ditto x4 problems
Artists. As the overwhelming majority of users won't go any further than a MIDI clock (if that), such overall control is a non-issue. I needed a Looper that would lock to the Midi clock from my Novation Circuit.

Everything you love about Sweetwater in the palm of your hand. Give it a chance, you got nothing to lose with Sweetwater.

Please try to power up your Ditto with another power supply. A few seconds later all the LEDs go off and the single solid red LED at LOOP1 comes on and stays on. I used to have to do this with broken cassette 4 track recorders and answering machine tapes. This time, it froze up while playing back a loop. At some point it seemed like loops were getting corrupted and it would make loud cracking noises, like short bursts of static. The second loop being able to sync and unsync seemed liked a dream. I have other TC pedals as well as other top brands. No controls respond, no reset changes anything, and the entire unit is useless. Contact Us. Artist approved signature sound. The bottom line is that you have to time things just right in order for it to start and stop properly. There’s an ATMEL ATtiny48 microcontroller, too. I believe it's 24 bit so there's no decernable difference between the live sound and the recorded loop. Boot FailuresHere’s what happens when we try to run the “boot_working” script: Here’s the definition of “boot_working” made pretty: So we can see that U-Boot starts, runs “boot_working”, fails, sets the LOOP1 red LED, then calls “run boot_recovery”, which also fails, causing U-Boot to drop to a command-line.

After purchasing the TC Ditto X2 upon its release and being thoroughly impressed with it, I decided to try the next pedal in the Ditto product line, the X4. I'll give a short break down that someone interested in the same aspects I was might find helpful: Reviewed in the United States on July 24, 2017.

The personal service is amazing. Great for distorted, processed signals, and even nicer for clean jazzy applications. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Recording, looping, overdubbing, erasing overdubs, all great. I recently found myself in a situation where I was the solitary accompaniment at a high profile performance. Copy the .AIFF or the .WAV files in the TRACK1 and TRACK2 folder. It worked alright for a bit. Before buying it, I was doing a lot of research online about it, but one thing I noticed was that there wasn't much information about how it's midi capabilities work. Make Track 3 and Track 4 Backing Tracks by flicking up on the Store switches. Exclusive deals, delivered straight to your inbox. When it came on all the lights would just flash orange but the pedal would do nothing. This is speculation at present. Then it started to make this loud popping sound. After a few attempts(not recording just playing along) you start to realize how fast you should be playing and you learn 3X as fast because you played ALL OF IT, even though it's not all live.

Last night’s performance output came at a level below normal again. The coolest pedal I have ever owned, hands down. This pedal works very well. You must have timing down to get super results with your loops.there is a learning curve, but once you get going the possibilities are endless.

You can adjust the mix against what you're playing on top of the recorded track on the Ditto very easily. One, Two, Three strikes your out of the loop-er game.

I was barely using it. Recommend for practice, gigs maybe, but it's limiting not having a dedicated off switch to stop the loop and to erase the loop without annoying playback for a second before it stops and erases. But when I've googled it seems this is a common issue with these pedals. I currently use a Boomerang III and picked up a Ditto X4 based on various product intro videos by TC Electronic, including the Sweetwater demo video. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. I just like loopers for self rehearsal of parts and working out lines over chords. DIYSo here we are. ArchitectureIt turns out to be powered by a small NXP i.MX283 ARM9 system-on-chip. Deal breaker for me & I'd imagine most people. Buy one. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Can't believe it's so easy to use! I purchased this because of its sound-on-sound feature and midi-clock sync. I’d like to buy Ditto x2 for the dedicated stop button, however, I am afraid that more electronics in it means more chance for the equipment to fail. It's simple, with no bs, and just works. i read the good and bad reviews before buying this thing and had a conversation with my SW rep clarifying my return options before pulling the trigger. As stated in other comments this is 2 loopers in one. To be continued. But it broke again after 2 months of occasional use. Debugging InterfacesThere are at least 3 UART debug interfaces onboard.J15 (not marked on the image above) is a read-only serial debug log at 115200 8N1J11 is labeled “debug comm port”. This pedal did not work when it arrived. I really tried to like this looper for 16 months, but in the end swapped it out for an old BOSS RC-20xl looper. Sweetwater Sound I did some reasearch online and found that this pedal is failing all over the world. It's functionality allows one to expand their creativity on an exponential level. Very easy to use. I trust Nate at Sweetwater as he is a super great salesperson and will continue to purchase gear through him! For example, Big City Lights by The Scorpions. I purchased this looper pedal as a addition to using the Helix that I also purchased from Sweetwater ,due to the Helix looper is also useable but limited in its abilities and length of loop . 115200 8N1. The true bypass makes sure when you are not using the pedal that your tone is unaffected. I play/record the first 2 rhythm measures and keep it recording and play nothing and hum out the rest of what I want to learn and stop recording. Not really a big deal. Great for solo or group performances. This little pedal is exactly as advertised! 5501 U.S. Hwy 30 W, Fort Wayne, IN 46818 It's kinda hard to explain, to me I just get the biggest smile on my face having a rhythm guitar player that never gets tired.. or misses a beat :P You will need a power supply though, 9V at least 100 mAh. I bought this hoping it would be a no-frills looper and that's what I got. I tried repeatedly to get more technical information about debugging the issue, but didn’t get anywhere. I corresponded with TC and they gave me a few software "fixes" not of which worked. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00191WVF6/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s04?ie=UTF8&psc=1, Reviewed in the United States on October 31, 2013. what a great little gizmo....I had a Boss RC-3 Looper,,,,,it involved too much bending over for me,,.and too hard to figure out...,the Ditto is so easy.,,, Reviewed in the United States on December 23, 2019. I sent it back to a repair center and when I got the unit back, I took it out again and AGAIN it malfunctioned on stage. Well, once I got it out of the box and connected it to my midi sequencer, I realized why that was -- it literally requires no midi setup of any kind! I connected mine to a beatbuddy, and use the Flashback as a delay. Maybe good for practicing, but I would look into other models. Sweetwater is the way to go. I loved the way it sounded and recorded. The original promise was that it could do all sorts of stuff via MIDI but they later dialed back the claims. With a tap of my toe, I can capture a riff, beat or other musical idea immediately, get it looping and then switch over to the second looper to either build another part of the song or add another layer to the initial loop. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. I do not recommend this product. I got one on here for 10 bucks. Do you self a favor and buy the EHX 720. The foot switches are small, relatively closely spaced and the system was prone to unexpected results if you didn't hit the buttons properly. No added junk to complicate the situation. Sure enough right out of the box the x4 was malfunctioning. I tried the "firmware" update and that did not work. By the way I have zero affiliation with Sweetwater. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. I was very excited about this pedal with midi integration and features, but the whole thing was a total waste of money and leaves me still wanting a looper pedal with midi. With a few minor exceptions, I absolutely love this thing and I am glad I upgraded. The best bass tones.

Sweetwater over the last few months has been my go to dealer. Although the set was splendid it sparked thoughts of expanding the sound a bit more as a solo musician. Great sound, but you can not use this looper live or even as a duo. Before getting this, I quickly realized that I'm just not that exact with my foot and that my loops would start to drift by the third or fourth iteration. SymptomsWhen power is applied, all the lights come on in red and green (people call it orange?)

Worked fine out of the box at home, on its own, but I took it out on the road and immediately ran into problems. The ISP header is exposed but unpopulated.


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