how to unlock paige for casino heist
After the vault contents are identified, the player gains the option of choosing one of the three possible approaches for the heist – Silent & Sneaky, The Big Con, or Aggressive. As playing the heist for the first time, no extra money will be deducted as setup costs and vault contents seems to be fixed on cash. How to get Paige Harris on the Casino Heist? In this section, I try to cover as many bugs as possible that my friends and I have experienced during freeroam in the arcade, in prep works and the heist. You can either do a prep mission to steal shotguns OR to steal SMG’s. Could u write the names of all the (EDIT;) ‘gunman’ you have And if that’s not too much to ask, the skill/cut too ;). Grand Theft Auto 5 online has so much additional content outside of its initial casino heist.

Thanks, I did get a text and then finally the L showed up on the map - now to save up. The gunman (some Patrick dude) can be found in the back of a police van being driven somewhere (probably a prison). The Diamond Casino Heist requires a massive amount of teamwork, a cool head, and more than a little patience. Chiliad, Sandy shores Airfield (Credits to "Deadrclord" for discovering this bug), Players might get stuck in an infinite black loading screen at any point during the heist, During any of the finales, player(s) might get all weapons given by every gunman, with both options they provide, yet you'll lose them if you die or restart the heist (Credits to "Loki !" Arcades work as your nerve center for the Casino Heist. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. The Diamond Casino Heist is a content update for Grand Theft Auto Online, released on December 12th, 2019. You get a text from Lester mentioning his name right after destroying a jammer. Related: Grand Theft Auto Online: Find the Secret Los Santos Slasher. You asking for a good driver in Story mode? Bump into her and you get “HEY”. Completing all Casino's story missions as a leader is required to unlock this prep The mission doesn't need to be completed with every heist, but it can if the player wishes to replay it ($) Power Drills: It takes place at a construction site in random locations but drills can be acquired in 2 forms

The hacker (Paige i guess) is supposedly unlocked after destroying 50 signal jammers across the map. Although, earning him as a gunman for the casino heist can really push players' patience, as its completely random. Can anyone give me some info on the driver and/or whether the police van encounter is completely random or has a specific trigger? It was on the first board and it was at the bottom of a list for POI I believe. For my experience, during my Bug Star approach, under the basement there was a guard who stood right under the camera while looking at the guy at the counter, while the other guard was positioned in front of the security room's front door. Steal a Bugstars Burrito which also contains the required equipment and outfits to be used during the heist.

Just make sure you don't come back to the area around the casino as it'll give you 5 stars again, If a chopper is spawned on the roof of the police station close to the casino, you can climb up to the roof and use it for an easy escape and save time for the Elite challenge, Upon spawning there for the first time after launching the game, you might find all boards to be blank white. On the new casino heist, there are some team members that appear with a "hidden" icon and can't be selected.

Explore the world of Los Santos in free mode. Can only be fixed by relaunching the heist, Upon launching the finale, Textures might not load properly and sometimes results in a crash.


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