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Sun asks them if they are ready for dress-up, with each girl giving a different response. Ruby Rose | Neptune comments that it feels like he's giving up on her but Sun corrects him in saying it was "never like that" and he's just happy to have been able to support Blake, because that was what she truly needed before anything else. He notices Blake in the audience and jovially motions to her, causing her to smile and blush.

Blake and Sun escape the White Fang base by shooting the lights out, but Roman gives chase, piloting the Paladin. Enemies

After Weiss reprimands Blake for confiding in Sun rather than them, she informs Sun that she is still wary of him. Lie Ren, Team SSSN In "Of Runaways and Stowaways", Sun wears a brown-hooded cloak while following Blake home to Menagerie. She then decides to try and save Ilia from Adam’s influence in the same matter as Sun did for her, much to his surprise.

He wears white bandages on his legs and has a chain hanging from the belt loop on the right side of his pants. Click Run when prompted by your computer to begin the installation process. He wears white bandages on his legs and has a chain hanging from the belt loop o… He then asks if Blake is still acting all "Blake-y", with Ruby having no idea what to do and Weiss agreeing. Sun is among the group of students present at Amity Colosseum at the beginning of the Grimm attack on Vale. While walking together, Blake begins to express her doubts that the group were behind the Dust robberies, so Sun suggests a way of proving it, noting he heard of a large Dust shipment coming in from Atlas on a Schnee Dust Company freighter. He is then paired with Blake to investigate the White Fang by Ruby. Arryn Zech stated at Supernova 2018 that as far as she knows, "Sun is meant for Blake". Blake then goes on about her past with Adam and Ilia and how worried she is for the latter.

Those who don't like BlackSun will often ship Sea Monkeys, Sunflakes, or Strawbana instead. Clover Ebi | Eventually, they are victorious in their (off screen) match, and Sun is elected by his team to move on to the singles round. Type (?) When Weiss asks the two of them what they will wear, Sun says that he would be wearing his normal clothing, bringing up that in Vacuo they don't wear ties. Pyrrha Nikos | Wukong (By Ghira Belladonna) Sky Lark, Team ABRN Aura's durability is cumulative; it will deplete with each attack she takes and can be brought down by characters of similar strength. Sun's Semblance works as an extension of his own consciousness, in which he can sense and feel what his clones do as well. Weiss Schnee | Complexion Coco Adel |

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In that respect, Blake believes Sun to be the embodiment of the word "earnest". hide. In that respect, Blake believes Sun to be the embodiment of the word "earnest".

32 talking about this. In "Painting the Town..." he manages to find and escape out a window with Blake after she cut the power at a White Fang meeting.

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If I know what love is, it is because of you.


Dexter Grif | Dick Simmons | Michael J. Caboose | Epsilon | Church | Sarge | Sparx | Aku Aku, Spider-Man has declared that this article is still. He is not afraid to give his opinion and has a dislike for those who regard themselves as "holier than thou" or "use force to get whatever they want", such as the White Fang viewing them as nothing but bullies. Blake does not welcome the warning, even to the point of throwing Sun's Scroll off the balcony. Blond Sun's Semblance, known as Via Sun[4], allows him to create and control glowing yellow clones of himself.

Traded blows with Roman Torchwick) | Large Building level (Comparable to post-timeskip Blake), Speed: Hypersonic (Comparable to Blake) | Hypersonic+ (Intercepted an attack from the Sea Feilong), Lifting Strength: Class K (At least equal to Ruby Rose) | At least Class K, Striking Strength: Building Class+ | Large Building Class, Durability: Building level+, Large Building level with Aura (Allows him to take hits from characters stronger than him and acts as a 'health bar' that lets him take multiple hits from characters of similar stature) | Large Building level, higher with Aura, Range: Extended melee range with Ruyi Bang and Jingu Bang, Dozens of meters with ranged attacks and his Semblance, Standard Equipment: Ruyi Bang and Jingu Bang (Bo Staff/Nunchucks/Lever Action Shotguns), Intelligence: Above Average (Sun is highly adept in martial arts, able to simultaneously fend off multiple opponents single-handedly without taking a hit and using his tail as an extra appendage during combat.

They are seen during the aftermath as well.

