his brothers manipulations behind his back, warning Klaus that from now on he will do what he wants and Klaus can not stop him. After Alaric staked Klaus with the white oak stake, Stefan told Elijah about it and then Elijah waited for Rebekah to come to him.

However, after Lucien was taken to the dungeons for supposedly having an affair with the count's daughter, Aurora, Elijah and Klaus intended to rescue him from his punishment. They talk about Rebekah and Hayley. Elijah questions her feelings for Klaus. When Elijah brought up that The Hollow's history with Eva Sinclair, Vincent made it clear that The Hollow could take whatever darkness people kept buried and used it to control them just like it had done to he and his wife, and it could do the same thing to Elijah if given the chance; possibly making him a risk to his own niece. Klaus scoffed, thinking it was a vain attempt to stop the white oak from working but Elijah told him he was aware that the stake would be just as effective. Elijah commented on the monster lurking inside Will, asking him if he wanted to see his own monster within.

He tells Klaus, Tyler brought Hayley here to prove a theory, that the child's blood could be used to sire hybrids, and it was his intention to create a hybrid army. She was barely in it, and then just used as a lame plot device and tossed to the curb. In Dangerous Liaisons, Elijah prevents Rebekah from killing Elena as revenge for daggering her. Alright, potentially everyone". Elijah tells him he doesn't know but whoever did wants the Mikaelson's to turn against each other. Elijah hoped she was calling from far away but Aya hadn't left, not going until the prophecy was averted and her sireline's safety assured. Klaus then kidnaps Davina's friend he stays at his side, playing until Davina arrives. In New Orleans, Elijah has developed feelings for Hayley Marshall, after he promised to protect her and the child she was carrying. Elijah did his best to help both his sisters as Rebekah also started to lose control of herself, attacking Hayley. Freya made it so their consciousnesses could still speak in Chambre de Chasse, allowing her family to spend peaceful time together while sleeping and waiting to be cured.

As the witches continue to use magic against them, Elijah and Klaus can see that hundreds and hundreds of the dead witches have come together to protect them as they complete their sacrifice.

When Vincent and Freya considered putting Cami's soul in a different body, Elijah refused to deny Cami choice, saying she lived her life with grace and she should be able to have it even when dying. He then states that Klaus looks like their father, Klaus gets angry and tells him that he was the only one who suffered from Mikael's abuse while Elijah, Kol and Finn were free from it. Hayley was no longer under the spell that would've killed her child.

The Devil Inside (TVD) (Archive Footage)When The Saints Go Marching In (TO).

In I Hear You Knocking, Elijah was entrusted to protect Hope on a journey to the bayou with Hayley while Klaus tried to make sure the threat of the Hollow was really over. Meanwhile, Monique and Abigail are still using their powers combined powers to channel the full strength of the ancestors, Elijah fights to get close enough to them to get the baby. Elijah tried to explain that he didn't know who Hayley was when it happened but Hope didn't care, knowing that if Elijah hadn't intervened in Hayley's rescue, she would still be alive.

This page is dedicated to the relationship between the Original Vampire, Elijah Mikaelson, and the Original Werewolf-Vampire Hybrid, Niklaus Mikaelson. He tried to murder Vincent but Elijah got in the way and intercepted the bullet before throwing Kinney to the floor. Elijah tells her he left them out because they no longer live in the French Quarter. As Cami drinks a cup of his blood to heal. Alexander and his brothers neutralized four original vampires, but were released (except Finn) by Klaus. As they realize that the only way to protect them from greater harm is to complete the harvest Elijah comes up with plan on his own. Elijah tells Klaus they are desperate for another ally. He and Marcel had planned for Marcel to be made the new leader, having an ally now controlling The Strix with an army at their beck and call. When Sabine has a location, revealing she is in The Bayou, Klaus snorts to Elijah that if he's afraid to ruin his expensive shows, Elijah looks to him and changes his mind that he could do with a decent walk after being inside a coffin. Rebekah says that she didn't either and that she was sure it was Niklaus.

Freya needed to channel power from one of her siblings to help in the ritual of drawing Davina's spirit to safety. He said goodbye and left them, to go die his way. Elijah Mikaelson

After Elijah meets Klaus at the compound. Elijah suspected that a servant of the Hollow would come to a party at the compound if he threw one, counting on that to root them out. The loss of his first born had hardened Mikael and he proved to be a very strict father, who was feared by all his children.

Elijah tried to figure out his mother's motives and once he did, Elijah, Klaus and Kol confronted their mother and their brother, Finn. Mikael, Henrik, Elijah, Rebekah, Niklaus and Esther. It doesn't work. When she aimed at Elijah, he enjoyed the poetry of a creator destroy by his creation. Using a series of tunnels that led to the dungeon Klaus was restrained in beneath the compound, Elijah was gravely concerned when he saw the state his brother was in. Diego isn't willing to go easily, but Elijah makes it clear that they need to leave or he will kill them.


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