He is also kind and patient. 142. Wukong (By Ghira Belladonna), Student at Haven AcademyLeader of Team SSSNMember of the Menagerie Militia, AthleticismMartial ArtsSpectral Clone SemblanceHeightened SensesAura, Neptune VasiliasScarlet DavidSage AyanaRuby RoseWeiss SchneeYang Xiao Long. He is not afraid to give his opinion and has a dislike for those who regard themselves as "holier than thou," or who "use force to get whatever they want", such as the White Fang. Sun is capable of jumping large distances between cars and still being able to move without losing his balance.

The fight however was later canceled. Personal Status

...ok, but seriously, this looks nice, but that seems like an odd detail to leave out. Willow Schnee |

Later on, Sun is present when Blake removes her bow after accidentally reveals that she was part of the White Fang to her teammates and runs out of the school dorms. Vine Zeki, Happy Huntresses Semi-Canon Media Neptune comments on how libraries are meant for reading; and while Lie Ren agrees with his statement, Sun quickly tells him to be quiet. BlackSun is the het ship between Blake Belladonna and Sun Wukong from the RWBY fandom. You can help RWBY Wiki by expanding it. when Blake accepts Sun's invite. He abandons the cloak while fighting the Sea Feilong  with Blake and the ship. Ciel Soleil |

Sun Wukong is a good character in RWBY, right? While his staff is in its secondary "gun-chucks" form, he is able to fire shots at his enemies from both weapons simultaneously, with bullets similar to those found in Ember Celica. They spend two days together before she confides in him about her history with the White Fang, which she does before she confides in any of her teammates. In Volumes 4 and 5, Sun persistently remains at Blake's side and continues to try to help her in any way he can. Sun is seen eavesdropping on Team RWBY's plan, where he is hanging from a tree. Sun is a tan-skinned boy with short spiky light-blonde hair and dark-gray eyes in Volumes 1-3, but as of Volume 4, his eyes are blue. Octavia Ember, Team STRQ In "Black and White", he goes out of his way to help Blake, whom he had just met and barely knew.

Despite fighting him together, Blake and Sun are not able to take down Roman, who eventually flees when Penny Polendina arrives and takes out a large number of Bullheads. Sun is introduced winking at Blake in slow-motion as he runs past her, with a choir of angels in the background. Any questions? Sun may also possess night vision, which is a common trait amongst Faunus. To learn about how we use cookies and how you can.

Sun was born in the kingdom of Vacuo, then moved to Mistral to attend Haven Academy.

At Ghira’s request, he fights Ilia.

Despite Blake telling him that their situation is only going to be done as a team and Ruby not wanting him to get involved, Sun objects, saying it is better to have friends involved in their plans, which he points out as the reason he brought Neptune. In the RWBY Volume Four soundtrack is the main BlackSun leitmotif/song, called. Shade Academy This ship sailed in the first volume and had a large push throughout the first five volumes. Unknown Sun is shown to be a poor leader to his team, as noted by both Scarlet David and Coco Adel, he is often shown to be easily distracted and has a chaotic and unpredictable nature. Semblances drain aura by a small amount and without aura they cannot be used until the user's aura is recharged. Sun's Semblance, known as Via Sun, is first seen in "Painting the Town...", where he emits two spectral clones of himself.

Harriet Bree |

In Volumes 4 and 5, Sun persistently remains at Blake's side and continues to try to help her in any way he can. "Sun's out with his guns out!" Type of Hero

Canonical? Sun reassures Neptune that Team RWBY are "probably" alright. SSSNScarletSageNeptune Sun himself claims to enjoy being bossed around by strong women. Sun was born in the kingdom of Vacuo, then moved to Mistral to attend Haven Academy. Each of their drinks has a little umbrella (typical drink decoration) and, coincidentally, Blake's umbrella displays a pattern very similar to Sun's tail, while Sun's is purple with a pattern of flowers, connecting to Blake's secondary theme color and her last name Belladonna, which likely references the Atropa belladonna, a plant with purple flowers. Nadir Shiko, Team BRNZ In his first appearance, Sun is shown to be fun-loving and mischievous, with little regard for the law – stowing away on a ship, thanking the crew for the ride during his escape, throwing a banana peel in a detective's face, and stealing apples.


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